27 Different Ways To Get Into Creative Finance | Intro

Using cash or getting a loan may seem like the only to get started in real estate but in todays video, I break down 27 ways to get into real estate using creative finance. Share this video to a friend if it helped you and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss out on future videos!

So you want to get into real estate and you think that buying a house with cash or getting a loan is the only way to do it well i can tell you you’re absolutely wrong in fact cash and getting a loan is about three to five percent of what i do for my entire real estate portfolio so let’s take a look at this it starts with what everybody thinks is cash or obtaining

A loan from a bank that is what we call cash purchases the other way to buy houses which is where about 85 to 95 of our deals come from is from terms okay so it’s either cash or it’s terms now there are so many more tools to bring to the table when you have terms than if you are utilizing cash cash is great for a seller that needs to sell their house right now

And needs all their money right now they’re not worried about the tax implications they’re not worried about any of that kind of stuff they just want their money and they want it now typically people that are going the cash route as a seller they are hiring a realtor or if they’re in really bad distress they go through a wholesaler right the whole seller hoses

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Unfortunately sorry wholesalers i also am a wholesaler but you are posing as a buyer even when you’re not and these deals go to cash investors that are either utilizing cash or if they’re obtaining a loan now what are they doing with cash or the loan they are then doing one of only three things you can do which is you are either going to develop that project into

Something greater which is called fixing and flipping you are either going to keep it long-term as a rental an airbnb lease option whatever or you are going to wholesale it yourself this is literally the entire process of buying houses with cash a realtor or wholesaler represents that seller they are buying it with cash or obtaining a loan they are then going to

Either fix and flip it they’re going to keep it for their portfolio or they’ll wholesale it to somebody else pretty simple where 85 to 95 of my transactions are coming from right now are coming from terms sellers that are willing to give me terms which means instead of me coming up with all of the money right now i’m actually making payments to the seller as if

They are the bank that is correct we turned this seller into the bank you guys have seen this on a lot of our videos i’ve done hundreds and hundreds of stories about this but what people don’t know is how many different strategies underneath terms there really is and so you know you’ve got subject to you’ve got seller finance you’ve got gator lending okay which

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Is essentially sponsoring you’ve got innovation agreements you’ve got moreby method which is a new strategy that we’ve created just in the last year lease options you can obtain on a lease option or you can obtain if you really wanted to you could obtain on a wrap underneath seller finance there’s also agreement for sale also known as an executory contract i’ve

Just lost like 10 people already so there’s so many different strategies underneath terms that it is seemingly endless in terms of the opportunities that come to me and what i can solve on a daily basis so what i want to do is i’m putting it together a series right now i’m going to throw out a number but don’t quote me i’m going to really really absorb all these

Numbers and i’m going to say and probably 30 to 40 strategies underneath here okay 30 to 40 strategies underneath terms and so what i’m going to do is i’m going to create a playlist this is video number one there’s going to be a playlist that talks about what can i do with a subject-to deal how do i make money with a subject-to deal how do i get a house under

Contract on seller finance what can i do with it under seller finance same thing with agreement for sale or an executory contract what do i do in terms of gator lending how do i get an ovation what do i do if i have innovation what are the exit strategies with novation what the hell is a morbid method and how do i essentially make money from it what can i do with

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It same thing with lease options raps etc so guys this is going to be a great video for you and a full entire video series it’s the main reason you should subscribe to my channel is that i actually know creative finance we do all of these strategies and we break them down frequently so what i’m going to do in the future videos is i’m going to give you examples of

All the 30 to 40 strategies underneath terms look how weak this is if this is all you know how to do there’s no wonder i go into an appointment and i get the deal versus you i can pay the sellers more i can make more money my job is easier and long term i’m not using any of my own credit a lot of times none of my own cash and definitely no credentials whatsoever

Meaning my w-2 i don’t worry about loans i don’t worry about any of that kind of stuff so stay tuned for the rest of the series there should be a playlist down below that we are putting together just for you and i appreciate you subscribing to the channel please share this video with other people that are learning real estate so that we can all learn together see you in the next video

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27 Different Ways To Get Into Creative Finance | Intro By Pace Morby