Finance God Money Solutions – how to get rich part 1

basic money tips everybody should know by now

Uh yeah yeah yeah what’s up it’s your boy the finance guide um i’m here to help y’all little broke asses with your money problems i guess like listen i don’t know why y’all with me i’m here in wall street right now uh yeah i’m in wall street it’s pretty dope um it’s whatever i got like a cousin who works here so i come out they they hit me up they’re like hey we

Could use them we could use some help with the stocks like it’s down plummeting or plummeting and then they’ll call me up like i’m not busy as already like hey can you come down and help on wall street i’m like i guess so i figured while i’m here i’ll make a little video uh help you all out to give back to my community of content creators um so yeah start yeah

Let’s let’s jump right into it cryptocurrency okay last year i lost 56.000 in cryptocurrency did i sit around did i complain did i whine did i wait for a handout did i wait for somebody to give me a handout no i got my ass up off of my mother’s couch and i went and hustled and got that i got that blue cheese and now look at me one year later that’s a come up

Right there you gotta stack little victories stack little victories everybody’s waiting for a big victory everybody’s waiting for that big oh there’s my moment you gotta stack little victories give yourself wins give yourself dubs that’s why y’all stay taking l’s because you don’t stack little victories it’s pathetic frankly and i’m sick of it and i’m tired of

It and that’s why i made this video i’m over it andy i’ll do the same i watch year to year the year the year to year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 y’all do the same every year and expect y’all’s money to grow when y’all don’t have the green light to go you got to diversify the portfolio that’s what you got to do you got to be making money

When you’re over here in this pocket right here when you’re chasing this bag when you’re over here chasing this bag you gotta pull up with a whole brand new bag that’s how you diversify your portfolio y’all say chase in the same bag i swear to god it don’t make no sense diversify intensified too y’all don’t put enough heart india i remember y’all remember when i

Was in high school y’all remember when i was in high school meanest running back county ever saw i wasn’t the best i wasn’t the most naturally gifted i wasn’t the most athletic i didn’t have the muscle twitch fibers to really excel at that level but you know what i did have heart heart that’s something you can’t coach try that’s something else that’s that’s some

Spiritual that was given to you don’t waste your talents you feel that you feel that animal urge to go out get that bag get that blue cheese bring that home bring home that bacon sit around you got to intensify diversify intensify you got to be sporadic in your actions but you got to be driven in your movements and in your focus focus on the cheddar let’s talk

Functional money let’s get down to it when i lost all that money on crypto what did i do did i go out and start spending did i go out and try to find a new apartment did i go out and try to find a job no i live with my mom for seven months and i spent all her money she ain’t doing with it she’s sitting around talking about what talking about oh my retirement

Might run out i don’t know if social security is gonna provide for my generation and i spent my whole life thinking that if i contributed to a 401k shut up it’s a come up ma what about my come up what about my generation y’all had y’all’s time y’all boomers okay boomers y’all had y’all’s time y’all okay y’all had the sticks and y’all did an all right job okay

We got a lot of we got now cause y’all had the sticks but now y’all done fumble y’all done fumble we don’t picked up the sticks it’s time where’s where’s mine that’s how you gotta think and some people come with me people wanna come with me and be like oh you’re vicious you’re so cruel in your actions they don’t see the way i’m moving in 2020. they don’t see

The way i’m getting my bag in 2020 and they don’t want to with the vision and i feel that but you’ve got to get those people out of your head that’s how you stay broke that’s how you stay broke cash in hand let’s talk cash in hand why y’all go why y’all going into debt why go into debt for some you don’t need you need to pay with up front cash in hand show up

Ready to go up with that cash in hand that’s how you get a glow up show up go up grow up grow up cash in hand don’t be sitting down with the dude at the bank all right roy let’s talk let’s talk about if i’m eligible for a loan from this ass corporation no take that middleman out take roy out of the equation roy don’t need to be anywhere near my money i got my

Cash in hand walking in with 10 grand that’s right that’s how you walk in you buy the fj off the lot right there you roll out that’s it now let’s talk politics people want to say money in politics is separate it’s not it’s all it’s like that money in politics is like that you see what’s in the news what’s going on in the news they want to defund the patrol so

You tell me if you think money and politics are separate okay okay petty cash that’s petty that’s petty cash right there that’s petty cash i’m burning through that petty cat i don’t make petty cash my income is not disposable i am not disposable i am not recyclable gotta get those bread up get the stack the cheddar yo what y’all don’t do is y’all don’t stack

S-t-a-k remember this this is how you’re gonna get ahead in life this is how you’re gonna make a whole pot of money remember the stack method save take allocate and assets allocate assets it’s two a’s s-t-a-a allocate assets crush it okay crush that stack method y’all gotta remember the stagnant i’m gonna repeat it one more time for y’all stack method save

Take allocate assets there’s two a’s it’s stack okay crush it you want to get your bread up you can sit around all day you can sit around all day whining and complaining to mom about oh i’m getting them i’ma try to take this girl out of his date and i don’t have any money to go to the sushi place with the exposed ceilings in the downtown in the mid century modern

Furniture and magazines on the table mommy can’t buy 60 dollars to take the girl on the his date and and probably nothing will happen anyway no enough stop crying start trying my guy is pathetic that’s why i don’t keep anything anybody in my circle look at my circle look at my myspace top eight you see any on there who aren’t getting money like that no you don’t

See any broke people in my myspace top eight no no it’s all it’s all it’s it’s grinders grinder real grinders monday-minded in my top eight i can’t keep people around like that they don’t trust trust no one there is no one is to be trusted you see oh you think you’ve got a friend even maybe you built a relationship with this person maybe you’ve shared uh your

Deepest darkest secrets with this person you’ve been vulnerable with this person it contributes in a healthy way to your emotional stability and you’re thinking maybe like this emotional success in this friendship is also like a valid metric for success and maybe it’s just like the capitalistic model that has made us feel like that’s not a real uh thing to judge

Uh your success and happiness by that’s a threat that’s not your friend that’s an enemy that’s a distraction friends are distractions keep your eye on the paper that’s right it’s a distraction swot analysis you gotta you gotta identify your opportunities you gotta identify your threats people don’t do that people don’t take the time necessary you

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Finance God Money Solutions – how to get rich part 1 By Chance Willie