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Uh hello this is cole paris and this is alex nay and this is the six o’clock news we have a new segment today a recent study suggests that a finance major is the most in demand position in the business world today let’s go to luke to see just what it takes to become a finance major thanks alex there are three main skills that a person must have to be successful

In the world of finance number one is analytical skills you have to learn to read financials and deal with interpreting numbers and information every single day an example is reading one’s financial information and seeing if their financial position is strong enough for them to receive a loan it’s a hard skill that one just has to have in the world of finance

Number two is organizational skills there’s a difference between being an organized person and being organized in the financial world adjustments and adaptations are important because as branch manager of old national bank ray eagan says when you least expect something to happen it happens number three is communication skills they are huge in any field because

You have to be able to communicate both internally and externally you have to be able to communicate to work efficiently with staff and associates however in order to have success it is important to establish good relationships with customers it is never a good idea to ignore or annoy customers it is important to have a good balance of all of these hard and soft

Skills and not just to or not to neglect any of them balance in the world of finance is important to achieve success an important skill which ties all the other ones together is understanding how a financial system works each part of the cycle either indirectly or directly affects other parts of the system an example is to have a goal of having a decent rate on

Loans and having decent rate on deposits now back to coal in the studio wow who knew finance took so many skills to be successful personally i had no idea but all these skills have to pay off that’s right alex let’s go to morgan our statistical analysts for more details thanks cole becoming a finance major opens the door to many job opportunities a few examples

Of these are a finance director financial manager and a financial analyst one of the perks of having one of these jobs is the paycheck you receive on average a finance director makes two hundred and two thousand eight hundred and sixty nine dollars a financial manager makes a hundred and sixteen thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars and a financial analyst

Makes eighty six thousand and forty dollars on average a person on any of these jobs makes a hundred and thirty five thousand two hundred and ninety three dollars now back to you alex thanks morgan those are some big numbers for finance majors that’s right alex maybe we should quit our anchor jobs and major in finance it’s not a bad idea wait this just didn’t

Lucas has found an aspect of finance that deals with more than just numbers wow let’s take it to lucas and see what he’s got thanks cole i’m here live on the scene where financial advisors and financial majors are really interacting with real people it’s not just numbers anymore i had personally interviewed my dad who he had to go he’s over there he has to go to

Work now i personally interviewed him and he said that his favorite part about the job is actually getting to talk with real people it’s not just numbers anymore finance is a great major to have because the personal interactions that you gain with people will last a lifetime both with your clients and with your colleagues thanks guys now back to you in the studio

Thank you lucas for that bit of information do you have anything you’d like to add alex yes actually i do finance is also a great major if you’re looking for a job right out of college many companies look for finance majors because of the wide variety of skills that that major gives you in an interview with mike myers i asked him what major is most attractive in a

Job interview and he said and i quote him many business degrees will get you will get a young adult a job out of college but finance seems to be a major that gets a lot of people employed that’s a great point alex throughout our interviews we have found that stability has been a reoccurring theme of five interviews only one person has not been with their company

For more than 15 years that’s an impressive statistic well that’s all we have for you tonight thank you for watching this is cole paris it’s alex may and good night bloomington you

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