3 Day Seller Financing Training Part 7

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How many of you guys build lists in property radar okay and when you build a list walk me through your process of building a list i just start narrowing down to you know okay free foreclosures auctions okay how much uh they have in equity okay roughly size of house minimum price of house maximum price okay or you start end up getting too many right you get

A lot so here’s something that i for me the way that i go after property is if it’s in pre-foreclosure i want a vacant pre-foreclosure because that way i know that they’ve washed their hands of it they’ve walked away and we’re good and so i’m going to teach you how to find vacant pre-foreclosures in property radar because what i was doing before was i’d pull

Up all the pre-foreclosure then i would go and i would drive them all trying to find these properties and ate up a lot of time and a lot of gas what if you had a shortcut that you instantly knew which ones were vacant would that be a huge time saver for you guys so i’m gonna do that right now so let’s go ahead and go after a market area so what i do is i go to

My lists and so i go to make a list and you guys we’re in california so um what what area do we want give me an area sac okay let’s do sacramento county okay we’ll do your next pier we’ll do um is this a new version no it just updated it what a month ago month yeah maybe two months ago they know me guys we’re like tight sean o’toole and i would go way back

Actually funny story is sean o’toole he’s the owner of of property radar so when i used to work for alexis mcgee at foreclosures.com sean used to be one of our top clients and then he got pissed at the owner and he’s like oh screw you guys i hate you guys i’m going to build my own machine and make it better and um alexis’s husband tim at the time he was like

Yeah this all being recorded guys um it was just like all um like whatever dude like just got mad at the guy and so sean went and built a better machine like literally like built this thing it’s like totally awesome um fast forward later on um i was now doing working on the startup in reno doing a lot of consulting from marketing standpoint and sean came in and


Was like hey i need some some marketing consulting advice and so i met with him personally and we got a little bit of a relationship going doing this stuff when i came back to california before i started doing bootstrap stuff i reached out to sean i’m like hey you know what i’d love to get a job working for your company and doing this and i was literally like

This close because i’m going to move the truckee because that’s where it’s based out of and i was this close to working with him to make it happen and i realized you know what no no not gonna i’m burning my ships not gonna get a job this is why i came from savannah georgia back to california i’m like no i’m not gonna do that i’m gonna be my own man on my own

Two feet so but shawn’s a cool guy really smart man very smart guy so anyway here we are sacramento county and um so what you do is you go to criteria location tells you the address so i’m gonna go back to create the criteria here um i’m gonna go to foreclosure and i’m gonna go to status and i’m gonna go to stage of foreclosure and i’m gonna get rid of bank

Owned and third party i don’t want that i’m going to make sure that only pre-foreclosure is listed and auction are listed okay any questions there not nts nope not ntsw whoops why auction yeah because answer your question i’ll answer both your questions eric asked why not nts filed which is notice of trustee sale that is the same thing as an auction but the

Way property foreclosure looks at it or property radar is nts is a historical look at stuff so anything that in the last whenever had a notice of trustee sale it will pop up i don’t care about about historical stuff i want to know current auction is a current status so auction are my trusty sales that are going to happen those are your a’s also pre-foreclosure

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Is anything they had in the last six months last 180 days that did not get sold or taken off the market so i’m going after these pre-foreclosures so i’m going to go after that those stages i’m going to update that everyone so so right now in sacramento county we have 1100 properties all right pretty good it’s a good list go back to my criteria all right you

Ready i’m going to go to property owner and i’m going to go to um we’ll keep it owner occupied so we’ll come back here in just a second so we’re going to go to to property type and we’re just going to for for simple purposes i’m going to clear everything else we’re just going to make it single family residence but you can do condos multi-family apartments or

You can do whatever you want but we’re going to keep it simple and we’re going to go with single families oh my gosh it drops it down to just over a thousand we lost 100. not a big deal go back to my criteria again i’m going to go to property under status check this out site vacant drop down bar yes according to usps postal service these properties have

Been accurate not in tulare it hasn’t no it hasn’t at all not at all in what way they’ll say it’s bacon and it won’t be baking or i say not bacon and it is bacon that’s how i found the husbands this is exactly how i found them yes exactly how i found it yeah i’ve had the same experience okay i’ve only looked at it in one area i just looked at it and said no

That’s not accurate gotcha okay so they had i by the way i i talked to property raider this is updated from the postal service monthly so this information is updated monthly so um the postal service is not delivering property to that house you know what i’ve done you just i’ve just done this as uh top of my postal guy too yeah yeah definitely and said listen

If i can get you to look at these properties find yeah and they’ll give you some will some of them and i wouldn’t let you tell me if you do this again i will find you i’m like please find me i will report you to the general postmaster she was crazy i mean she was like not a happy lady right now for facebook so let’s just you know let’s just assume that this is

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This is accurate for argument’s sake so i’m going to make a list here of 22 properties so we’re going to call this sac pre-foreclosure vacant all right pull it up so now i’ve got 22 leads i’m going to go after however it gets better let’s make my little list cody would you open that door please awesome here’s my amazing list so we got 20 within here and then

You know two up in folsom area but what i want to do now is i’m going to go back to my list so sacramento here vacant pre-foreclosures and what i’m going to do is i’m going to oh shoot it one like at least you guys can’t see it but right there this bottom thing it says copy screen won’t let me get down that far so i’m going to copy this list here so i’ve now

Created this list as a duplicate and what i’m going to do is i’m going to delete site vacant bring this back up to my my 1000 properties again and i’m going to go to the owner and i’m going to go to the mailing address and i’m going to go to mailing vacant so this means that where the tax records are going that this is vacant i’m going to click on yes and it

Gives me 22 properties so what i’m going to do now is i’m going to make a list but i am going to hang on what i’m trying to figure out why that’s valuable why this is valuable um we don’t know if they’re owner occupied or not so if you know that the property is in pre-foreclosure and all of the statements are going to someone that’s not there either they’re

Dead or they’re hiding so it’s very valuable because they’re not getting notices head in the sand but hang on so we’re going to do something else here

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3 Day Seller Financing Training Part 7 By Bootstrap REI