This is one way you can prevent your car from repossession! You don’t currently have to have a job or any income to do this!

My name is dave and welcome to turtle tactics now if you found this video it’s because your car is up for repo and you’re trying to find a way to prevent your car from getting repo’d when you found the right video so i’m gonna tell you how you can stop repo how you can pay for your car and you don’t even have to have a job now the way you’re going to do this

Is by first you’re going to want to download this app it’s called turo t-u-r-o now once you download the app you’re going to go into the app and you’re going to list your vehicle now once you get your vehicle listed you’re going to put the vin number in description and all that it’s going to tell you if your vehicle qualifies to be on the turo platform and

What this turtle platform is it’s like an airbnb of car rental you’re going to be able to rent your vehicle out to other people and they’re going to pay you for it another good thing about this is if your car is up for repo and you got a wrecker driver driving around looking for it at your house well guess what they’re not gonna find it because it’s gonna

Be rented out so your car is going to be rented out it’s going to be bringing in you money and hopefully you’re going to catch up on that car payment now if you need to know how to list your vehicle if you need more help i have other videos that are going to help you see how to do that in the description i’m going to leave some links to help you get started

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With turo and while you’re at it hit that subscribe button because once you’re signed up for turo you’re going to want to be notified of any videos i put on there because this channel is to benefit turo hosts you may not be a turo host right now but once you sign up you get your car put on there you get your car prevented from being repo’ed you’re going to

Want to watch this channel because you’re probably going to want to rent more cars out so i’m going to show you how you can buy even more cars get them listed so you can actually provide yourself an income without even having a job now this is semi-passive so you could probably still work part-time or full-time and do this turtle thing the reason is in the

Turo app you can set your business hours so if you work at a certain time get out a certain time you can work around your schedule you can put when you want your vehicles to rent you can put if you are able to deliver your vehicles or not you don’t have to deliver your vehicles they can pick it up at your home location but this is going to help you to earn an

Income and it’s also going to help you to prevent your car from getting reboot make sure you hit that like button my name is dave with turo tactics and i’ll see you on my future videos see ya you

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