Hi everyone well this is coins kid i’m just going to dive into alpha uh the ticker is alpha obviously it’s alpha finance um i did a tweet yesterday look alpha break out soon 68 chance of continuation of a horizontal uh so basically this horizontal triangle on the go here and you’ve got a potential upside 24 if you break out okay and i think it was currently training

About 108. so right now if we take a look at the chart you have broken out there’s all sorts going on here okay so this is the chart for uh alpha i did do an update a couple of weeks ago um to be honest with you i did do an update a couple of weeks ago uh where i did do a video i think was it last monday or i forget now but i did lay down a technical target you’ve

Broken out a huge w bottom and you’ve got a technical target of 1.59 and you’re broken out and you’re back to snow to support you’re looking at continuation now here there was some kind of horizontal was being formed okay and you come in close to the apex and with that you have a breakout target but equally there was all sorts going on in there okay you had a key

Level support that if you lost that you would have been looking at a correction okay and you’ve got a key level resistance that you break that you’re looking at continuation obviously you are still in a technical target to 159 because you’ve broken w bottom do you see that okay you run into the golden ratio at the moment which is still you’re not out the woods

Because you’re not breaking the golden ratio at the minute you know so if you’re looking for a confirmation statement wait for a break of this golden ratio and you will be looking at continuation for alpha of around about 28 okay so if you’re sitting in the wings waiting for the the best long op wait for that personally wait for the break of the golden ratio at

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One two two okay on the hourly timeframe when you start to come back up and hold it in back to support because alpha is very very volatile because yesterday i put that tweet out and it broke out ran into a level resistance and had a whopping correction had this massive wick down there i think to liquidate some longs or something you know proper little scam week

That was you know and it fell out that support by falling out of the support had a technical target to the downside and look you’ve lost this support you had another technical target to the downside so it’s a scam wick basically this is what happens in crypto it’s very very volatile okay so that’s why you you best thing you can do is just dollar cost average to be

Honest with you because the low volatility the low low caps there’s a lot of volatility in them and you get these scan wicks okay so yeah it it it’s broken out basically and you are coming out of a level of resistance right here you you’ve got some technical targets now you’ve got a w bottom equally you’ve got a horizontal okay let me show you straight away you’ve

Got this horizontal just here which you’re breaking out of you’re broken out that horizontal look you come up so you’re in a technical target of one dollar fair okay so that’s that horizontal covered and equally you know if you lost support you would have been coming back down here to 87 cents okay so it’s looking good but again it’s extremely volatile is alpha

I’m not gonna lie to you it’s very very volatile the wicks look at the wicks okay so yeah you’ve equally broken out of a w double bottom here as well level of resistance neckline at 1.13 you’ve broken out of that and with that you also equally have a technical target which you’re now in to 122 okay but it’s all about breaking this resistance of the golden ratio

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Because if you can break that resistance i would anticipate that you are looking at continuation here zero six one eight and you are looking at further appreciation of a roundabout i think i’ve just covered it with you you know from here to here is a fair appreciation around about 32 so it’s bumpy exactly what it is you know when these projects will be tracing

Because once you get that and you retrace that particular level of resistance just there switch to the daily you’re not far off forming a full retracement there for alpha and you will be looking at getting through the golden ratio okay running up to the one five nine which is a technical target of his ww bottom which you’re broken out of okay in order to support

Which is good and you could be tackling 786 at 179 okay at that point you know you started to retrace you’re very very close to a full retracement at that point you’re only what are you 60 off say only that’s quite a lot but you can see you’re making progress you you munching through these fibs right here to to be traced to the all-time high basically because when

You once you do retrace you’re looking at a huge impulsive wave there and a fantastic trade-off of around about 300 and some percent okay for alpha now from here if we get the continuation you’re looking at further 884 for alpha okay so that’s bit that’s it that’s basically alpha it’s it’s moving up you know it’s breaking out you are back testing key levels of

Support as well and you’re breaking key levels of resistance but i do want to see the golden ratio broke okay because the market is a little bit indecisive with bitcoin okay and if bitcoin decides to roll at any point you are going to see a larger correction for alts you know and if you do start to hit your head on that again and can’t get through it and meet

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The technical target at 159 now i do anticipate that you could be looking at a correction here potentially coming down to this trend line which is the previous neckline of a w double bottom of support do you see that so yeah i mean it’s looking good but it’s very the market’s very volatile they’re very very volatile you know and bitcoin’s almost looking for a

Correction and we’re sort of getting some last pumps before we have that correction who knows but do anticipate if you fail to break the zero six one eight you’re looking for a retracement down here to the zero five oh where i wouldn’t want to anticipate you you could actually get some really beautiful little bits in down there on the zero five at 94 cents and like

I said you know if it does fail to meet the technical target that could be a bit of a precursor within itself we’re looking at 22 short up right there but i would imagine you know that would be your last dip and i would imagine that you know you’d be looking to to move forward right there and you’d be looking at whopping trades going forward 68 just a technical

Target which you would be still be in because you you’ve broken the key level resistance of a w double bottom so you’re still in that technical target to the upside again equally you break the zero six one eight the golden ratio right there come up break the 786 you’re equally in technical targets so this 11.85 for alpha okay so that’s it that’s alpha i hope you

Enjoyed the update stay healthy stay strong stay tuned and um once again thank you for support but definitely do follow me on twitter because i’m posting little bits and bobs on there all the time okay take care everyone bye-bye

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