You Taking Me To AppleBees? HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU MAKE?

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With some waffle fries how’s some waffle fries why you say so aggressively what the is wrong hey hey i think philly is different if you don’t get waffle fries that’s just unforgivable i’m sorry huh waffle fries yeah i wanted to ask you yeah how much money do you make i don’t know if you want to seem like that you know interested in like money and stuff but stop

You don’t want to seem like you you do the minute you ask the question who we think to ourselves something’s off hey i don’t want to sound like a jerk but how many guys did you with stop stop you asked listen i’ve been on a lot of dates i’ve never had anyone ask me that question this is new to me i don’t know if this is common i don’t know if people actually

Do this but that’s a lot how much money do you make that’s a wild that’s wild i would never answer that question i wouldn’t tell my friends how much i make to me just opening up on financial information that has nothing to do with people you want my tax information too what the is this you know what’s about that thing what my girl’s not sure how much i make she

Don’t need to know she don’t but she but she is every month she don’t know we good okay and then that’s it you know how we call that but i know how much you make it men in black i flash myself with that and i forget right afterwards because it’s none of my business i don’t even know how much my girl makes it it doesn’t matter i know she gonna pay the bills oh i

Know i want to pay so this is apparently some kind of first statement that that’s oh no but that’s off that’s off that’s weird wait wait wait wait wait you’re going to date you go on a date the girl says abba how much do you make i don’t want to sound like you know but how much do you how much you make okay your answer how what’s what’s the etiquette enlighten me

Me akibuster there’s none of your business that’s what i would tell her straight to her face but i would have a good laugh about it just because it has to be so off car you know what like after you’ve been on enough dates sometimes you’re like entertained like oh this is weird because i’ll be entertained even if i’m not you know like i’m not gonna lie i would

Probably appreciate that i would appreciate a lot more if you said listen i like men with money so i need to know how much you make i would i would find that way more endearing and funny but uh this i’d have a good laugh i i would turn this date into a troll ey i i just i didn’t at this point as a troll yeah i mean you gotta you got you gotta you gotta you gotta

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Play along a little bit because you’re no longer interested i already biked over you know i put on some cologne i showed up to the so if she gonna ask me some crazy question i’m gonna get my money’s worth are you gonna ask crazy questions too oh yeah it’s cool ass oh man listen what color song you got on that’s not crazy that is crazy no go crazier no no that’s

Crazy go crazy on the first date go crazy i could tell you i’ve been on many first dates no i haven’t ladies yeah ladies for my defense i told you from the jump yeah that’s a crazy question i told you from the jump what circumstances do you think is perfectly fine to be like yo what color your underwear yo wayne is getting you know i mean exactly you’re about to

Find out you know what i mean you guys had all this stuff it’s the first date you’re not gonna ask that i don’t know um i get it maybe you don’t want to take me to the most fanciest place like on the first date but never again are you gonna think oh well next time next time we’re not even my girl you know cheap restaurants he took her to applebee’s okay

There’s this thing about first date where you supposed to wow her you supposed to you know i mean i’ve heard the biggest feminist talking about yeah you need to you need to show up you need to show me you know i mean i heard that you need to show out he needs to bring me to a place and you’re gonna pay the bills i’m a feminist but you gonna pay the bill yeah yeah

So hmm you’re never going to bring me again i’m never gonna bring you nowhere period so go go go go go get yourself your your rich man and be alone by 50. go ahead go ahead i don’t know how that finishes but that’s fine it’s weird i’ve heard the biggest feminist be like nah but you know if it’s a first date you need to wow me that’s okay it’s like i don’t know

How i feel about that listen we want to record it doesn’t matter if i’m this or not they just want to record it’s normal that’s what they expect we can say whatever they want at this point it just doesn’t matter they want to be courted as far as taking her to applebee’s i mean honestly that’s an l just because like you got some shitty ass taste applebee’s is trash

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I’m judging you for that i mean it would really depend if they were having a conversation about going to some nice place for dinner you take her to applebee’s afterwards i probably look at you sideways too um if a girl took me on a date to applebee’s i’d look at her sideways not because it’s cheap just kind of like that’s basic but if you want a fast baked starbucks

For a first date is not good if we just going for coffee yeah that’s fine i could at least accept that because it’s just a coffee like it’s nothing you just you can grab water i grab whatever’s fine if you take me out to dinner making me doodle i’ma look at you funny i was like oh why don’t we go to mcdonald’s because i don’t even know that’s trash i want you to

Yeah girl i want you oh that’s trash i first think that’s trash in her defense that’s trash applebee’s come on my that’s trash yeah mcdonald’s like come on you gotta hold the l for that that’s a taco bell what are we talking about right now that’s not even that’s not even food once y’all eat taco bell watching right now i don’t care that’s not meat the transfer

Fire okay the fries with whatever the the supreme fries fire but every time i eat that i didn’t think of moo i didn’t think of cows that was some some meat special what about chick-fil-a hey listen the girl could take me to chick-fil-a or anything hey listen that’s an exception get me a classic chicken with the with the chick-fil-a sauce on the side because

You know a gotta dip it and make that bun extra crispy you already know with some waffle fries that’s some waffle fries now you say so aggressively what the is wrong hey hey i think philly is different if you don’t get waffle fries that’s just unforgivable i’m sorry huh waffle fries because of throwback shut up this said that with the the buffalo fries the

People who know no okay but all i’m trying to say is this it’s kind of fire a first date applebee’s imma look at you sideways so i got in her defensive step but she’s wilding for asking how much this money for me if you’re not good with the day just say that but don’t be yeah you better not be broke or poor and and you know what i didn’t like she said because i

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Know next time you ain’t nothing you ain’t taking me no place like this again and it might happen how you know that’s gonna be a next time i ain’t taking you know where i mean if he took you to applebee’s you know what it is he’s trying to hit it and quit it next time ooh that’s that’s presumptuous yeah but bola you the thing that you showed up to the interview

Thinking you got the job yeah both of you the thing that it was going to be over next time you about to be on tick tock talk about i hate men i think you hate applebee’s and that’s a different problem okay i’m just saying next time that’s presumptuous you should you do not seem like a happy camera you know what else i noticed what any who said she not a gold

Digger but she got nails like hers i ain’t believing nothing i’m mad at that something about them long nails is just so goddamn nasty you don’t like the click clickety clack bro maybe i’ll maybe maybe something wrong with guys guys guys can we all talk about it ain’t them nails always so goddamn disgusting you don’t like that but anyways any thoughts you have

About that question uh hey it’s it’s it’s a major red flag for me hey man it’s a major red flag for me that’s so crazy i don’t know what that like that’s a major red flag she feel business she was so authoritative too yeah listen and i know you know you want to take me to applebee’s you don’t want to take me nowhere fancy but like this is unacceptable are you

Excluding me this is the first time we’re going on a date and you were like scolding me i don’t know there’s certain things about that that’s like off-putting but applebee’s is a hard owl you’ve got to hold that peace you ever been to applebee’s bro yeah that’s just trash it’s like taking a girl out to a denny’s it’s like america at 3 a.m i’ll accept because

It’s late america is amigos they won’t understand the reference this is true yeah but anyways let us know what you guys think in the comments below

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