50 Sycamore Loop Campbellsville, KY mobile home for sale Seller will Finance

Here’s number 56 more loop this is a great house it just came in so that’s why you know you can see where the trucks been and there’s deck on and all that stuff we got put the skirting on and all this is a 14 but 70 3-bedroom 2bath vinyl shingle home vinyl siding shingle roof really nice modern style and i’ll show you the other side and then we’ll go inside yeah the

Number 50 sycamore ridge huge lot there’s like quadruple lot here so your lot goes from about from from that electrical pedestal all the way to there and then about the same size on the other side so anyway let’s go on inside and i’ll show you there’s a really nice home won’t last long in the market i’m telling you go to star home usa.com for more pictures while

You’re watching the video this is number 50 one more loop this is a great house this is across the street here so it’s just nice nature i’m sure there’s beer and everything coming come on just came in here’s the deck they’re skirting isn’t even on it just came in it won’t last long in the markets want to tell you about it real quick this the foyer here i’ve got a

Step up here is oak that’s real oak hardwood and here’s a really clean house these people were extremely clean this is the skirting and that goes back on so they just put it in here to store it but that’s gonna be out there there’s a very clean home very clean people i actually went out and bought this home myself so i know the folks really super clean people so

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You know that everything is taken care of nice kitchen nice and airy it’s got this new style vinyl on the floor we’ve got a faucet the top broke off for some reason so we’re gonna put in a brand new delta faucet there that’s the kind without any of the washers or any of that stuff so that’s nice all new lighting throughout let’s walk over here walk down the hall

Clean is by me truly all you need to do is just sweep a little bit and move right in here’s bedroom it’s a third bedroom that’s decent size we’re going to replace this furnace this is a gas this lot does not have gas so this is going to have a brand new electric furnace in it and this has got air conditioning which is this here so we’re going to put in new new

Electric furnace check out this tub look at that what can you come home to that every day just sit in there draw a bath and just sit in there and have the whole world go away and it’s got a nice little vanity here laundry area here and then this is what i would consider the master bedroom although the other bedroom is probably as big or bigger and this has got a

Big closet here it’s kind of like a walk-in his and hers type thing and then come out this way again you’re gonna have a new furnace in here nice eat-in kitchen and here’s the living here there’s a fourteen two seventy three bedroom two bath great shape i mean great shape it’s not brand new but it’s as new here’s this other bathroom it is ginormous i mean it’s

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Like way back there it’s probably 10 well 10 or 12 feet deep this bathroom is so that’s really nice and then a full width bedroom here this goes full width of the home so it’s 14 foot bedroom you know 14 foot bedrooms aren’t hard to complain about and then nice closet there as well anyway really nice clean home number 56 more lube come and let us help you get into

Buying a home instead of renting this is a lot cheaper to to buy and the payments stop in about 70 you know this this home probably somewhere like 70 or 75 80 payments and then the house is yours free and clear and then all yo is lot rent lot ran out here’s 125 and it’s nice community you’re just mild to downtown in the university campbellsville university which

Is a theological university and you’re two miles to walmart supercenter check out more pictures on the internet at star home usa.com star home usa.com or you can give us a call on our cell phone eight five nine three one nine five thousand i do answer my phone so you just call now if you have to leave a voicemail that’s fine i’ll call you back you can try five

Thousand or four thousand thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon here in our one of our communities

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50 Sycamore Loop Campbellsville, KY mobile home for sale Seller will Finance By Brad Simmons