Atlantic Toyota Finance Award August

All right jason for um 2011 you wore the best finance manager both an outstanding leadership and customer satisfaction for the month of august at atlantic toyota and we’re here to recognize you today thank you great job first full month here number one of the company many times over correctly great job congratulations jason guys all right how do you feel i feel

Great special drink you what it is are you gonna do next win the next month all right listen it’s a great job does and jason cameron was the best in the entire group for the month of last one here we are going to get lunch well there are 21 stores in the group and you are competing against at least others 75-inch managers capable finance managers and you were

Able to come out on top dependent racer is tremendous and you work ethics is tremendous as well so let me ask you a question too because i’m sure people are going to want to know how did you accomplish what you accomplished i could do that consistency to believing you have to believe that you’re going to be the best you have to believe that your product knowledge

Is superior to everybody else does you have to believe that your customer service and your product sales and the amount of time and you know your theory of how you present things to customers is going to do better than anybody else’s as soon as you don’t believe that you’re not going to come out number one i spend eighty percent of my time selling before i even

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Though the numbers i would agree with you meaning that you just go over the products first without now how much mortal cause the customer i go over what they’re buying i may i find out how they put their last car i find out what they liked about their last car i find out i look at the credit report i find out how they pay everybody i find that what kind of person

That is where they work what they do for a living how many miles they drive a year married somebody else is gonna win this award and where they listen for this it’s possible the car for you know what question i have for you because a lot of finance managers say and they present a hundred percent of the product one hundred percent of the time but what i typically

Find is the finest manager sell one product consistently and leave everything else off and your penetration is the highest in the group by far you sell the most products / deal do you present consistently every single product every single customer i do but i package he’s killed according to what the customer needs okay so it all comes down to the invite all and i

Don’t sell the customer what i want to sell it sell the customer they want to buy so analysis you’re not going to sell somebody something they don’t want to buy right so obviously you start out with a extensive interview right and that’s the foundation and then the number is in five minutes the numbers take five minutes that what i never take too much time with


Numbers but not have it washed we’ve got hurt do you think there will be more to come in the following month is it something that’s going to be consistent or this was just the one of consistent hell i did like a tribute a lot of the success that i’ve had this month to brett dempsey was the finance director who does a lot of work behind the scenes for the team and

Management team and lucio john curtis tony they do a great job did a great job and all the employees at 10 giant for the opportunity to win the super pudding day everybody there especially then because names when they got me this job

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