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$500 down instant Owner Financing on this 4 acres at Bull Shoals Lake with an ancient homestead! DIRECT FRONTAGE on the “Take Line” at Bull Shoals Lake! – Click on the link below to see if this property is still available:

Look at that it’s a rock chimney and the remains of an old log cabin holy cow that is unbelievable oh man that’s cool looks like an old cabin that was made out of cedar trees you’ve got a rock chimney some kind of outbuilding over there and if i look i’ll show you where we are on the map right program okay so the blue dot is us and this is showing that we’re just

Right on that east east boundary of the property very close to the core land oh that is incredible i loved it to see something like that that’s an old one hand hewn cedar logs oh what’s this now oh look at that that’s a rock foundation that would have been the root cellar oh my gosh that is amazing okay that’s the coolest thing i’ve seen all year imagine the work

That went into that oh that would be fun to clean this up a little bit and use it as a foundation for a little cabin you just don’t see something like that that’s incredible and we are just practically right on the boundary of the corps of engineer line what according the map right which is generally pretty accurate these these foundations and whatnot they are on

The property they are on the east side of the property that white white x on the tree is what the corps of engineers does to blaze the property lines so there’s another one there and there’s a white stake up by the road up there so yeah that’s the core line the buildings are indeed on the property that is fantastic we had no idea this was here look at that ancient

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Cedar cabin in that rock chimney wow would be fun to really poke around here and and see what you define that looks like the corner of another log building right there look at this cool little glass bottle so they had several log structures clearly and now here’s a part with that was timber frame that could have been an addition that was added later so interesting

Another old glass bottle that is just too cool i would guess that the the log structures are very old and that part of it was added on to later this kind of board-and-batten type pattern this certainly could have been added later as an addition see you can see the the log cabin type and then the addition and that that metal on the roof of the addition can’t be

Too too old and there’s the corps of engineer line right there really interesting oh that’s cool wow that is too cool well now we might as well walk down today toward the lake and see how that looks from here i would imagine that they picked this site for a reason although that site very likely predates the actual lake because i’m told the lake was built in

The early 50s when they dammed up those rivers so i would sure guess that that site predates that so now we’re on that on the corps of engineer land i can see the lake through the trees already we’ve got quite a few deer trails actually another fence so watch out for that there when you come down this way so when we did the drone video we were able to see this

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This side and it looked like part of the frontage on the lake was was fairly steep almost like a miniature bluff like a 10 or 12 foot drop and then as you went to the south it got quite a bit less steep so here where we are we’ve got a nice view of the lake through the trees i’m curious to see if there are any natural trails right down to the water there’s another

Cross fence shout for these fences as you come through here i’m gonna say this is probably the steep part down to the lake if we were to walk to the south a couple hundred feet it’s quite a bit more gradual but since we’re here already let’s have a look at the water that’s pretty there’s the marina directly across from us and this is like a little miniature bluff

Go straight down into the water it’s about 15 feet above the lake and like i said if we were to walk to the south a little bit after doing that drone video i could tell that it does get quite a bit less steep where you can actually walk right to the water man this is gorgeous whoops well take a look at the drone video as well let us know if you have any questions

That the building site was unexpected that old cabin was really really cool i mean you seldom see that so that was pretty special but feel free to come on out and take a look at it check the website at instant acres comm to see if it’s still available and if you have any questions just let us know we’d love to hear from you really special property

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