7 Major Principles of Islamic Banking and Finance


I want to confirm the results of my understanding of the seven main principle of islamic thinking seven major principle of islamic thinking islam has set values and calls that meet all the economic and social recruitments of the human life islam is a really trendy and only focus on the success of the afterlife but also organized the life of a person perfectly

The pre the prison banking system is based on prohibited financial elements which are against the principle of islamic banking here we discuss the seven major principle of islamic finance and banking one profit and loss sharing it is one of the key principles of islamic finance where the partners will share their profit hours according to the part they pay in

The business there will be no quarantine on the red of the returns get the muslims to play the part of a partner and not a creditor 2 share risk in the economic transaction the risk sharing is formed by the islamic kingdom when the or more parties will share the risk it is based on the principle of islamic thinking the burden of the risks will be defeated and

British in the parties three libra it can be regulated as the prohibition of interest one the world will get the return without any risk or effort two regardless of the outcome of economic activity the person who gets the loan has to return the money and rebate to the render three according to the principle of islam finance taking a frame text of the issues

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That others are facing is unjust for terror according to the islamic finance principle muslim are not allowed to participate in the ambi queues and uncertain transition according to islamic rules both parties shall have a proper control over the business 5 gambling in islam the acquisition of will truth ever means our participation incoming is prohibited

It will protect the muslim from the conventional insurance products because it is a deeper of company on the other hand islamic thinking works in daca folded involves mutual responsibility and service see no investment in prohibitive industries the industries that are harmful to sexually are have a treat to the social responsibilities and immediate in islam they

Include demography presentation alcohol and drug when these are allowed to invest in such industries or even participate in the mutual funds it will help the industry to flourish 7 zakat there is a property that’s included in the rules of islam it known as which allows the villains distribution of guilt according to the islamic banking principle the far

Amount of the stick to that from the accounts of muslim in the holy month of ramadan and conclusion principles of islamic banking guide us to invest in an industry that will help use to achieve the financial and social objectives that have been reminded by islam they can decide not to make an economy successful so it is a way of saving our money from being

Invested in a wrong way and thank you assalamu alaikum

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7 Major Principles of Islamic Banking and Finance By Niken Amellia

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