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Hello this is rick from 1124 holdings and e24land.com here to give a video overview of our latest 3.726 acre property in benton county missouri this is lot number 1492 in case you haven’t seen it we have produced another video of the larger geographical area shows some of the other cities and distances uh we’re going to be drilling into the missouri ozarks region

So we’ve got some the other videos i’ll include the uh description and a link to it uh down below um it’ll talk about uh things to do in the area about the town of warsaw how far it is to you know chicago and a number of other places like that but uh we’ll start off zoomed in a little further so uh over here you have uh st louis is about three and a half hours

Away straight out highway 79 and then they’re going to come to highway 65 which is the sedalia exit and then go south down south down here into warsaw and then that gets you into this area here if you’re in kansas city uh it’s two or two and a half miles uh two or two and a half hours so come over highway 70 and again down 65 through sedalia or if you’re down here

In this overland park uh southern area you can come down through i think it’s highway 47 that cuts down cuts down through this way and but again you’ll hit highway 65 if you’re coming from springfield it’s about 90 minutes straight up highway 65 into this area for those of you that are familiar with the missouri ozarks and i’ll zoom in a little bit bagnell dam

Is over here and truman lake is over on the west side look at the ozarks actually runs about 90 to 93 miles so bagnell dam is uh mile marker zero so you weave through around and then it actually turns in out here and runs all the way to truman lake and the area that we’re talking about runs from here’s see this orange dot there’s the property we’re going to zoom

Into we’ll zoom into that here in a minute but this area up here with this elbow at the top is about mile marker 69 69 miles via water in order to get to bagnol dam right and right around here is mile marker 80 and this area that is going to be closest to the property this is mile marker 74. um warsaw is this you’re going to come down 65 this town right here is

Warsaw where you can it’s the county seat for benton county it’s about 25 minutes or so away from the property uh you’re going to find walmart grocery store doctors there’s a golf course um steakhouse there’s a nice mexican place there’s lots of you know shops plenty to do here in the area a lot of it is centered around marine life and boating and and outdoors

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So if you need supplies you’re going to run about 25 minutes into warsaw and there’s a couple of little uh sandwich shops or gas stations along the way where you can get uh bait or gasoline or coffee in a donut or something like that it’s gonna be 75 our highway 65 down and then you’re going to have highway 7 that cuts across and then running up into this area

Is highway m and highway v to get into the properties we’ll drill into that in here just just a minute i want to show the show right here you’re from the property here you can get up highway 7 65 into warsaw and there’s walmart i’ll give you an idea of how long it takes these are paved roads and let’s see from here’s the property itself i’m going to zoom in

And out a little bit to talk about a couple of different pieces but um this property itself and i’ll show you the boundaries but it’s nice it’s bordered on three different sides by roads this is going to be missouri highway dd what’s interesting about this is there is a power line that comes right through the edge of the property there’s nobody really there’s no

Other development back in this area and here if i zoom out a little bit here’s lake of the ozarks right so this up here at the top of the screen this is the mile marker sun at 74 ish right in here and then this is the knobby creek arm that comes down and then this is uh knobby creek you see that it’s dried up now they actually google seems to think that there is

Potentially a creek that runs through here right and feeds into gravois so i want to drill into that a little bit and say well you’d have to have there’s a culvert there’s going to be a culvert that runs underneath the highway here if it is it’s a seasonal creek i didn’t see it when i was there um it’s it’s probably just drainage of this area i don’t think that

There’s water flowing there year round and even from here this see this pond this guy’s house over here and then you’re going to come underneath the road right so is here is there a creek there i don’t know another view of that is this so here you see that this right here looks to me like it’s either an old creek or a seasonal creek there’s a culvert there’s a

Culvert coming under the road so it may have some sort of drainage this guy over here has got nine and nine acres nine point two acres right so that give you an idea oops give you an idea but right here would be a nice place to put a house all right let me zoom in a little bit so just from here and here’s a nice one if we zoom in a little bit this is the property

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So there’s your power lines coming through the front just running along the highway here and this is a different road this is another road here but this is a grass road that leads into the property and this is the property here so say something like forbes lake of the ozarks park leading into grass road so right now since there’s no other houses back in there

They have not put a gate in here but there is a cable with a padlock on here if you wanted to get back into the property we just need to swing by the clubhouse to get a gate code for the padlock and then in the event whenever the time comes that you wanted to build on the property once the house is built they will put in a a gate an automatic gate with a key

Code on it so you wouldn’t have to have the the cable across there all the time so just go up a little bit more and there’s another view of there’s another view but it’s that property there you see that this is paved road paved road come down and i thought that was nice to have actual picture of the property right there okay so let’s um let’s zoom out a little

Bit again so this uh forbes park area was developed back in the 80s it’s about 12 800 acres um consists of about forty one hundred lots and they’ll go up in through here down in this area here taxes are low uh on this lot it’s only about 38 40 a year there’s no time limit to build um many people choose to buy this type of a lot and build on it in the future

I don’t i don’t think that there’s more than about a hundred um i don’t think there’s more than about a hundred lots that have been developed in the whole development so largely undeveloped here again you see this um let’s see so a couple of couple of things so let’s see here is you got about plenty of fishing on the main lake of the ozarks but you also have a

Number of private ponds so we got bob’s lake is a 28 acre lake here welsh lake it’s about a 20 acre and then forbes lake is over here and then we’ve got another one that we call turtle pond that’s about a three acre lake over here but bob’s lake and welsh lake are pretty nice pretty nice they got boat launches and you can fish from them those are you for exclusive

Use of the property owners at the same time if you happen to be um a boater and you wanted to get out there there is a boat launch right here so it’s not at turtle pond but it’s over by turtle pond so you could launch your boat and get out into there or we got one here at uh turkey creek it’s a boat launch here or closest one to this property would be uh this is

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The deer creek arm so from here just jog on down and you can probably the easiest easiest one from here would be go up here to uh the turtle pond boat launch there is um see also over here is a 11 slot rv park with tennis courts that if you’re traveling in from out of town haven’t built yet uh this is free for the use of property owners there’s a gate here with

A code that’s required so in the area let’s see there is a shooting range missouri mid-missouri marksman shooting range is right here and let’s see what else let’s zoom in on this property a little bit see that i’ve got it outlined in orange it’s a couple of neighbors there right so power running across down along the highway but you also have a neighbor here

A couple of neighbors over here i wanted to show a little bit of a elevation so here’s the right about here it’s going to be that cable come up yeah see how so we go up the hill a little bit so there’s a bit of a tip let’s do an elevation profile on it so in this case looking at it from looking at it from this side relatively flat through this part of the

Property and then we’ve got just this dip that goes up i rise that goes up the hill conversely going the other way let’s take a look at that from the road here flat and then it kind of has a little bit of a little bit of a dip not too bad let’s swing around here all right i think that i think that that probably gets the best view of property it’s pretty good

Up through here you got this is going to be where that seasonal creek is right so you can see how it’s probably some drainage comes down off of this hill um and then goes back down that way so this up here would be a nice place to to build all right so i think that’s about it you have five miles of shoreline inside of forbes with what they have you see that uh

The lakes right there be easy to get to um power at the street road boundaries on all three sides um that’s about it so thanks for watching more details in the description taxes are low there’s no time limit to build subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos or check out our website e24land.com and subscribe subscribe to our vip email list to get early

Notification on new properties thanks a lot

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