EPIC FAILS!! Ryans Mommy Tests Grocery Store Toys Challenge!

EPIC FAILS!! Ryan’s Mommy Tests Grocery Store Toys Challenge! Balloon on a stick, Barrels of Monkeys, and Zit Popper Toys!? Which one was your favorite?

Hi guys welcome back to the studio space today i wanted to test out toys that you buy at the grocery stores and i bought some okay so i never really tried any of these toys before but i always see them and i want to see what’s good and what’s not okay so let’s get started okay so first i want to try out this balloon pop here i remember when i was younger they

Had something like this but i don’t know if it’s the same thing or maybe they changed a formula i’m not sure so these really cool balloons try them if you guys try any of this before let me know if you like it okay all right so if i remember correctly you just put some on the tip right am i doing it right like that okay and then make sure you just get it nice

And tight and then you blow so let’s see if it works there’s a pop so maybe i’m doing it right let’s try that again wait wait sorry i think i’m doing it wrong okay that’s what i’m doing squeeze the cat takes them out put it inside the straw and then blow oh it looks like it’s inside this straw so let’s try that so i have to put it inside the straw let’s try

That again foreign okay third time to charms i made it smaller this time okay okay so maybe i’m just too old i don’t want to play with this one okay let’s do the next one because uh okay what about this ever tried this before ever seen this supposed to have some light off finger optics okay what do i do with this it looks like a little brush like a little

Brush stroke okay um okay so i think you put in your little finger like this slide button on top okay what ah okay okay okay okay what do you guys think the force is with me it’s my little laser battle oh okay okay sorry all right ready yeah yeah yeah here we go does it look cool or no you guys tell me okay so i’m gonna make two piles for you guys okay

So this is the yay pile and over here is the nay pile okay so sorry but i couldn’t get you to work maybe it was my fault but right now for me it’s a nick okay let’s try the next one have you seen this one at the grocery store zip face it’s only funny when it’s on somebody else’s face you know not your own so okay comes with a little man what go see it and

It comes with some zip cream okay so it says i have to put it in warm water so i’ll be back okay so i got some hot water here i’m just gonna put it in here to soak okay so it says put it in there for one minute okay just wait okay so now it says in the back here you just put it in your zip cream inside and squeeze squeeze okay so now let’s test it out all

Right so it says to squeeze squeeze him i’m squeezing where all this where all this go squeeze squeeze the nose oh look it’s coming out oh it’s on his face see it’s harder than i thought are you sure this is a kid’s toy because look it’s coming guys either i’m weak and i need to work out more extremely hard to press okay and then now i just haven’t sit

All over my fingers so i’m sorry but i’m gonna have to put this in the nay pile okay nay as in i’m not buying this again sorry it was fun though but uh i gotta go wash my hands be right back all right guys next toy have you seen one of these oh my god i actually had this one time i remember i played it with before let’s see if sean remember i’m gonna try to

Prank sean with these weird funny teeth or wait can i kind of focus on the water oh um you might want to brush your teeth i’m gonna be hot so i’m gonna use this in the yay pile because it’s fun to prank your friends okay saving this one for halloween all right next item i want to test out these magic glow capsules um so i remember i bought them a while

Back for ryan and my kate but i never actually get to play with it myself so why not let’s see how fun it is if it comes if you guys don’t know it comes these little capsules and then to the outside will dissolve and then it’ll just leave you with the animal let’s try it here let’s drop in each one and okay all right now we just wait all right guys so look

It’s starting to form so this one already popping out looks like a rabbit this one is starting to pop out so we’re gonna wait come on i think i bet it’s a chick right is that why it’s yellow let’s see a chick huh it looks like a rooster or something so that’s pretty cool okay i love this one i like how i think if i shake it up it’ll make a difference but it

Doesn’t okay i just have to wait several minutes later come on it’s expanding it’s i can feel it i can feel its power foreign okay so these two are taking a little bit long so i’m just gonna just use my hands and just open it okay let’s see what animal is this what is this i cannot figure it out is it a pig a pig but i’m not quite sure oink oink see

This one oh this one’s starting to look it’s unraveling as we speak just have to untwist itself okay i can’t wait i’m sorry i’m gonna twist it myself this is what animal is this is it a goat oh it is it’s a goat okay there’s one left here okay it’s red okay they must use my fingers again it’s taking too long i’m too impatient i’m sorry what is this

Huh okay so there it is fun with animals and um i’m putting it into these yay kyle question mark yay okay guys next i’m gonna try this built a straw have you ever seen this you can design your own crazy straws okay how crazy can it get this will find out okay so it comes with a whole bunch here there’s straws and pipes looking things all these contraptions

Okay and then um i have my cups here so i’m gonna fill it with water and let’s get started so i got the classic water got some fruit punch and got some milk okay so let’s see if we can build our crazy contraption here um i don’t know what i’m doing i’m just gonna just put it together look at this okay it’s working it’s working be back so i’m just gonna

Keep going oh yeah i can see the crazy straws yeah what do you guys think all right so you can do put it in like so uh-huh uh-huh yeah look at that okay so now i just need to just make it tall so i can actually drink a submarine like hello anybody there hello why this is crazy and then here is it even gonna work and then here okay and then here here is my

Crazy straw all right guys so i want to see if it works okay all right mixing milk punch and water at the same time do not try this at home it probably will not be tasty good but look all of my milk is mixing in together see it’s all cloudy now with milk so this is kind of fun and crazy and cool and um i’m gonna go i’m gonna put this in my yay pile yay

Next thing i want to try is this wooly willy okay so it comes with a magnet okay all right so let’s just do funny faces so using magnet i can manipulate his face let’s see here give him a a beard how fun look at this you want a beard of course you do you want a mustache who doesn’t so maybe i should do the hair first maybe i’m just not creative i just can’t

Separate them see it doesn’t separate okay look at all these cool faces you can do see look at that look at this face even a cat like a captain hook face here nothing like it so it could be my fault that i’m not creative or good but for me personally this is a nay sorry these i never actually seen before it’s the first time i’ve seen it so i’m gonna try these

Are called magnetic rings so i guess you can use it to do like really cool tricks but i’ve never seen this before so there it is and i don’t know what kind of tricks you can do with it they just kind of stick together okay so i really don’t know what to do with it like what kind of tricks can you do with this i’m not getting it ah whoa okay we’re gonna open

More and then we’ll see sorry about that so i got three of them look um i don’t know what tricks i can do but here be amazed all right sorry again okay be amazed at my magnetic ring triangle trick ready now they’re not together now they are yeah see they’re not together and what what what they are crazy tricks am i right oh is this a trigger talking about

Not the trick you’re talking about maybe it’s too much maybe i should just like maybe like this like oh yeah is this a trick okay i’m gonna put this in the day pile i’m sorry i don’t get it we’ve got any more time to practice but for now it’s a nay okay so now i’m gonna try this cool and fun spin fan so it’s supposed to be cool get it cool full disclaimer

When i was bringing this into my house i dropped the package and the battery kind of exploded do you see it i don’t know what’s happening but it has all these little grain and all these residue inside so i’m not sure it’s going to work but i’ll try it did it work i’m assuming because of the battery situation so i’m going to replace the battery so bad news i

Try to replace the battery did it really work and look what happened on the inside it’s all rusty so i’m not sure if i did it or it was like that before i bought it and i didn’t check but either way um i can’t put on that yay or nay because i didn’t get to try it so i’m just gonna put to the side okay all right last two things here i got world smallest toys

Okay and they say it actually works so we’ll see see what it is oh please do you guys know this one so basically it comes with a whole bunch of monkeys and then i forgot how to play the game so i think how you play is you just try to hook up the most you can all right so you start with one monkey and then make friends okay friend and then i got two monkeys

See how many friends and monkeys i can make oh i got three look molly got all nine of them i just need one more i don’t think i can pick it up because of the lego piece it’s super super oh it’s not allowed but it says i’m just playing by myself it’s okay right okay there it is 10 barrels of monkeys i can’t believe it works all right let’s go into the barrel

Monkeys night night it’s kind of cool well that was fun okay this is definitely going to my yay pile okay okay ah i’ll clean that up later okay last world’s smallest toy here let’s see wow i can’t believe they actually did work that was so cool okay serious yes another barrel of monkeys oh okay it was fun but it wasn’t that fun for me to play again so

There it is but look at all the cool ones you can collect here what look how many world’s smallest toys are there okay that is cool so there it is thank you for watching my uh testing out kids toys at the grocery store video if you like this video give us a big thumbs up for now bye oh and wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait oh

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EPIC FAILS!! Ryan's Mommy Tests Grocery Store Toys Challenge! By The Studio Space