Emotional Wisdom – What Does the Bible Say About the Heart?

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We live in an unprecedented time there is a global pandemic we’re trying to cope with there is an economic recession we have to deal with and there’s an uncertain future that’s facing us now more than ever it’s important for us to grow in our emotional wisdom to grow in our ability to understand and manage our emotions and to grow in wisdom when it comes to helping

Others deal with ears and so we’re gonna short a shoot a short video series where we look at where the bible teaches us about a couple of emotions but i want to start by helping us reflect on what the bible teaches us about the heart the heart as you may know according to the bible is the very center of who we are and so our view of the heart will impact how we view

And understand emotions according to scripture we think with our hearts we evaluate things with our hearts we desire things with our hearts we choose things with our hearts and of course we feel things with our hearts although the term seems quite simple when the bible talks about the heart is talking about something incredibly sophisticated and the more we reflect

On how it works the better we’ll understand how our emotions work and the more wisdom we’ll have in understanding ourselves and in helping others so in this initial video what i want to do is help you think about the nature of the heart and i want to do so by using two competing metaphors these came from theologian scott swain who recently suggested that there are

Often two competing metaphors that contend for how we try to understand the heart according to one metaphor the heart is a cup it may be full of coffee or it might be full of apple juice but under no normal circumstances it’s just filled with one of those things you wouldn’t want to mix those things together the cup is filled with one thing only and that might

Be a good thing like a good emotion or a bad emotion if it’s a bad thing the exhortation we usually give to each other is a of the bad thing and fill it up with a good thing so if the cup is filled with anxiety we might exhort someone empty that cup and fill it up with peace the view of the heart here is that it can handle sort of one emotion at a time but as we

Look at scripture that’s actually not the view of the heart we get in the bible it’s the incorrect metaphor a better metaphor scott swain says is to think of the heart like a scale specifically swain says it’s more like a balanced scale the kind that’s often used as a symbol for justice because it’s two different sides way different arguments and positions in the

Process of reaching a true and proper judgment the heart is like a balanced scale weighing differing realities different courses of actions and even differing emotions in fact if you had to take that metaphor to its breaking point you might even say that it’s a sort of multi-pronged balance scale with the heart capable of doing multiple evaluations and experiencing

Multiple emotions at any given time so why is this view significant why is it important to think of your heart more like your balance scale than a cap well the practical impact is this if you think that your heart is a cup that’s filled with a negative emotion you will tell yourself to empty your heart of that particular emotion and to fill it up with another one

Not only will you do that to yourself you’ll actually do that to people around you something like pour out the bad contents get rid of your anxiety and fill it up with peace now those kinds of big exaltations don’t usually work and they can actually be quite harmful but if you see the heart like a badess scale then the encouragement are not offered as rebukes but

As counterweights so it’d be something like i know that your heart is heavy right now rightly so because you’ve experienced some losses or i know that you’re feeling distressed moment and rightly so because of the uncertain future that you’re facing we can i offer you a counterweight not something that will remove the sorrow or will take away the distress but to

Place it within context of a larger reality within the context of a god who loves you and cares for you and who has good purposes for you these counterweights don’t remove the other ways if you place a counterweight on the scale it doesn’t take off the other weight but what it does is it starts to balance it and bring it into proportion instead of these counseled

Weights removing other weights they actually provide precious constellations that enable us to bear the load of those other weights again and again we see this in scripture with different emotions and in the next few videos we’re going to be looking at how this particularly plays out in the experiences of anxiety of grief of anger and of joy

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Emotional Wisdom – What Does the Bible Say About the Heart? By Jubilee Community Church