Finance in Excel 1 – Live Stock Quotes in Microsoft Excel – MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes

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Hi and welcome to this tutorial here i’m going to show you how to import live stock quotes into microsoft excel now before i begin if you’d like to download this workbook you can just go to the website teach excel comm search for this video tutorial and you can get the workbook there now there are a number of different ways you can actually import stock quotes

Into excel or live stock quotes you could copy and paste them or you could go ahead and get a data connection straight from say yahoo finance or google finance but the way i’m going to show you today is the simplest way to do it and it actually has pretty good result so let’s go ahead and begin now in excel 2007 to import this data you go to the data tab and

Click existing connections now in previous previous versions of excel you can also do this but you have to go about it a different way so data tab existing connections and click that and a window like this is going to pop up by default you’re going to have these three things already here these three connection files for msn money central investor currency rates

Major indices and investor stock quotes so since we want to get some stock quotes in here i’m gonna go ahead and click the msn money central investor stock quotes the next thing i’m gonna do click open and a window like this is gonna pop up so this just says where do you want to put stock quotes when it comes in and this is the upper leftmost cell that’s going

To be imported so i’ll leave that as a one if you want it in a new worksheet just click for new worksheet bubble but also very important is if you’re looking at this data intraday so if you’re in the middle of a trading day and you’d like to have your stock quotes updated you have to click the properties tab here otherwise it’s not going to do it so or it’s not

Going to do it at the interval you’d like so these are all the things you can do but the main one is you’d like to refresh control and data formatting and layout really the only thing i ever end up touching here is refresh every i click that change it from 60 minutes to one minute that means our stock quotes will refresh every one minute so we’ll get the updated

Stock quotes every minute you can also click refresh data when opening the file if you’d like it’s up to you and click ok then click ok now here is where you’re gonna type in the ticker symbols for your stocks all separated by a comma i just type it in by hand because it’s easier to do it that way in this example so google bank of america and citigroup now this

Is also important will save you i don’t know an annoyance i suppose click use this value reference for future refresh –is if you do not click this every time the spreadsheet refreshes you will have to re-enter the stock quotes or re-enter the cell the cell reference so this will just save you headaches having to do that so check that click ok and check it out so

This is what actually imports you get the stock here google bank of america corp citigroup you can click chart or news these are all links to a website and as i hover over it you can see it takes me to the msn money central website and these are all the last trades close high so you’ve got pretty much everything you could get from yahoo or google finance right

Here and so you can see just how easy that is and how it comes in very nicely formatted so it requires pretty much no work to actually make everything look good and useful so that’s how you import livestock quotes into excel and note it’s going to per the settings that we did refresh every one minute so most importantly this is gonna refresh every one minute as

Well as everything else and that is the most basic way to import stock quotes into excel like i said second go if you’d like to get this spreadsheet go to teach excel comm search for this video tutorial and you can download it there that’s it for this tutorial

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Finance in Excel 1 – Live Stock Quotes in Microsoft Excel – MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes By TeachExcel