Elvis Presleys Stepbrother Reveals SHOCKING Details About Elvis Bible Habits

Elvis Presley’s Stepbrother Reveals Details About Elvis’ Bible Habits

Prior to this tragically early death in 1977 at the age of 42 elvis presley rose to international fame while the world lauded the king of rock and roll for his musical abilities his stepbrother billy stanley is on a quest to bring light on another aspect of his life that has received far less attention his faith in order to share some of the unique facts of

Elvis’s religion and life stanley the author of the new book the faith of elvis a story only a brother can tell sat down with cbn’s faithwire join us in this video as we hear the details about elvis presley’s bible habits inside elvis’s faith he was a christian and most people don’t know that stanley explained when i say christian i mean a bible-caring christian

He always carried the bible with him in fact stanley who worked for elvis on tour was tasked with carrying the performer’s bible and he frequently saw his stepbrother down on his knees praying he read the bible nearly every day he explained while his admirers worshiped him as a rock and roll deity elvis presley would say a prayer before going on stage reading

The bible and seeking god’s guidance in all he did according to his stepbrother we knew when we saw him bow his head billy stanley who also worked for elvis presley said in an interview saying that presley did not recite the prayer aloud it was probably about 15 seconds long i once questioned him why do you say the prayer before he spoke these words it kind

Of calms my worries but also i want god to help bless this show so make it a good one he always turned to god any time he needed help presley also told him once that a show was like a first date you never really know how the date will turn out but you always hope it will be a good one of course the challenges of stardom were ever present especially for someone

As well known and ingrained in popular culture as elvis the singer’s life was the subject of many headlines and he appeared to battle many of the demons stardom is known to frequently unleash stanley stated here you have a man that actually transformed culture nobody can really fathom the position elvis was in i always believed he had the devil on one side

And god on the other and there was a constant war going on inside of his head elvis did his best he said and whenever he was in difficulties he would always turn to god stanley stated that his stepbrother would frequently pray for god’s mercy forgiveness and wisdom elvis a generous giver another aspect of the rock star’s existence was a fervent generosity

That at times surprised and even moved stanley to tears he gave money cars and homes to people he didn’t even know he was the most generous giver i’ve ever encountered in my life elvis’s stepbrother said stanley thought back to an incident when he and elvis were riding around memphis they were chatting and they came across a homeless man elvis made a u-turn

And instructed stanley to take his wallet so he could give the man some money he described elvis’s wallet as being so thick that it was impossible to bend so i asked how much money should i give he replied all of it elvis gave the money to the homeless man who recognized the superstar the homeless man informed elvis he was a big admirer and elvis responded by

Telling him the cash gift was his way of paying him back for watching his movies and listening to his music stanley was overcome with emotion as he narrated the details of the lovely experience i still get a little emotional on this as we were backing up the homeless man said god bless you mr presley and elvis looked at him and said sir he already has stanley

Recalled i’m sitting there crying like a baby thinking this generosity on another occasion he thought back to elvis’s kind deed for a lady whose house had burned down around christmas the lady and her children had managed to escape but they had lost all of their possessions according to stanley he had one of the people who worked for him go rent an apartment pay

For six months worth of rent furnish it and buy toys clothing and other necessities for the family his strict orders were if she inquired who did it he said you just tell her santa claus did it he didn’t want the credit tragically elvis presley’s life was cut short the devastation of elvis’s death when elvis abruptly passed away from heart failure millions of

People expressed their sorrow but stanley’s grief was very personal and completely rocked his world stanley was no longer working for his stepbrother at the time because he wanted to make it on his own it crushed me because i could never have imagined it he explained i never gave it any thought because i always believed he would outlast me and when it actually

Happened it hurt me so much that i didn’t know how to grieve at the moment so i turned to booze and substances after elvis’s death stanley had a life-changing dream that inspired him to pursue sobriety stanley described this incident i had a dream one night where i was talking to elvis and i just looked at him and said what does it feel like to be dead stanley

Recalled then he turned to face me and asked don’t you know stanley claimed that after awakening in a cold sweat he went to a rehab facility he stated i became clean and sober in 1987. in addition stanley thought back on his last exchange with elvis which took place just two days before the singer passed away the two had a heartfelt talk while looking at each

Other in the bathroom mirror as elvis assisted his stepbrother in dressing a little wood do you believe god forgives us for all our sins he asks i said yes stanley stated he caught me off guard with that question and i replied yes we’ve read about it many times and you’ve told me this is well and this is what i’ve learned in church good he responded i just

Want to make sure you know that the conversation between the brothers then turned to life and aspirations an elvis expressed support for stanley’s future he said one day billy you’re going to fall in love with a girl and she’ll just go and change your whole life and that’s happened stanley recounted everything he told me that day has happened stanley hopes

His latest book the faith of elvis a story only a brother can tell will provide a unique perspective on elvis’s life and faith most importantly he wishes for people to have a connection with jesus as a result of it given that the greatest performer of all time had a relationship with god he added one thing i hope is that they develop a relationship with god

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