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Hi my name is cenia welcome back to my channel in today’s video i’m going to be talking about my investments in my employer 401k or retirement plan and if you’re new to my channel in this space i talk about personal finance i’m documenting and sharing some tips of of how i’m paying off my debt how i’m investing and hopefully how i will be obtaining financial

Independence early and retire by age 40. in here you can see my my investments account i have it well they have it my employer have it with the thunder it’s called the company and as of september 25th is the last day they provide my totals are let me see how i see it here my total portfolio is 21 976 and basically in this portfolio i just i’m just investing to

Obtain the employer match because right now i’m focused on paying off that so i’m not i’m not investing more than the minimum to get that match so my employee matches six percent so my contributions are six percent basically the amounts that i have allocated it’s 50 to vanguard 500 index admiral and then 50 to vanguard small cap index and i’ve been thinking i may

Or i may not just sell everything on the small cap index and just put everything in the bank r500 in the 500 index we have like the 500 biggest companies on the us economy and it should be enough to just invest in that index and let it grow until i reach which i’m in age so basically if you see it’s been doing better the 500 so right now my portfolio is 50.84

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Percent on the 500 and then 49.16 on the small cap index and i do have the rebalancer and every three months and it’s going to happen in three days it’s going to be rebalanced to have 50 on both my total units own i have 280 vanguard 500 index admiral units and a half 234 small cap index units the average unit value is 39 80 for the vanguard 500 and then 46 13

For the small cap index and the total balances for each it’s going to be for the 500 fund it’s gonna be 11 173 and for the small cap it’s going to be 10 803. i’ve been in this employer for two years and a half i really haven’t changed since i’ve begun like these are the two fonts i selected from the beginning but i would really like to go deeper into analyzing

How should i proceed i’ve been thinking like i told you a little bit before maybe just sell everything on the small cap and put it in the vanguard 500 index fund but as of now this is what i have so if you’re curious this is the performance for the vanguard 500 index romero the ticker is v f i a x and last month it returned 7.16 and the year today 9.52 on the

Small cap let me see if i find it is here vs max and then last month it was 4.04 and year-to-date negative 3.84 percent also if you see here we can see one year three five and 10-year annualized returns for each fund and let’s compare how my funds are doing so for the 500 index it has been really good double tickets 21.5 55 14.14 for 2.05 and 14.52 and then

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For the small cap like it has been single digits 5.32 6.56 8.19 and 11.93 if you want to see more details let me let me go into the pdf to see what details they have so in here maybe we can see the biggest holdings it has 409 stock holdings five bun bondholdings biggest are apple microsoft amazon facebook alphabet berkshire hathaway johnson and johnson visa and

Procter gamble and we don’t have any more details here but i was trying to look for the expense ratio i saw it somewhere here i i remember where it’s here okay so on the 500 index the expense ratio is point zero four percent let’s go back to compare with the small cap so for the small cap index fund it is 99.2 percent u.s dogs it has one 1003 stock holdings

And two bond holdings and here you can see the top holdings copa software f-pam systems horizon stella duck zebra palatone etsy and so in here you can see the top holdings and let’s see the expense ratio i just noticed the expense rate if ratio is higher 0.05 so definitely after this video i’m gonna change it to just a 500 index fund i have no idea why i have

This funnel and and my investment portfolio that’s the good thing like i i set it up whenever i started working there and i haven’t really go back to look at this so i will almost definitely change it for the next video probably here you can see just the sectors and i think i did it just to diversify my portfolio but i think that just being in an index fund it

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Has more than 500 stocks and it’s diversified enough so yeah okay so going back let me see if i can see the activity my account my connectivity and all you see here it’s just the contributions it gets contributed every two weeks in payroll date and that’s all i have and like for example the last time they charged me fees was in july 1st and it was only 7 50.

So that’s going to be that that’s my portfolio update on my 401k my retirement plan account if you’re if you have any tips if you have any comments just let me know in the comments below and and thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my investment account for retirement my employer retirement account and that’s gonna be it for today’s video i will let

You know what i decide if i will change my funds or not and if you haven’t already please consider subscribing and maybe hitting that notification bell so you know every time i post a video and maybe you can go through my thinking thought of deciding which funds on my next video thank you for stopping by and hope to see you soon bye

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