Ex Investment Banker Starts a Startup

In this episode of the startup series, ex-investment banker and big tech employee Darryl Wong joins a startup incubator in the hopes of creating the next unicorn startup. Will he find the right co-founders? Will he succeed? Stay tuned to find out in our weekly episodes!

Big news out of doordash as it looks to go the company called lemonade filing for an initial public offering as we’ve seen these today online learning platform coursera seeing a big pop in its debut that’s a software ipo ever at 120 a share right now we’re at what 270. that was 39 billion dollars after a new funding round and guys that makes it the most start

With coinbase uh you heard brian armstrong earlier this morning on squawk heard you talking about it a moment ago joe this reference price of 250 uh below where it was trading in the private markets yeah look i mean that’s a joke my name is daryl wong and i’m starting a startup so why are you starting a startup so i was always working for the biggest and largest

Companies out there in the world i was working on billion dollar deals at city and was at the forefront of tech at the trade desk and i always wondered why these billions of dollars just didn’t belong to me especially since i was the hardest worker in the team so then i thought long and hard about it and i realized it was because i didn’t own any shares of

These companies so then it dawned on me that god brought me into this world to create the next google microsoft and i quit the next day so it’s been six months since you quit your job how’s the progress going yeah yeah yeah we’ve been making good progress uh constantly been trying to reach out to the right people to bounce their ideas off with yeah uh but

You know you know how the startup is it’s always constantly pivoting and yeah that’s how it is like good progress right um have you thought about joining a startup incubator it could be useful in terms of mentorship and connections and whatever industry you’re paying for you can give up equity i know one thousand two thousand dollars in skype per month while

You’re participating in the program yeah yeah i mean um we need we need um i need mentorship and guidance and connection so where do i have let’s go the startup incubator the place where aspiring startup founders gather and work on the next big idea at the incubator founders are put through a rigorous program where they are made to network and work together

In hopes of hashing out the next vc backable business idea so have you found anyone you think you can work with yeah you know i’ve talked to a lot of people over the past few hours and a lot of people have expressed interest in working as expected but i haven’t found anyone to build my tech product yet oh can you check out the guy over there he looks like a tech

Guys like someone can handle the business side of things i’m assuming you’re here and an incubator to find someone to work on the next big startup idea john is an entrepreneur right like to start a company is that entrepreneur uh right you do know that founder or entrepreneur means creator of a company right like you work with somebody to create the next new

Company anyway daryl was looking for a co-founder maybe he worked hard working with him boot camps the incubator’s way of forcing founders to produce something tangible in a short period of time usually one day also a quick way to figure out whether your team works for this boot camp i’ve managed to convince samson and another girl chelsea to be on my team oh oh

Did i look good can you reply me okay so i see that your former team with daryl and samson so how’s the working relationship like and who’s in charge of what what team i’m sorry i’m not your team okay oh that team that from five minutes ago yeah well i suppose dara is handling investor relations and business development simpson i think he’s handling product

Development and i will be handling business relationships yeah but i can’t even handle my own hey everybody this is daryl here thank you for watching the first episode of the startup series i had a lot of fun filming it and i hope you enjoyed it as well so if you did enjoy it and you loved it please like and subscribe to our channel and click that notification

Bell if you’re on youtube and you’re watching this on youtube and yeah the next episode will be coming to you next week so stay tuned for that

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