Father Of Parkland Victim: The NRA Is Getting Their Return On Investment

Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter Jamie in the Parkland school shooting, discusses the Supreme Court appearing to be skeptical of a law limiting guns in public, and the future of gun safety legislation.

I don’t hate gun owners i don’t hate the second amendment i hate gun violence we have a right to life we have a right to send our kids to school without fear that was fred guttenberg who lost his daughter jamie in the parkland shooting pushing for stronger gun control laws outside the u.s supreme court today as the court hears oral arguments in a case that could

Radically change gun rights in america the case involves a new york law that places limits on carrying guns outside the home the law was challenged by two plaintiffs who were denied concealed carry permits a lawyer for the plaintiff saying in his closing quote in a country with the second amendment right simply having more firearms is not a concern for this court

Court is expected to issue a decision next spring joining our conversation is fred guttenberg the author of the book find the helpers which is now out in paperbook um fred your comments were electrifying and just i always come back to this talk about your mission today and and how jamie sort of pulls you to all these places and all these efforts um you know i

I’ll be honest with you i was in a bit of a funk last night i didn’t want to go this morning but my daughter actually as she often does sent me a message that got me up and out and there and the reality nicole is um you know i listened to your last segment and i and i think about virginia schools where amazingly this non-taught idea of critical race theory became

More important than active shooter drills it shouldn’t you know that should be the most important thing that we focus on and i worry that what happened today in the supreme court is going to make it even harder to do anything to protect our kids and those we love because i listened to the arguments i mean supreme court justice scorsek and kavanaugh they came in

With an agenda they were activists in their questions they they they had they did not concern themselves with historical context i i was actually pleased with amy cohen barrett who who did and why i thought asks reasonable and thoughtful questions but but the my fear listening to the questions is they had no concern for public safety for the balance of public

Safety against what they deemed the second amendment and for anyone who didn’t listen to the arguments earlier today you should be deeply concerned about what this activist court is going to do what is the role if any at this point then of stronger legislation i know that there you’ve been involved in those fights and president biden has been in touch with you and

With the gun safety community but someone asked me today where gun safety legislation is in congress and it isn’t even among the myriad of things that we talk about right now why is that well because it’s impossible to pass things in the senate and so again i listened to your last segment democrats get off your butts get over your wounds from yesterday you have

An election to win in 2022. we have a senate to deliver and a house to keep and we can pass gun safety legislation so you know what all my message to the democrats is this while while you’ve been delivering on substance you have fouled at the theater of governing get the theater down let’s win because lives depend on it the other party is not going to participate

In doing anything to save lives it is clear let’s make them irrelevant they want to be irrelevant let’s govern let’s communicate what’s happening let’s save lives because i have news for you nicole um the nra i’ve often said my daughter was a cost of doing business for them this was they are getting their return on investment now in the courts we can’t let it happen you

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Father Of Parkland Victim: 'The NRA Is Getting Their Return On Investment' By MSNBC