August 2022 Budget Plan Financial Independence Retire Early Home Renovation Completion?

Here’s the budget plan for August 2022. I’m sincerely hoping my home renovations will be done in August, and then I can get my budgets back to normal!

Hey everybody rebecca here for another video we’re going to talk about the august 2022 budget it’s been a couple weeks since i put a video up reason being for that is i finally caught covid after two years of working in healthcare during this pandemic it finally got me y’all um i’ve been vaccinated and boosted and everything but uh this new variant just seems to be

Getting through and it got through to me so i was feeling pretty bad for a week there to be honest i’m not quite 100 percent better yet but feeling good enough and cleared to go back to work i only missed one week of work so yeah it could have been much much worse from what i have seen others go through so i’m grateful that it wasn’t any worse than it is i was just

Feeling pretty crappy for a week there so yeah the channel kind of suffered you guys but we’re back at it and we’re going to talk about the august 2022 budget today let’s set this up together and see where i think all of my money is going to go in the month of august all right here we are looking at my august 2022 budget setup i do have this as a free download for

You guys in the description box down below if this is a setup that you guys like and think that you might use starting at the top here my net income for the month since we’re doing a budget setup here we’re going to focus on column c this is the plan for the month and i fill in column d as the month actually goes on so i do have some income sources blocked out for

Privacy i don’t show my individual paychecks on the channel but i do show totals at the bottom y’all can see the reason why the total is so high here is because i’ve got a large amount of money that i am carrying over from july i had hoped that my home renovations were going to get done in july but it’s not going to happen we are still waiting on some siding to

Come in i guess it’s just supply chain issues is my guess i don’t really exactly know what the holdup is but we’re still way waiting on about half of the siding that i need to do the outside of the house but as far as home projects go that is it we’re just waiting on the siding for the outside of the house and then the fence in the backyard which depending on how

Much it costs total with labor and everything to do the siding the fence may be something that i’m going to wait on for a while we’ll see but anyhow i do have a large amount of cash just sitting in my checking account that i’m rolling over from month to month i’m expecting to have almost sixteen thousand dollars just sitting there earmarked for home renovations for

August hopefully everything will get finished in august and then i can do the full before and after house tour and show you guys everything that i’ve done and we can go over the final numbers for everything the only other things that i have for net income are the credit card rewards that i get from using my fidelity credit card i get two percent flat cash back on

My fidelity card and that should be about twenty three dollars i haven’t gotten my statement for the month of july yet so i don’t exactly know what it’s going to be and then i do have adsense listed here but i i don’t think that i have earned enough revenue to get paid out in august we’ll see moving down into my bills and spending section here i’ve got it pretty

Short but y’all know how i do if you’ve been following the channel for a while there’s always things that come up throughout the month that i end up just adding in more rows as the month goes on but as far as known expenses this month starting at the top my mortgage payment is 735 dollars as usual utilities this includes my trash pickup power water sewer all that

Budgeting 175 dollars there internet should be 55 21 as usual gas for my car i’m budgeting 200 here gas seems to be coming down a little bit where i’m at we’ll see see how that goes i think 200 should cover it groceries and household here is a change for you guys um i budget 500 a month for groceries and household and almost always go over so i have just decided

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To start budgeting 600 a month and um we’ll see how that goes uh my groceries and household is basically everything that i get while i am out grocery shopping so it can be food it can be alcohol it can be anything for pets and anything household supplies obviously so yeah 500 just doesn’t really cut it most of the time unless i am being super strict this also

Includes any money that i spend eating out i just throw it into this category anything food and household goes in this category next line item after that uh confession time would you look at this thing right here that’s been sitting in my lap for the whole video isn’t he the cutest uh yeah i um adopted this little thing right here and um no regrets you guys no

Regrets whatsoever he has brought me so much joy in um the small amount of time that i have had him but this is bjorn and it means bear in swedish and he is the tiniest cutest cuddliest bear there ever was here anyway yeah i it has been years and years since i have had a cat you guys and i kind of missed it but i told myself no no no no wait wait wait i have

All these other financial goals that i’ve been trying to work on right but um my hometown shelter was doing an adoption special ten dollars for any cats or kittens they were so overrun and i had told myself that if i ever did have a cat again i would love to have one that was a flame point color which is kind of like a peachy orange color on the tail and the ears

And paws so he looks mostly white right now but when he grows up he will have that peachy color because he’s he’s a flame point kitten and um i think maybe one day i will do one of those dna tests on them just because i’m curious to what breeds make him up since he is just a shelter cat but i suspect he’s probably a lot ragdoll because he is very people oriented

And also probably part siamese because he is quite chatty as well and siamese cats are known to be kind of loud and chatty so anyway yeah i adopted a kitten so this 300 that i am budgeting here is to finish out his kitten vaccines he’s very very small he was the runt in the litter and he was not heavy enough to be neutered before he was adopted so he has to grow

A little bit before we can get him neutered and do all that kind of stuff but this 300 should cover i’m thinking finishing out his kitten vaccine series we’ll see i really have no idea how much the vet across the street from me here is is going to charge i moved here in february and have not needed a veterinarian service since i moved and my old veterinarian was

Where i used to live so i really don’t know how much this place across the street is here but that’s where i’m planning on taking them just to kind of scope out that place and see if i can also use them for rollo now that i’ve moved but yeah new kitten expenses i know when i set up my july budget i had every intention of keeping my expenses to a minimum but that

Went out the window as you will see when i get my july budget review video filmed if y’all have been here with me for a while on the channel then you know how i do it seems like i am either feast or famine when it comes to these budgets i do super great and i’m super strict some months and other months it’s just spending money spending money so it is what it is

This uh this month in july was a little bit spendy gonna try to keep it under control for august but there’s just still big things happening around here like my contractor but next in the budget here the salon i do visit a electrolysis clinic to have some hair removal done and i usually do that two or three times a month it’s eighty dollars every time i go so i’m

Budgeting 160 for august and if i end up going a third time then it’ll be 240 but i think i’m just gonna go twice so that’s 160 dollars there and then the last and biggest expense of my august 2022 budget this 15 000 that i am earmarking for everything that is left to do around the house here i am hoping this is going to cover the siding for the house and defense

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But if it doesn’t cover the fence then the fence may have to wait a little while until i can save up some more money because i am approaching the end of the money that i had set aside for all of these home renovations so we’ll see how that goes and again my home renovation video it’s coming whenever everything gets done around here that brings my total estimated

Spending for the month pretty high at 17 225 right but um this has been the name of the game honestly since i moved i have been keeping a lot of money in my checking available for the renovations whenever they got started whenever they got started and i’ve been paying my contractor regularly as he gets the work done so honestly i am really looking forward to having

Everything done here that way my budgets can get back to normal i feel like i haven’t had a normal budget at all this year i sold my old house in early february and bought this one so literally all of 2022 i have either been dealing with moving buying a house or dealing with home renovations here so i haven’t had any normal budgets in 2022 so far so as soon as

These renovations do get done i am really looking forward to being able to invest again that is what i’m going to focus on once the renovations are done because the market is still down i could pay my car off aggressively but i’m not going to do that until we get back to all-time highs in the stock market speaking of car debt that is the only non-mortgage debt

That i have left is my car and the current balance that i owe on my car is 27 946.55 my interest rate on this car is 1.98 which is why i’m not really focused on paying off my car aggressively i bought this car last year in 2021 brand new it’s a chevy trailblazer so i do still owe a good bit on it here but my interest rate is good i will pay it off aggressively

At some point but while the market is down i’m going to focus on investing more once i get the chance once all these home renovations are done lastly moving down into my investing and fire tracking set section these are my various investing accounts but i do not show these publicly on the channel anymore i do show them for members of the channel you can click the

Join button down below and members of the fire fam do get access to my real numbers as far as how much i’m investing i do still share publicly what my savings rate and my percentage progress towards fire is every month i just don’t show the specific numbers anymore it’s a security concern basically so if you’re interested in seeing the actual numbers click the

Join button down below if you’re content with just knowing my percentage savings rate every month great my percentage progress to fire great i will always show that until i am 100 of the way to my fire number and i retire early that’s the whole point of this channel i’m trying to get there but still have quite a ways to go and this number out to the side here this

H this is the total amount of money that i have invested into my portfolio so far this year this is a good chunk of change but a lot of this the vast majority of this came from my home sale when i sold my old house back in february i kept throwing money in here and there as the market kept going down because i just could not resist taking advantage of a downturn

In the market so i kept throwing money in on the way down but now we’ve reached the point where i don’t have any free cash left i have to hold on to what i have for the rest of these home renovations so for totals down here at the bottom if everything goes according to plan for this month then i should have about twenty six hundred dollars left over things always

Come up though so this is a plenty high enough cushion that i should be able to handle things as they come up i am honestly not a super strict budgeter you guys i like keeping track of everything that i spend obviously i keep track of it down to the penny but if things come up or i want something i don’t agonize over it very much if it’s something i really want

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Then i’ll get it like a kitten for example so if you’re the type of person that likes to see somebody strip down to a bare bones budget and no extra spending whatsoever that used to be me when i had a ton of debt that i was paying off a lot of high interest debt too i really did have that season of life for a while but now that i have most of my debts gone i’m

Just not needing to be that strict anymore so i’m not super strict with my spending i think that once life settles down with the home renovations um i probably will go back to being a little bit more strict only because i do want to invest as much as possible while the market is still down but as of right now things are not quite finished here at the house so my

Spending just is what it is basically i’m just really not in that phase of life right now where i’m being super strict about my budgeting if my contractor is like okay i need five thousand more dollars for this week i’m like okay here you go five thousand bucks out the window so um yeah i actually really do look forward to everything being done here as far as

Renovation goes i want to see what my normal budget looks like now like i said earlier i have not had a normal budget since i moved so i don’t really know what my savings rate could be i’m hoping that august will see these renovations done and then come september we can get back to a normal budget and that will be really interesting to see because in september i

Do have a raise taking effect so my income is going to go up a little bit that’ll be nice hopefully these renovations will be done which means that i will be able to really focus on investing and then i can see how much my savings rate will go up come september so fingers crossed you guys that these home renovations get done in august we can talk about the entire

Budget and show you the before and after around here and then come september we can get back to some sense of normalcy when it comes to my budget editing rebecca here i realized one big expense for august that i forgot i’m so obsessed with my new kitten that i have forgotten that rallo is actually also due for some veterinary work his annual stuff will be due in

August so i added that into the budget as well and that’s going to be a big expense i know because whenever i take rallo to the vet for his yearly stuff he gets his physical and vaccines and all of that stuff but i also buy another year’s supply of heartworm prevention for him and since he is a big boy he’s about 150 pounds that heartworm prevention is pretty

Pricey but i do like to get it just all in one go that way he’s pretty much set up for the next year and barring in any emergencies or anything like that he should be good to go for the next year so yeah i’m expecting about 750 dollars for that if not more but yeah i think that should be all of my expenses for august let’s hope okay guys i think that will do it

For the august budget um big expenses this month uh much like july has been and you know what i think while i am on a roll here i’m going to go ahead and wrap up the july budget and get that budget review video filmed it’s not pretty so uh stick around for that that should be uploaded here in a couple of days um if you enjoyed this budget video then leave me a

Like down below leave me a like for cute kittens the journey to fire continues even if i do have some expenses that pop up you gotta live life some too right can’t keep putting off everything until later later later so yeah i am happy with this little adoption and um i’ll see you guys in my next video bye y’all thank you

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