Elon Musk Free Speech and Twitter

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Hey everyone this is chris welcome back to the channel so just want to make another video about the elon musk twitter situation and also some thoughts about free speech which i think is always a fun one to address and you know i made a video uh just right before this you haven’t seen it check it out um talking about sort of elon and the whole financing of this deal

But the general diss of it is that he may have to borrow 13 billion dollars which is quite a lot of money actually um if you want to look at this here is um one of the issues is that uh will free speech reign uh all over uh twitter will have a lot to say about that and i think it’s a much more complicated issue than you realize and um first i want to start with

This is that elon musk has starlink as you guys probably know and that can provide internet to people which i think is a great technology it can in fact probably be used in many rural parts of the usa which will you know supply internet to everyone and i just made a video about that about how i think we should all have internet um available i think it’s great one

Thing is though is that the chinese government is saying hey please don’t sell that to our people because essentially we don’t want our people to have free access to the internet and if you’ve ever been to china you would know that free speech is not a thing in china and free internet is also not a thing in china and elon musk is essentially going to agree with

That and so this is a real sticking point because i just want to be very clear on this elon likes to say in public oh i’m all about free speech free speech free speech but he wants to do business in china and he’s clearly not about free speech and he’s going along with the chinese government um moreover there was an issue too where he actually wrote an article for

The chinese communist party in their magazine essentially he was promoting his stuff but this is the agency that monitors free speech so he’s all on board with helping china so i just want to point that out he’ll never say anything bad about china or say anything bad about human rights in china if i’m wrong please let me know but um that’s my understanding of it

As well and um also too this was interesting one you can guys find this one as well this is um uh talking about his own company’s policies how they oftentimes they don’t let workers share are their experiences at tesla so everyone has to send ndas kind of thing they don’t like customers to necessarily sell share their experiences with fsd that kind of stuff they

Make people sign these um you know non-disclosure agreements and i get the arguments against you say oh chris that’s just not true they want it they have secrets over they want to keep everything secret and well i guess so um but because there’s also parts of like you know harassment allegations all these kind of things and basically they’re nda happy over there

At tesla and i just think this is a really important point when you’re considering you know whether or not he believes in free speech because the argument they’re making here in this article is that he doesn’t at his workplace so i’d love to hear you guys thoughts on that one but i think that’s another interesting point but i think the china one is hard to argue

Against one of the things that makes it tough is that if he doesn’t indeed buy twitter and in fact free speech reigns supreme um one things is that i mentioned this with the true social thing that was the donald trump one remember and that one basically failed uh if quote free speech runs wild advertisers run away and why is that so there’s a couple reasons one

Is bots bots is a massive massive problem not only on twitter it’s a massive problem on youtube you guys you have no idea i have to deal with it every single day it’s really a lot every time i post a video there’ll be like 30 40 bots and i’m sure if you’ve been on youtube you know i’m not just making random stuff up and some channels they don’t moderate at all

Because it’s it’s hard there’s like just so many of these things i can’t even keep track of all of it to be honest um their thing is too is um what do you do if people are just posting stuff that’s frankly not true right like not true at all like just for example i am vietnamese and if people like to write all day every day that i’m chinese it’s like simply not

True that’s not true i know because i’m vietnamese or if people like to say oh yeah you know uh uh what’s a good one um you know chris uh loves um hockey you know he’s the biggest hockey fan in the whole world and he’s all about hockey and he you know really loves the edmonton oilers and it’s just like i don’t even know what you’re talking about right uh i’m not

Really an intel fan at all i don’t really like the oilers and so when people spread that kind of stuff you know basically misinformation what do you do with these kind of things moreover what do you do when um set information can be um dangerous right so i’ll give you another example um you know just for example let’s say uh and i’ll make one from say a left a

Left wing kind of thing if someone say oh you know this police officer you know illegally arrested someone and then you know fatally shot them that kind of thing and they get all these people riled up and they go to that police officer’s house you guys get the gist of this kind of thing and so these kind of things are are really tricky because you know bots or

Spreading information misinformation of all kinds um can create a lot of problems and one of the things that’s going on in congress right now is whether or not internet companies are liable if the said companies allow for uh you know these kind of things to be on their platform so i’d love to hear you guys thought in that other other parts as well what about things

That were like people taking off their clothes and all these kind of things and i’m sure you guys know and i and i’m you know being careful in my wording because of the internet sensors or not not sensors but the the algorithm is a better way to say it i try to keep things um you know kid-friendly but the basic gist of it right there’s a lot of adult content that

Could be all over twitter as well if you believe in just pure free speech and then suddenly the platform becomes completely unusable uh for all of these said reasons and i’m sure there’s more that i left out in fact regarding the free speech thing i guess meta horizon i’ve read some descriptions of when people go online that essentially it’s like uh males are two

To one the females and lots of males you know dudes uh acting pretty um what’s the right word to say uh without manners of saying bad words all the time you know lots of uh references to things that you know he’s like what are these people talking about this kind of stuff but basically acting like a bunch of of you know teenagers who learned a bunch of bad words

For the first time um that could be a real problem on any platform and i had a had it confirmed by someone who also was part of this community was saying yeah they’ve done um the the you know meta world or verizon world’s thing and yes these on there do behave pretty badly so um this is uh you know coming up because also too um elon is going to be firing 75 of

The employees uh and someone wrote in the community and i always i do and i do appreciate when people share information or share opinions where to say um is that oh well you know we need to fire uh all these employees because it’s going to be firing all the woke police or the police you know that essentially they they uh you know censor any kind of conservative

Thought and we gotta fire all the hr people and all these kind of things right so all these people are gonna fire and i’m telling you on social media having moderation is really important just you know for example you guys know this um you go to your favorite you know youtube or whatever and you go to live stream and if you don’t have moderation there’s this spam

All over the place right spam and crazy stuff and stuff you don’t want to see so i think this is a real problem and firing people makes it more difficult to solve that problem right just talk about that the other issue too i think with elon buying a twitter is um they’ve been losing money um i think the last number i could be off but i think it was something like

300 million in the last quarters it’s in that in that nature and um one thing that um i think is is crazy with this thing is like okay we’re cutting employees yet he wants a double revenue i think he said in the next three years it’s tough to be cutting all this staff and figure out how you’re going to grow right i get the cost cutting thing but the growth usually

You need to invest in in growth so it becomes really difficult to to do that so maybe they can pull it off right the other issue is too as well if he does take over twitter if you’re concerned about tesla it doesn’t matter how smart you are it just doesn’t matter you only have so much time in the day even if you believe he’s the best manager in the whole world in

My opinion right focus on making tesla great you know focus on uh he’s doing a couple things spacex make you that great whatever but taking on yet another project and expecting you know twitter to be great it’s just too much to do for any person so i get it guys there’s a lot of tesla fanboys out there that think he’s you know god and stuff like that and this is

Why i mentioned because before that you know we went to the same school i’ve met people like elon uh i know how these you know how these things operate and i know how the world works and so i’m around this kind of thing so i kind of know a capacity of a person and no matter how smart a person is it’s a lot to take care of the other thing is too is um you know when

Stuff when elon says stuff in public it’s always hard to say what to make of these things because some stuff is is often how can i say misrepresent misrepresentation um a big example is you know the way he talks about cyber truck or what he talks about the robots i remember it was the robots it was last year and you you know said hey we’re gonna be building robots

At tesla and he brings out this person in a dancing robot soon if you guys remember this thing it was um it really felt like um you know vaporware and even now it seems like we’re still far away and i’m still waiting on that uh cyber truck still waiting on the roadster these kind of things and um i think this whole twitter dude on sort of why i’m talking about

And sharing with you it’s just really been the culmination of where we’ve come from to where we are now um the other thing is too the things they’ve been tweeting is actually really interesting um he’s uh been saying that this is just recently just picked up on this um that recession could last until 2024 so for those of you who are super super bullish on tesla

You know for me i’m just not seeing it um interest rates are rising and you know do people really want to buy expensive cars the rising interest rates also two people are going to be losing their jobs and there’s gonna be more competition coming in and probably offering lower prices so i think i think it’s going to be tough waters ahead um and you know i get it

They they tell you all day every day that everything’s going to be rosy this kind of thing but i don’t know i i just i frankly just don’t see it um the other thing is too is which which i think is worth mentioning is um this part here which is um his family and why am i bringing up his family because i i i thought this was fasting he tweeted this out this is why

The topic comes up this is just you know just now and um he was saying it’s interesting this is the tweet from elon it’s up to you to break generational trauma so i think the message itself is good um but i i find it odd considering his family and the reason why and this is sort of why i’m pointing out the sort of weird inconsistencies with elon um right i get

The messages right guys i totally get it right so if you ever had abusive parents abuse and they had abusive parents right then you need to you know shield yourself and then hopefully that your kids kids right your grandkids can then have supportive parents this sort of thing and um it’s interesting because i was thinking about this where elon’s dad’s kind of a

Weird dude and um you know you guys may not know this but um his dad had like two kids with his stepdaughter which is just weird and um my wife and i always talk about that so it’s like weird stuff and um there’s always this debate and i’m talking about elon’s family here is always this weird debate about whether or not his dad had a emerald line now some sources

Say yes i’ve also read that elon says no there was no emerald mind and it always tries to give the appearance that they didn’t have money which i always find strange um because just knowing the kind of people that i went to school with and knowing you know kind of the history of elon it just feels like they had money so i always find it odd when they always try

To act like they don’t um and this is even his mom this elon’s mom uh you know tweets out that like her parents had money they were flying around the world i’m not just making random stuff up i mean this is from elon mom’s you know twitter um and uh evidently they had like a single prop plane and you can read this it says a 1954 your grandparents flew the taj

Mahal from south africa on the way to australia the only people ever to do this in a single engine propeller plane without radio or gps their motto lived dangerously carefully so it’s not a normal thing and remember too that um elon musk’s parents or mom i should say was from canada and then like lived in south africa and then like flying basically flying around

The world and her mom and his mom was like a um a really pretty fairly successful model actually i guess she almost won south africa and you know why do you bring this stuff up is because it’s like trying to understand the person who’s you know running all these businesses does he believe in free speech or not and what what kind of character did he has and it was

Interesting when he tweeted out the whole family thing here and i was thinking about this something i bring up with you guys all the time he’s got 10 kids and it just made me think about like and this is real you know is do you really think that you’re being a good father um by just having kids everywhere like having kids all over the place right are you going

To be a person in your life and you know someone was bringing this up too i was thinking about this to where you know one of his daughters is is disowning elon doesn’t want to be you know changing her name to be something else doesn’t want to be a part of his life et cetera et cetera and i just don’t think it’s a crazy thing to say to like you know if i’m gonna say

Be a real father and you know say break the generational gap i’m gonna say get married i have kids and you know spend time with my kids and focus my energy on my kids right that kind of thing but um it’s hard to do that when you’re having like 10 kids with different women and not married and all over the place uh and if i’m saying crazy stuff you know just let me

Know but i i find many things that elon says to be inconsistent and that’s sort of the point of why i’m showing you like his family showing you sort of his views on free speech showing you guys the problem of these kind of things and talking also as well as where a person’s priorities are is it should it be you know free speech and twitter should it be focusing on

Tesla should it be star darling should it be spacex these kind of stuff and yes he’s a smart person right he’s a smart guy i’m not saying he’s not um but i think there’s a lot of people out there that paint him as being you know god essentially and that he can do anything but i just don’t think so i think he’s still a human like anyone else and um i i think that

Oftentimes much of the stuff that he says is wildly marketing which is which is his business his marketing new stuff but i think as we go into recession and as essentially you know interest rates go up and hype goes down you start to see essentially who people really are and and i feel like this whole twitter deal has really exposed who he really is where he had

So much arrogance that he thought that he could just buy any company at any price and make jokes about it right and it turned out like wow you can’t really joke about buying companies for you know 44 billion dollars and that kind of stuff like when it comes to billions of dollars don’t make jokes cost you money and not only costs you know elon money it’s going to

Cost banks money it’s going to cost shareholders money it’s going to cost everybody a bunch of money for one guy’s ego so that’s my thoughts on the whole free speech thing his family and everything love to hear your thoughts as well and uh i’ll appreciate i appreciate you watching i’ll see you in the next video

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Elon Musk Free Speech and Twitter By Chris Norlund