Kaboom the voice of the blockchain satoshi’s big cousin crypto’s finest champagne crypto thank you for tuning in good morning to all the ka pumpers out there the worldwide crypto maniac blockchain boomers out there i got another one for you i’m doing research here on alpha finance this is a cross chain uh yield optimizer that’s based on eth but they’re also swinging

The binance i’m going to test it out i want you guys to do your research as i am as well let’s get straight to it alpha finance lab is an ecosystem of d5 products that will interoperate to maximize return while minimizing risks for users alpha products focus on capturing unaddressed demand and defy in an innovative and user friendly way so if you launch app you

Can go ahead and check out the website but you can launch the alpha homora app which is on ethereum a protocol for leveraging your position in yield farming pool eath lenders can earn high interest on eath and yield farmers can get even higher farming apy so you go ahead and launch the dap and uh you can see it has sections here the alpha the farm and the urn

I was here on the urn section earn on eth and right now their uh current eth apy is 10 let me click on this ad real quick kaboom and there it is so that’s ten percent uh that they’re offering this is variable and a change i’ve seen it go high i’ve seen it go go low uh yesterday i talked about beefy and and some of the ap y’s that they’re offering on eth over

There on the binance uh smart chain up to thirty percent uh what i’m liking about alpha is that this is on the ethereum main net so you don’t have to bridge over your eth onto binance in order to stake it uh granted you know the apy is a lot less but i’m thinking of staking here uh or you know trying to earn on my eat by i guess it’s lending or staking uh my

Understanding here is that this is an audited contract okay if you go into uh the dock right here you could read a little bit more about what uh you know about getting started what is alpha homura or homera i’m not sure how to pronounce it but uh you could uh read more and i believe that this is an audited contract okay so um you know do your research i’m gonna

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Take a stab at it and uh see how it it works you can see where the apy comes from each pool uh how can alpha homora achieve higher apy leverage yield farming pools for leverage yield farming pools uh the apy comes from yield farming apy on leverage trading apy on leverage alpha homura will automatically reinvest the farm tokens for leveraged yield farms all of

The apy earned will be accrued to the position value additionally as a part of our liquidity mining all the leveraged positions of more than one x will also get alpha on top and you can see the alpha tokens actually booming too look at the the price over here on coin get goes up another almost 30 30 against eve in the past 24 hours thing is ripping and again this

Is cross chain this is a a product that i believe is associated with the binance launch pool and uh this homora app is on the ether main chain so you can see some of the pools this is still brand new to me so i’m learning and you know i’m reading as i go i’m you know i’m learning but i can see that the world of d5 is just exploding uh you know things growing you

Can obviously see eath growing and don’t sleep on the binance smart chain which is the sister chain to ethereum and they have like uh they got a whole ecosystem they’re building the fees are lower and i see a lot more growth happening there than even maybe on eath and eath is growing at a rate like no other so do your research drop your comments your questions

And more i think i’m gonna throw two eth at this okay and just stake it out and see you know how the apy handles over here how it shakes and bakes so uh let me try it actually let me go ahead and deposit east let’s see what the the gas fees are here so if i deposit two eth i get one ib eth so this is basically the eighth placeholder uh and then you could sell

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It back so let’s say if uh you know if i got 1.94 if i sold it back i think it’s the same exact thing you get exactly there’s no impermanent loss yeah so you get back to eath 1.94 and change so yeah so what i’m going to do is uh yeah i’m strongly considering you know staking an eath or two here and seeing how it you know goes maybe i should throw one each first

You know the gas feeds are a while let me see if i convert 1.031 okay convert gas fee it’s about 17 bucks it’s about right what if i did a two-week would it be about the same even less so you make you know begs the question you know do you want to try it out with one each if it works then you try it out with another reef and you get clapped up with double the

Fees or do you just go ahead and make your move uh and this is the thing with eth you know the high gas fees kind of prevent uh smaller moves it prevents the uh the minnows from limping in so this is more of a whales platform more of a dolphins platform so if you want to go in you don’t want to limp in with a quarter east or limping with one each and then say oh

I’m gonna do another one uh you know then you end up getting paying twice the gas fee so um i’m strongly considering maybe the thing is you know you drop in two weeks you pay 11 in gas fees you got a stake for for some time to make your money back so i’m gonna do the calculation before i i actually pledge but uh i’m strongly considering this and if i do i’ll let

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You know uh i dropped a video yesterday about beefy finance over there on binance as well and they’re offering even higher apys but you need to bridge over to use that uh application which is a little bit more complicated i do it using the binance chrome wallet uh you could do it there but um you know again that’s one extra step so you know something to consider

I want you guys to do the research here i want to drop the links this is nothing referral based or nothing i’m just doing more and more research on these yield optimizers and these different d5 platforms uh on both binance and ether and others and let’s see which one really pops off but you know check out the pools check out the status you can vote on what’s

Going on over there uh pool rewards pending reinvestments this is something i haven’t figured out there’s bounding hunting here and there’s liquidations that there’s a lot of stuff that i haven’t really you know wrapped my mind around there’s a lot to read but the doc seems thorough so uh you know do your research and see what’s going on and drop a comment but i

Like alpha the price looks good and you could farm you could uh earn eath you could uh you know there seems to be a a lot offered here so drop a comment let me know what’s shaking in bacon i’m gonna put a pause on uh depositing eth here because i’m i’m honestly really considering you know moving the east on to uh the other the binance smart chain and doing it

On beefy um you know that’s something to consider but i’ll keep you guys uh informed and uh updated but you know let me know if you jump into this uh it certainly seems very attractive and uh i’ll keep you guys updated it’s the voice of the blockchain satoshi’s big cousin crypto’s finest champion crypto thank you for tuning in

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