Ex-UBS Investment Banker Reacts to UBS Day In the Life of an Investment Banker Promotional Video

I found this UBS Careers “Day in the Life of an Investment Banker” quite hilarious having worked in the investment banking division at UBS myself. You’d almost think it was done as a parody, but it was an actual promotional video! Let me know what your thoughts are on it, and hope you enjoyed my reaction. Comment down below with any other videos you’d like me to react to.

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel i’m angela in today’s video i’m going to be commenting on a video released by ubs careers on a day in the life of an investment banking analyst for those who don’t know my background i recently quit my investment banking job at ubs within their investment banking division in new york city quick disclaimer i’ve watched

This video a couple of times already i’ve shared it with a bunch of co-workers and friends it’s just kind of hilarious so let’s see what my previous investment bank thought a day in the life of an investment banker was like and i’ll tell you guys what it was actually like i’m going to be watching the video on my screen right here so i’ll be turning back and forth

Hey natalie how was your day well it was a good day firstly look at the time it says london 7 30 p.m she’s holding a yoga mat on her way out she’s smiling all of those things just seem false firstly no one leaves investment banking at 7 30 pm unless it’s a friday or it’s christmas eve no one goes to yoga after investment banking just want to go home and sleep

Let’s see how the rest of the video progresses i was very excited and nervous for the pitch i wanted 7 30 am walking into the office that’s a bit on the early side for investment banking usually investment bankers get to the office around 9 30 a.m come in early and review the pitch book one last time before the bake-off okay let’s look at this calendar 8 a.m

Fix slides for the bake off that’s pretty realistic that you might have to get up really early to fix slides for a bake off that same day 12 30 p.m meditation at relax room at 12 30 p.m i was probably the farthest away from relaxed i could be there’s likely so many requests coming at 12 30 pm i’ve never heard of such a relaxation room or anyone meditating in

That building at all 2 p.m trading floor i don’t know what she would be doing on the trading floor for anyone who’s unaware and i don’t know why ubs would promote this but investment bankers aren’t allowed on the trading floor there’s this thing called the chinese wall which basically means there’s a barrier of information between the investment banking division

And the sales and trading division this is because investment bankers know a lot of non-public information and you can’t have investment bankers telling sells and trading this information so you can’t have the two on the same floor at ubs our cars couldn’t even have the ability to swipe into the sales and trading floor so i’m not sure why she would even have that

On her calendar 5 p.m pitch call yep that’s realistic meetings can be scheduled at 5pm i’m really excited to see how several investments interesting how she’s the only one wearing a mask in the entire office right now thanks compete for the same business it’s very interesting but also a lot of work reminder q and a with fiero and rob today at 6 p.m i i don’t

Even know where she is right now she’s sitting on a cushion she’s in some relaxation room there’s a candle near her at 12 30 p.m there’s barely time to even go out and get lunch at 12 30 p.m i don’t know how she’s in this relaxation room no such thing exists at least in the new york city office at most at 12 30 pm i maybe go to the bathroom for a small breather

There was some interesting movement today bull or bear that’s the question cool of the day bull or bear again i don’t know why she’s on this trading floor she’s supposed to be an investment banker in the wrestling banking division she’s not allowed to be on this floor hi natalie how are you doing i still can’t believe that he knows who i am my team members really

Made the effort to welcome me and show me the ropes the days are exciting and the time goes by so fast doesn’t really though the time goes by fast because there’s so much work but i don’t know if i call the day exciting and it was secondly she’s using a macbook pro no one uses max you can you can barely use excel with the mac it’s five already 5 pm pitch call

It looks like she’s the one talking to the client on this call but usually they have the analyst turn the camera off on you you don’t say a thing you’re just over there taking notes the q a was a good way to end the day end the day realistically if i were listening in on this q a at 6 00 p.m i’d probably be doing this simultaneously while doing a bunch of other

Comments or work at the same time 7 30 pm is not one investment banking would be leaving that’s probably when they would go and get their seamless dinner 7 30 pm this is the middle of the day it’s inspiring to hear them talk about the future sounds like a full day oh you know just a normal day and it’s not over and it’s not over yet is probably the most accurate

Statement of this entire video i don’t even know what to say probably the thing that boggles me the most is how this person is somewhat of a mishmash between someone in the investment banking division and a sales and trader which is not possible because they’re not even allowed to meet in the office so i’m not sure why this would even be something that’s promoted

By ubs when it’s not even something that’s allowed legally secondly this is probably the opposite of what investment banker’s day looks like really the only accurate things is getting up at 8 am to do comments for a bake off and what she says at the end saying the day’s not over yet because your day is probably just getting started i personally found this video

Pretty hilarious when i first saw it it was just so far from the truth it’s as if you want to do a parody of investment banking of what the opposite could look like and then you made it and here it is at 7 30 pm she probably has honestly about at least another five six hours of work ahead of her in investment banking she wouldn’t have had time for this 12 30

Pm meditation room i think ubs took this video down in part due to all of this commentary on how unrealistic it is however i hope you guys enjoyed this video and watching it and hearing some of my comments on it having worked at ubs within the investment banking division let me know if you guys have any questions down in the comment section below if you guys

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Ex-UBS Investment Banker Reacts to UBS' "Day In the Life of an Investment Banker" Promotional Video By Angela