65F Finance Officer. (Show me the MONEY!)

The Air Force runs on money—a lot of money. And the Finance Officer is in charge of all of it. Whether it’s for office supplies, gas for the jets, or a new satellite, Finance makes sure there’s money for the mission.

Uh thanks for joining us today on commission ed today we’re going to talk again a little bit about money and the officers who are in charge of making sure that all works really well because nothing happens without money we’re going to talk about the 65 foxtrot or finance officer this is a really critical career field within the air force because just like no

Operations happen without intelligence right lead no operations or support or anything else can happen in the air force without money and the finance officer is central to that entire process and we’re not just talking about you know how calling you and i get paid we’re also talking about big blue air force budgets how does the money flow are contracts getting

Paid on time it’s a really complicated problem that without these people and the professionals they are making sure everything works the way it’s supposed to it’s not going to happen yeah most typically people who end up as a finance officer are going to have some sort of academic background relative to accounting or finance or business management something

Along those lines but it’s not an absolute requirement but if you like numbers if you like accounting if you like that that topic this may be a career field that you want to look a little bit closer into so in order to begin your career you’re going to do an 11 week training at keesler air force base where you’re going to get the background of how to speak air

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Force because colin you and i have experienced this it’s a whole new world once you get inside the government with regulations and all the instructions and how we can make that all work and stay legal yeah absolutely after you’ve completed your training there at kiesler you’ll go to your operational base which could literally be anywhere because like we’ve been

Saying anytime there is an air force function via operations support acquisitions or anything like that it requires money and if money is involved there has to be a finance officer there exactly and that includes deployments you will deploy in these positions additionally you’re going to lead and you’re going to lead a lot of airmen and you’re going to lead a

Lot of airmen really early in your career some of the afscs have varying degrees of leadership but this is one you’re almost certainly going to lead really early yeah and not only are you going to lead but you’re going to be leading at the highest levels of leadership right out the gate because we’re talking about very large sums of money that are typically going

To be controlled at the wing level or instant installation level and so you as a finance officer are going to be providing advice and counsel and recommendations to wing commanders as they make decisions around how to allocate funds how to execute budgets making sure that the air force’s mission is being success being successfully supported from a monetary

Standpoint yeah calling you’re right and the longer you and i are in the more we’ve seen how your ability to manage finances appropriately and be respectful and appropriately use the taxpayer money that becomes more and more important the longer you stay in and so if you need to make decisions and you don’t you’re not looking to that finance officer you are wrong

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So they play a really important role and i think it’s a lot of in the background that we don’t really appreciate until we start it’s one of those things you don’t really recognize how important they are until you really need them absolutely that certainly has been my experience while serving in the air force being a civil engineer and involved in the support

Side of things and doing construction and large-scale maintenance projects across the base i could not do my job without the finance officer i need to have them as a right right hand man or woman who’s working you know in lockstep with me making sure that we are taking care of the the air force and its people the best that we can i’ve i’ve been known to say

Elsewhere that there are two people that should be your best friend in the air force and one of them is the finance officer yeah no question about that so if you have interest in this kind of career field if you want to you know you have a head for numbers and this thing kind of makes sense reach out to us we’d love to put you in touch with some folks that we’ve

Interviewed for our podcast you can get more information about that we’ve got some links down in the description for some good information but you’re not only going to develop skills that you can serve and use in the military but you’re also going to develop skills that will be very helpful for you after the military absolutely and we would love for you to share

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Those skills with other people that are part of this network join us in the heritage room at air force officerpodcast.com or and you can also us send your your comments and suggestions to us through our email at through our email at air force officer podcast gmail.com you can also engage with us in our through the various social media platforms anything else

That we need to cover here today reid no appreciate you joining us today for commission ed

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