Elephant money live bond! Ooze Finance Presale Whitelist Opportunity! Interview Coming Soon!

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Okay everyone thanks for tuning in my video really quick disclaimer i’m not a financial or investment advisor you shouldn’t take anything that i say is financial or investment advice there’s going to be an opportunity for a white listing with the ooze finance um pre-sale that’s about to happen um i was lucky enough to be chosen the chosen one on the ooze finance

Pre-sale listing and if you’re um curious about that it’s very similar to drip it’s going to be on the phantom network and i’m going to participate at least that’s what i plan to do um that being said i’m not offering you any kind of token security you know or unregulated activity i’m just participating in a pre-sale and if you decide to get on that white list which

I plan to have five spots um stick around and watch the video for more information on that um just take accountability for your own actions and thanks for watching my video now let’s get into it hey what’s up everyone it’s cookies and crypto bringing it back with a youtube video and today we are going to bond some more trunk because trunk is on sale it’s been an

Unprecedented kind of time where we’ve had um stable coins you know just completely get annihilated uh in a matter of like 24 hours which is pretty crazy uh we saw luna go to zero um i’m sitting on like 10 million luna that i bought for 20 so you never know small risk small gamble maybe huge reward i don’t know um but anyway uh trunk is on sale trunk um you

Know we just got unlocked from that exploit which was a huge deal and then we had a macro market volatility event um where you know you guys already know luna’s basically been deleted from crypto um bitcoins under 30k eth was under under 2k hex even took a dip it’s down you know six cents it was at 19 cents like uh before this week started so things are getting

Tested and trunk is also getting tested so what am i gonna do right what are we gonna do we’re gonna bond some more trunk oh and i guess i gotta enable it right because of the new contracts that are now um in place over here at elephant money and yeah we’re just gonna continue making that passive income so even at a price of 66 whatever cents 67 cents um i mean

I’m still able to pull out uh let’s do the math here if i got 74 000 times 0.67 of that um i can still you know or actually i should take um how about i do this we’ll go ahead and bond my 2k and um we’ll go from there so let’s go ahead and bond it you know like i said my strategy for trunk is long-term part of having a long-term vision means you got to be

Able to weather the storms and is there a chance that you know everything could fail and this could be completely annihilated too there is a chance but i hope that doesn’t happen i know that uh bank tellers put a lot into this a lot of time effort you know brain power um going into making this work um you know it’s just like harsh weather you know sometimes you

Know you got to get through the the tough storms these are the rainy days we’re dealing with and um you know it is what it is so i just went ahead and bonded some trunk now we got 74k and assuming that i only make 0.67 of that right which i still think trunk is gonna you know fluctuate for a while and eventually as the market stabilized we’ll get back to peg

And we’ll build that treasury you know bank teller was saying in the telegram feed bertha right and he just means feed the elephant treasury um the elephant treasury is still you know pretty new i mean we just got over the exploit and thankfully we can claim and do whatever we want again uh you know but trunk is still a little bit volatile it’s not as rock stable

As it used to be but let’s see what we can get out of this assuming that you know we remain under peg for an indefinite amount of time let’s go ahead and plug that number in there we go so i still walk away with 102k i mean not bad right um i’ll take that so there we go i mean we bonded some trunk i did have some air drops in there so um hopefully those on my

Team got a little trickle down air drop you know that’s kind of how it works over here i had about 85 trunks um and airdrops over the past couple weeks so certainly better than zero um another exciting thing you guys is that i’m looking to have ooze finance come on my channel um so that i can do an interview with them and kind of help them out with um getting

The word out about whose finance you know we’ve seen drip forks go on um one really cool thing about who’s finance that i’m excited about is this nft encapsulation um it’s one thing that i’ve seen with hexan hedron and oh look at that exit is at 13 cents um we’re seeing more and more of these contracts that lock up your coins for example like elephant money or

Drip or even hex we can encapsulate those bonds that we can transfer them across wallets and you know list them on nft marketplaces which i think is uh great great development and crypto and you know holding custody because you know sometimes we got to move wallets right so i think that’s some cool developments coming to elephant money some cool developments

That uh have happened in ooze it’s still going to be that one percent a day that everyone loves and it’s going to be on phantom network so please stay tuned to my channel if you’re interested in that you don’t want to miss it if if you want to be on the ground floor of a drip fork you know we’ve seen piston do even better than you know drip um as as crazy as that

Sounds you know their holdings pretty stable um i can even pull up the charter piston let’s see how they’re doing today um let’s see how pistons doing 18 bucks right so that’s i mean yeah we’re they’re dumping now but um you know they’ve they’ve done pretty well i think um in terms of what they’ve been able to accomplish you know you could have bought in at

What was it 750 and price is 18 bucks so not bad you know um shouldn’t take very long to roi and something like that and hopefully we see something more sustainable with whose has some cool marketing behind it um you know some cool gaminomics that i think are you know make it stand out more so than something like piston um so i’m excited about that if i didn’t

Already say whose will be on the phantom network and i aim to participate in that pre-sale it’s for a 1 000 whitelist opportunity um i will potentially have five um listings and i got already a couple people interested in getting in um if you’re interested in that leave a comment down below leave a like comment subscribe tell me why you should get that whitelist

Spot should you want it um and i’ll leave it at that you guys thanks for watching my video and i’m gonna make it a quick one peace out you know keep those raincoats on it’s it’s you know we’re weather in the crypto storm right now um but those who hold those who huddle will be rewarded over time peace out you guys thanks for watching

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Elephant money $TRUNK live bond! Ooze Finance Presale Whitelist Opportunity! Interview Coming Soon! By Cookies N Crypto