2 Best Finance Jobs WITHOUT a Degree and ZERO Experience

2 Best Finance Jobs WITHOUT a Degree and Experience

What is up guys my name is nash and welcome back to another video uh same shirt but different videos so if you’re watching the video that’s before this one uh yeah you’d know that i was wearing the same shirt but different video the two videos were filmed on the same day i should probably stop explaining that all right so today i’m going to be talking about that

Two of the easiest jobs to get into if you don’t have a finance degree so these are going to be finance jobs if you are interested in finance but you don’t have time to go to school they do offer on-the-job training so you don’t have to really know anything prior to starting the job because you’re going to get trained on it anyways and now that i’m thinking about

It it’s like every finance job that you have even if you have a degree you’re going to be taught how to do certain things on how the company wants it so i think for the most part finance jobs have on the job training and you know the extent of it just depends on if you have a degree or if you don’t all right so the first one is going to be a bank teller these are

Going to be people that are responsible for processing transactions or bank transactions this could be you know if i go to a bank and and i’m trying to deposit a check your job would be to process that check and these are people that are also responsible for collecting things like loan payments or if someone goes to the bank and they’re trying to deposit cash

You’re gonna be responsible for you know processing that as well this is kind of like you know a specific job you know so you’re not going to go to college to learn how to process checks if you’re not going to go to college to learn how to uh collect loan payments from people that’s why these jobs have on-the-job training because you know every bank is different

They have different processes on how to do the same thing even if i have a degree i can apply for the same job and probably get it but that doesn’t mean that i’m going to be able to do the job without on-the-job training because it’s so specific to the job so i guess the category for this job would be like in office and administrative support because you’re

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Essentially supporting at the people that are kind of like the higher ups that are doing like the complicated stuff even though you’re doing most of the work and for the education that you need for this is going to be a high school diploma or anything equivalent and i’ve seen job applications that only that say you got to have a high school diploma or you can

Have experience from another job i feel like if you become a bank teller for one bank it’s going to be easier to get the same position at a different bank because it kind of like have experience even though the process might be different but but you do have an understanding of how everything works and as for how much you’re gonna get paid this is really hard to

Estimate but after looking on several websites online i found that the average is pretty much around thirteen dollars and fourteen dollars and that’s gonna be per hour so this is because at jobs like these they don’t usually hire full-time people they usually uh do part-time to where you’re getting paid on an hourly basis i know where i stay in texas the average

Is at 12 an hour for people that i work as bank tellers so how much you’re gonna get paid pretty much depends on your location and like i said before for training it’s basically gonna be on the job training but if you have experience from working in a similar position you know that’s a plus for you you know that’s an advantage that you have so when it comes to the

Skills that you need for this type of job i i think it’s only two skills that you need which is customer service because you’re dealing with people because if you’re working at the front you’re going to have people asking you questions and you’re going to need those customer service skills to be able to do your job another skill is going to be at computer skills

I can promise you that you know every bank has a software that they use to you know do those tasks maybe to record you know the checks that were brought in or to record the loan payments that get submitted so that’s where the computer skills come into play because you’re gonna need to learn that as well and some of these things you learn as you go you know you


Might get on the job training you know kind of like the first couple weeks but then over time you just learn alright so the next one is going to be bookkeeping or accounting clerk so this is the most popular one and i’ve actually worked in this position before as an intern i think that was like a year ago or two years ago it’s close to two years now so if you

Don’t want to work for a bank i would definitely recommend becoming a bookkeeping clerk or an accounting clerk pretty much the same thing uh so some of the things they do is pretty much recording money uh that’s coming in and going out and you might have to create that spreadsheets to explain to you know how everything is working you know maybe you have to do a

Presentation to your boss and if you’re going to work in this position you’re definitely going to have to learn in accounting software like quickbooks that’s the most popular one that a lot of people use so i’ve used the quickbooks for what three years now so i have a lot of experience in it so if you guys want a tutorial on that let me know but pretty much how

Quickbooks work is pretty much uh the company has the company cards linked to the software and whenever they swipe the card the software reads it and then you can kind of like organize the transactions maybe there were business expenses entertainment and a quickbooks puts it into a profit and loss balance sheet it helps the company manage the accounting aspect and

As an accounting clerk your job is to basically make sure that everything is you know running smooth and you know the software can only do so much it needs someone to manage it and that’s where bookkeeping and accounting clerks come into play and this is more of a diverse position because you can have a lot of responsibilities your job might be to simply record the

Money that’s coming in and going out or your job might be to actually run payroll or your job might be to approve a purchase orders or your job might strictly be related to billing so there’s so many things that you can do and i feel like in this position you can actually make more compared to a bank teller because you know there’s so many responsibilities and i

Think the more responsibilities you take the more you’re going to get paid so this is also like another office and administration support when it comes if you want to categorize this type of job because you’re essentially assisting you know the people that you work with such as financial analysts or the actual accountant because if you’re working with a quickbooks

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At the end of the year when you gotta pay taxes you simply uh you know give that information to an actual cpa and uh you know and if they have any questions they’re gonna ask you so you’re kind of like you know it’s an administrative support and when it comes to the education same thing as before you just need a high school uh diploma or anything equivalent to

That which might be a ged and when it comes to the pay this one is also tricky because it depends on the location and it also depends on the responsibilities that you have but the average i found online was between fourteen dollars and sixteen dollars an hour as for the training you know you just need on the job training but one thing i do recommend for this is

Actually you could get a certification online on how to use quickbooks or other accounting software i think that’s going to give you a big advantage compared to someone that doesn’t have that certification but you know you’re going to get on the job training when it comes to if you don’t have the certification it doesn’t really matter since these jobs are kind

Of like you know giving you the training on the job and when it comes to the skills that you need i would just recommend that computer skills because you’re going to have to work with some kind of software to you know to manage the numbers all the accounting data that’s going to help you manage it so you might as well learn that so that’s that’s the skill you

Know you just got to be able and willing to learn about these softwares but that is pretty much it for this video thank you so much guys for watching uh let me know in the comment section below if you know other positions or you know something similar to that but uh thank you so much for watching i’ll see you guys on the next one peace

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2 Best Finance Jobs WITHOUT a Degree and ZERO Experience By Nash Theo