Aussie Business Finance Calculator – How to Access and Use it best

A Business Finance calculator for Australian Business.

Hey this is diane here i work with david on some of the web stuff for forward funding and times the parent company i have parent company priority funding corp and while we’re getting on you calculator system built for this new website for forward funding or what i want to just quickly show you is how we use the old one because it may show you a screen on the way

And when i say old it’s actually custom built it’s a really cool little model and it’s going to give you all the options straight at a glance when you just put in a few details so when you click the link i think it’s below on this page it will open up a new tab and it will show you it’ll show you the forward sorry the priority funding website and the calculator

Will be right there just need to fill in a few blanks and it’ll give you the repayment costing based on what you’re looking to get let’s jump in i’ll quickly show you what that will look like and you can have a crack yourself up the priority funding website there that should open in a new tab when you click it now if it’s your first time visiting it probably won’t

Show you this screen this is where we want to end up it’s probably going to look like this so what you want to do is click potential customer button and then it will load back to this screen and we just got to tell it what are we looking for so what kind of what’s the endgame here for most people it’s really going to be some new equipment or maybe some you know

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Some trade financing if you import in gear and you need to be able to import more it’s basically some capital to float that or maybe unsecured loan but let’s just say equipment let’s just say one you just i get a new car let’s get a get a car for the business let’s actually know what it’s called a car it’s as simple for this one and let’s say it’s it’s a new car

Actually is one that i’m buying off a little too soon for my plans but next twelve months or so let’s have a look now will do it as a it’s a shadow mortgage the ball will pay it off over five years basically means the car i think it’s it’s 62 grand inc so maybe we’ll type that in on road let’s just say 62 thousand dollars it automatically calculates the excluding

Gst amount calculator so there’s my there’s my my payments over 60 months there so if i wanted to just own it within 60 months or five years that would be what have you paying there now we want to take it up to i got point to double-check let’s have a look at this let’s say 20 percent balloon 20 percent balloon would mean i could get the payments down to 922 per

Month and i’d still owe $12,000 which it should be worth at least that so for cash flow reasons that might be more sensible a more sensible way to go with that particular vehicle and that’s assuming i didn’t have any trading or deposit on so now let’s say you wanted to push that through you can actually push that inquiry through on this page so you could discuss

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It further or just jump straight back in back to the forward funding tab and as well ultimate it’s the same companies still dealing with david forward funding is the new brand it’s a trading name for the company so say monopoly send people what could be soon

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