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Foreign mean become accounting and finance become seniors become bm business management you could become accounting and finance other speciality students one day in the course they can specialize accountable on the specialized particular at the same time financially on the specialized particular financial or another backbone of uh and even continuous finance

Patina very poor on the tip student will be ready for any uh job uh you’ll be ready to join any company immediately after finishing this course that is accounting and finance so in the course particularly he’ll be ready to join any company or office the accounting and finance and knowledge on the telephoto and the techniques and the principles he’ll be ready for a

Job they can handle and they can study and pass the examination so this is the highest studies either on the higher studies panel after finishing a become accounting and finance accounting and finance banner they can do a ca or acs now job opportunities have been bathing of dinner become um a accounting and finance module they can work as data analyst otherwise

An economist one that they can work in them now they can go and join i.t companies hunger on the job opportunity uh these students those who are studying accounting and finance they can join as a trainer with some auditors and the techniques along the auditor orders it can be an auditor so um three years now become accounting and finance for three years uh or

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Ordinary job done they can go and join as accountant company office level accountant uh on the placement law abdullah in the account section cashier on additional either on the course so if they are going and uh asking for placement in companies on the office line under canary courses they can qualify as talitari certificate course such as any computer course on

The traditional level so based on that what degree or certificate quotes so either they can go and join and be placed in a higher position in the particular only they’ll be having a theoretical knowledge so either one of the additional skills so in they can be placed in all the concerns yeah yeah um a to z in everything companies are in the office so become

Accounting and be placed foreign any of the sectors even it may be public or the private sectors in the sector on the placement club okay government opportunities um they can write lots of competitive examinations uh like tn psc exams bank recruitment board and the exam said alarm life insurance corporation on the exam says so they’re eligible to write all these

Competitive examinations they they can be placed in higher official offices under my level they put they can be placed because on the three years course most of the time they can go and start their own business either with their own capital a billionaire they can apply for loan otherwise so uh in the course 70 of students are um the they feel happy so i wish

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All the students were studying in the college uh so all the very best hiya

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