The second-cycle studies in Finance and Accounting at SGH Warsaw School of Economics provide advanced finance-oriented knowledge concerning financial management of business entities, including financial institutions, with particular interest in the determinants of managerial decisions made on the basis of results of financial analyses and research, as well as specialist knowledge providing good basis to exercise professional work and to continue further education.

Who partners with sgh warsaw school of economics  i’ve been in business world for the last 23 years finance and accounting is a fascinating  story about how companies report its financial results and paint the picture of success they have achieved, but we learn from failure and we learn from mistake which is good. which means that we are not gonna

Lecture you  about finance and accounting so a little bit of theory, practice, theory, practice which will give the feeling of how business operates. you will get to understand how business decisions are made in the world of limited information, because you will never gonna have 100% of information that you need for “sounding good” business decisions.

And i would like you also to know that during  and second is perfect preparation for taking final exams at acca, so i do keep fingers crossed for your  hi everyone! my name is chandan khadka.  i’m from biratnagar, nepal. i’m currently pursue my master’s in finance and accounting at sgh warsaw school of economics. i’m currently

Studying finance and accounting  i’ve done my bachelor’s in computer science and  engineering and i wanted to pursue this career in finance and hence this school appears to be a perfect fit for me. the flexibility the school gives you also allows  i’m currently working as a full-time analyst for goldman sachs in warsaw. i also got an

Opportunity to represent the university in the ai in esg investing competition organized by cfa society poland. and with the help of our colleagues, the mentors and my team we were able to bag the third prize in all over europe. i chose this program to improve my understanding  of how businesses are run from a financial stand  point. warsaw in

Poland is one of the best cities to be in – the weather, the culture, the people, the food and the environment. – the old town, vistula river, several museums. there are so many history that is going on here, you guys would like to be particles of this and enjoy the country. to grow with its faculty, students and the environment that it gives you.

The university is doing the best it can to provide the best education that you can have here. having said that warsaw and the sgh warsaw school of economics will give you all you want to grow as a student in sgh there are so many brilliant professors and lecturers here with lots of experience working in private and public sector. and this is also one of

The reasons why i chose this program. there are only few schools in europe that will offer you that first class education i encourage you guys to join  me in next session at sgh.

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