AD: Mercedes-Benz Agility Financing in Malaysia explained

Our Hafriz Shah just got a new Mercedes-Benz, but he didn’t finance it through a regular bank loan. And no, while he does look like that “certain someone,” he didn’t pay in cash. What he did was use Agility Financing to significantly lower his monthly instalments. Find out how here.

Hey everyone my name is sirisha and i’m a mercedes benz owner now this may sound weird to you but i did not finance my car through a regular bank has an i didn’t use a normal car loan to buy them and no i did not pay for them in cash because well i may look like that certain someone i’m not exactly swimming in cash so no i got my cars through a mercedes benz

Agility financing which to me is a much more affordable convenient and flexible entry into mercedes benz ownership so here’s a little backstory over three years ago i wanted to buy a brand new car and if you know me you know i love premium cars specifically mercedes benz i decided on a c-class which i wanted to drive for three years now a normal bank loan would

Have had me paying over eight thousand ringgit per month which can be on the heavy side with agility financing however that very down to under five thousand radiate that’s with the same down payment and three year loan terms and everything so you must be asking what’s the catch well based on my own experience hmm i can’t think of anything really let me show you

How it works when you buy a car with agility financing the cash price is split into three the first part is obviously your standard down payment which can be as low as your usual ten percent and then depending on your preferred ten year between one to five years as well as usage between 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers per year mercedes-benz will work out a guaranteed

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Future value for your car the remaining part the third portion is what you’ll be paying for every month and this is how your money llama is brought down significantly lower you only paying for that part and not the full price the way i see it effectively you’re only paying for the car depreciation so then what happens at the end of the agree tenure for me this

Is the best part because it’s entirely up to you you get the recital you wanna keep driving the same car or switch to a completely new one if like me not to change to a new car you can simply return all cars to mercedes-benz this way you get to skip the entire hassle happen itself your own car you know if you do it through a car dealer it’s probably easier and

Faster but you like to get a lower value for your car or sell it privately you might get a higher resale value but the whole process could take weeks or even months with agility just return the car back to the dealership and you’re good to go you can then restart the whole thing again for a new car but if you know someone left to buy your car at a good price

Even higher than the guaranteed future value of your car you can go ahead and you can pocket the difference – or if you fall in completely enough with the car or even build an emotional connection with it you can choose the key in the car – all you have to do is subtly get it which is value either in cash or you can even refinance it for a few years it’s that

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Simple me personally i love driving fresh new cars all the time and i don’t like selling the whole car so of course i went with the most convenient option return the car and get a new one at that point editors are getting bigger cars like this elegant key class done all the more family oriented glc suv but since i’m still a bachelor and i don’t have to worry

About any kids i went with the third doctor check it out brand-new car for the next three years if like me you have a habit of changing cars every few years mercedes-benz agility financing is a godsend you get to enjoy brand new cars hassle-free and pay lower monthly installments along the way and once you’re done just return it back for a new one and even

Avoid inconvenience episode the oil car as it is over 50% of all mercedes benz cars in malaysia are financed under mercedes-benz financial and a majority of them are repeat customers just like me so like i said at the start this is a more affordable entry into mercedes-benz ownership while at the same time being more convenient and entirely flexible to your needs

So if you’re looking for a brand new mercedes benz be sure to ask for agility financing this is the apprecia thank you for watching you

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AD: Mercedes-Benz Agility Financing in Malaysia explained By Paul Tan’s Automotive News