Finance Major

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Hi my name is net paulsen i am the head of the department of banking finance at the terry college of business we find that the students that do especially well in finance or the students who enjoy finance the most are the ones that come with a strong quantitative background the students that have enjoyed math classes have enjoyed their accounting course work their

Economics course where you would first take an introductory course but after that we have courses in the area of corporate finance corporate finance is really if the individual is working inside the corporation where you are thinking about how does the firm raise capital how is it going to allocate that capital once it is raised what project do you choose do you

Choose to open a plant in mexico or do you choose to expand in china or ohio how are those decisions made and the third thing is if you’re making tons of money what do you do with that money once you make it do you give it back here shareholders do you reinvest it in other areas of the firm and in your investment courses you would learn about the different financial

Securities you would learn about the markets where those securities are traded you would learn about derivatives you would learn about stocks you would learn about bonds what is asset pricing what does that mean how have the technical people developed very sophisticated models that help us understand why the stock market goes up on any given day or goes down on a

Day or interest rates or it’s really fascinating material another aspect that’s very important to the study of finance right now and has been for years is how did the international markets get involved london has the largest stock exchange in the world by volume the shanghai market is huge south america’s taking off says just it’s essential that we understand those

International components also we graduate about 300 majors a year one of the largest majors on campus certainly the largest major within terry and we find that our students get placed in very many different locations we have students who play some financial institutions on wall street it’s very exciting for them it’s very exciting for terry to have a representation

In new york those are our very best students they work very hard to get those internships they have great experience that’s exciting and that’s what we challenge you are very best students to do to go to to hit that market more generally we see a lot of our students place regionally with financial institutions perhaps suntrust or bank of america or other big banks

Around the area in those cases they may be working in financial analyst position they may be helping with loan portfolios they may be helping with wealth management individuals come and have assets that they want to invest and the students will help them with those allocation decisions or students may place with corporations and within a corporation they may work for

The financing part of the firm they may help the firm decide what funds need to be raised and how those funds are going to be raised they help the corporation decide what projects to select just in a general financial analysis type position but in general we find that our students place very well they enjoy their jobs and and again it’s very important to recognize

That there’s a lot of diversity of what you can do with the finance degree

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Finance Major By SES KAYITLARI