Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management

Presenter: Glydel Mae Laidan

The bachelor of science and business administration program offers a wide range of special majors this our business economics financial management human resource management and marketing management the program focuses on the interrelationship of the different functional areas of business it equips students with technical and practical knowledge in making

Informed business decisions bachelor of science and business administration major in financial management is a four-year degree program that provides students with a strong foundations on theories principles and concepts that equip them with relevant technical and analytical skills necessary in financial decision making cognizant of a dynamic domestic and global

Business environment and mindful of their role in nation building before we explore the financial management objectives in detail let’s understand their meaning first financial management involves planning organizing directing and controlling financial activities in an organization it’s the lifeline of any business irrespective of a business model and industry

However like any other resources finances are limited therefore businesses need to manage them effectively the primary goal of financial management is to manage an organization’s finances so that businesses are compliant with their necessary regulations and are successful in their field the process involves high level planning and proper execution when done

Right businesses succeed and improve profitability this is also the reason why the finance department along with finance or revenue managers plays a critical role in any organization they ensure the basic objective of financial management is met by the following first making important decisions through profit and loss analysis financial forecasting and ratio

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Analysis among others second utilizing available resources and ensuring that they fulfill an organization’s needs and priorities third ensuring that an organization makes decision after thorough consideration of available funds and potential risk in the future in short fiscal or financial managers shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that an organization’s

Decisions are aligned with the overall financial management objectives so what is actually the role of financial management in business so financial management is vital for businesses and organization as at least the right pathway to achieve business goals and objectives here are some of the reasons as to why financial management is essential in a business

So first it helps financial planning assist in acquiring and managing fans helps in fans allocation provides insights to make critical financial decisions cuts down financial costs improves profitability and value of the organization makes employees aware of financial savings and investments it helps in planning the future growth of the organization it also

Helps in achieving economic stability the bachelor of science and business administration major in financial management does not have a board examination however graduates may opt to take the civil service examination or cse conducted by the philippine civil service commission or pcsc to qualify in their working government offices some graduates opt to take a

Master’s degree followed by a doctorate degree to gain expertise in the industry so what is actually the career opportunities of the graduates of bachelor of science and business administration major in financial management so they may pursue a career path in various corporate and business companies they may apply for roles such as bank teller accounting clerk

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Payroll associate finance officer financial advisor financial analyst and investment analyst so if you may wonder as to why i took this program so first and foremost taking this program will eventually help you to develop skills such as leadership decision making transparency and control hence the skills are fundamental in financial management because you are

Responsible for ensuring the efficient utilization of financial resources so i chose this course because i personally thought that i would be in bs accountancy but as soon as i was enrolled and cut into this course i took back what i thought financial management would be so i chose to study financial management because of the versatility of its course outline

Also i chose this course because right there and then when you finish studying this course it would be giving you multiple working opportunities

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management By Glydel