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Well it’s a beautiful day out on the lot 2364 gordon highway with steve child’s neil.gordon we’re here at l&b motors celebrating 33 years steve your concept is buy here pay here and if you could share with us how that works and how there are other options for folks to buy cars as well certainly we we do offer on the lot financing if it’s the best option for the

Customer when they’re looking for their auto needs we sell suvs fans cargo vans small cars luxury cars convertibles whatever you’re looking for we probably have it but i think the big difference is you can you can own something that you like instead of going to buy your pay here a lot that you may not like what you’re getting and not like the terms or the or the

Quality of the vehicle we offer high quality vehicles at and on the site financing also so you know it’s it’s we’re taking a look at our websites got a fantastic array of probably eighty vehicles all the time on the website all priced all of the free carfax not a by carfax but you get a free carfax if you click on it so you know all of its out there to look at i

Think all you have to do is just visit us on the lot or on the website call us and you can get a lot of details about options that are best for you and steve if someone notices a nice car and lvm oh agustin calm and they come in what type of paperwork do they bring in how do you score them to determine an interest rate and so forth we do a basic credit application

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For the customer my ladies in the office have been with me 15 16 years they do a fantastic job they pull a credit bureau they look over jobs they make a decision here in house about what we can offer as far as rate the amount of months the type vehicle or price range to determine the payment and you know give us mobsters and then if you want as i chose to do i went

To my bank sure and got a loan do some other do people come in and write you a check for absolutely we get a lot of folks that just want a particular vehicle come in and have their own finance and set up already credit unions banks we we still a lot of cars out of state believe it or not they they will drive to find the right vehicle and that’s okay too sure yeah

Well best thing to do to get started maybe go online to lb motors augusta calm then you’ll see the latest selection from nc steve and the team here at 2364 40 highway steve thank you again continued success thank you do ok

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