Aries~Walking Away Looks Good On You! Weekly SnapShot~Money Finance Career! Mar 7-14 Tarot Reading

♈ Aries~Walking Away Looks Good On You! Weekly SnapShot~Money Finance Career! Mar 7-14 Tarot Reading

Hello my aries friends it’s guiding halo i hope you’re all doing well money finance career for march let’s see what’s coming in for you guys now this could your love life could be affecting your finances so love will show up family could be affecting your finances or the opinion thereof so they will show up this could be two different offers two judges two

Places of work regardless we’ll find out what’s affecting your finances page of fire outgoing creative confident mischievous news of an exciting new endeavor use your originality and ingenuity that’s exciting a new endeavor coming in for my aries friends it’s new it doesn’t have growth on it yet oh it’s going to bring in good news about money too an exciting

New endeavor where you could make some money make a business opportunity there will be celebration i wonder if this is about buying a new home could do could be something about your marriage it will really affect your marriage and bring celebration something you’ll want to celebrate with your whole family ace of cups new home new job new life new you then

You coming in in a massive way you are going to be dang excited i wonder if someone could be getting a proposal for marriage or have the inkling that that may be coming towards you there’s your energy aries leo sagittarius could also be the energy of the person you’re dealing with feeling very intuitive very excited very you know happy i just saw the king of

Wands i also saw the ten of swords putting an end to the mental in your life and heading into some serious beauty looks like there’s the transformation i’m telling you a lot of all y’all been through a rough time someone could be ending a marriage there’s creative new exciting adventures to move forward on could have a new love coming in right on the heels

Of an end of a marriage or an end of a commitment what’s crossing this energy the ten of pentacles wow a gift something realizing that something is a gift there’s some sort of gift coming in from the divine and some sort of transformation based on money finance career family legacy even you could be dealing with that as well there could be good exciting

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Creative news around that coming your way or perhaps you’ve been waiting for it to show up let’s find out what this queen of swords is about objective decision making clearing away all that no longer serves you seeing the humor of a situation capricorns have this same card there’s that page of wands good news creative endeavors clearing away things that

No longer serve you so you can head towards the new it seems to me yeah something’s been way too much of a burden wanting to put the burdens down health-related uh stress-related health condition problems and needing to ask your friends for help king of cups cancer prices scorpio finding balance in your emotions could be getting news from this person or

Somebody who is this cancer pisces scorpio in your life this person doesn’t tell you everything about how they feel and i think it might be driving you a little mentally mad manipulation trying to manipulate the circumstances i think you feel manipulated i think you’re feeling like you can’t find it a way forward regardless of what you try and do manipulation

I see the seven of swords you very well may cut out the crap and say i’m out i’m out man like i’m getting out what we get is good judgment i’m making a judgment call on this i’m awakening to the crap and the i’m awakening to all this efforty and it will be a just thing you could also be dealing with a libra there could be some good news coming to you around

A situation that’s in the legal legal courts or something it could be an ending you’re waiting for a transformation that you’re waiting for to happen in a legal situation there’s definitely and someone’s trying to get out well against good and it could create sabotaging energy sabotaging yourself or trying to sabotage another be careful in the workplace

That’s the case someone trying to sabotage you it’s crossed with the queen of pentacles there’s a whole lot of people in this circumstance i’d say it could be family marriage situation could be a workplace scenario with a lot of people that have their own opinion wondering if justice will be served is what you’re wondering queen of pentacles crossing the


Situation maybe there’s somebody who wants to get into a new start with somebody and you have a lot of passion for them but perhaps a family member is saying a helmet no no no could be a virgo taurus capricorn crossing the situation there’s the manipulation wondering why this is crossing you i wonder if you hear your mother’s voice in your head or this

Could also be that you are manipulating this person if you’re trying to manipulate the situation to work out in your favor turning your back wanting to literally turn your back on the circumstance or situation whoever’s doing the manipulating i’m telling you right now the other person’s turning their back and they’re walking away judgment making a decision

Based on finances based on family legacy there is an awakening about that from a budge budge judge boss ceo figure someone taking control this could be a a family authority why do we have the death card here please there could be a family legacy coming in for you maybe someone is prepping for the new uh yeah i think you want to put it into something because

You you’re really not sure what to do oh man you want to put you have a new start available and ready for you and chances are you’re already in it but there’s some sort of communication that’s coming along or you need to die to or perhaps transform your belief set this is transformation going inward asking the divine to to give you clarity to help transform

Your belief set around what is success and what is not it’s going to take time and patience there is an event coming that’s going to require immediate attention it could be the decision you could be waiting for the decision of a judge based on money finance and it could very well affect your family oopsies i saw one full that way we have the moon card by

The end of the month or by the full moon like there’s lack of clarity all over the place although exciting new beginnings lack of clarity about what to do it’s like stepping into the new and still having so much to clear up from the past it could be dealing with a cancer more going on here than meets the eye nonetheless that you cannot see but you’re getting

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The intuitive nudge that there’s more going on on that you cannot see the king of swords this could be a lawyer figure white collar worker or aquarius libra gemini more going on with this person than they’re saying needing to make a decision based on the circumstance the situation i’m telling you right now emotions are high and someone’s playing all cool like

It’s all cool but emotions are high there could be a new love coming your way or a new partnership in some sort of way that brings you great warmth and joy it is going to take massive strength for you to step into that based on everything you’re dealing with it’s almost like you’ve got many irons in the fire all right let’s find out what is this uh angelic

Messages what are these what’s the angelic advice i’m the angel of marriage and i’m assisting you right now i can’t believe it with this card i’m gonna split the deck and take from the middle cause same cards i am with you giving you the courage to make life changes that will help you work on your divine life purpose see this is courage to be in some sort of

Something that is stable it seems like it is your divine life purpose a happy move to a new home or or place of employment is in the works this movement will usher in positive new energy try not to let the old or the worries of the old or fears of old scenarios come in and cause you grief my friends stand strong and who you are love who you are you’re here

For purpose and for reason blessings to you

Transcribed from video
♈ Aries~Walking Away Looks Good On You! Weekly SnapShot~Money Finance Career! Mar 7-14 Tarot Reading By Guiding Halo