Finance major, minor in fighting

Bentley University senior and Billerica resident Stephen Tirella is training to fight in the Golden Gloves boxing tournament. He trains daily at Lowell’s West End Gym with Billerica’s Mike Strazzere.

Steve’s different to me then let’s let’s use the word stereotypical box because typical would not be there’s no such thing as a typical block that typical box has one thing in common they’re all tough that’s it they only have to do two big boxes be a tough kid he’s so unassuming in the ghost he gets he goes to bentley he gets always maybe a couple days here and has

A great job goes to work does what he has to do is a nice kid never ever has a bad thing to say about anybody never cares any grudges against anybody works as hot as i mean you can’t do anything better you don’t you out there comes down to just do you know you can’t really hide behind anybody you know you’re gonna you have to work for it and i have my work with

Mike she there he’s a good guy great trainer but in the end it comes down to you performing in he can give me all the tools but i just honestly have to push myself every day and try to get better every day and if you don’t it shows and that’s why i a lot about this sport i honestly they make sure a better individual it makes you work harder like i said earlier

And the honesty of it is i i wish i started earlier and i started pretty late and but i hopefully can still you know so get more fights in me and i’ve enjoyed it ever since i the world is actually my first tournament i’m in and it’s actually a tournament one and done so we’re losing you out of the tournament i hope actually neophyte three or four fights to make

It all the way since you’re staying because it’s tash january nine but everyone’s either great way in and you don’t really know when you’re going to fight if you’re going to fight that night if you’re going to fight the next week or the following week so keep showing your toes in that sense and see us going to be prepared january knife and we just been preparing

Spying trying to splice a week you don’t try to obviously we never know who we’re going to fight even in shows so you can’t really train for a certain fighter so that i think makes it even hotter as an amateur so just you know working trying to work out three four five times a week making sure i get my running in which is a little hotter now at the snow but you

Know going back to the gym after boxing and getting both workouts in and just mentally being prepared i mean it’s going to be a big stage probably the biggest stage i’ve fought on let’s try to keep getting herbs down and just immensely being ready i mean it’s a lot more mental like i said earlier and that’s something you don’t really want to get too pumped up for

And then waste energy and you could be there you could be with the gloves at five o’clock and not going on till ten eleven o’clock at night so i say mentally being prepared is a big thing and obviously being in shape and hopefully it all works out you

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Finance major, minor in fighting By nwunit