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Casino talks about what he learned through a recent visit to a bank. Have you ever wondered what college degree you needed to work in banking? Is it an accounting degree, a finance degree, an economics degree, or something entirely diffrerent?

They’re hedge fund managers making a million dollars an hour you know it’s crazy right there’s money everywhere it’s money and everything i want to help you start your business today come join my royal family subscribe to casino is the name hey yo what’s going on right now you’re watching casino as a name and in this video i wanted to talk to you guys about

Something that i just found out uh maybe about a month or two ago and so i’m an accountant right and this video is about what degree you need to work in banking okay so this is pretty interesting to me at least because you know banking always seemed to be more of a finance major kind of thing like of course accounting degree majors can also work in banking

But and economic i guess anybody can but but finance majors a lot of them are mentally already programmed to go into investment banking like that’s where they’re trying to go they’re trying to go into banking and accounting majors might go to more of an accounting firm or something like that an insurance service some kind of audit firm something like that but

Finance majors seem to you know typically want to go into investment banking and so i go into this bank and it’s a bank locally here in atlanta won’t call no names won’t put nobody out there but i was uh just trying to you know just opening up an account and i was asking like hey you know uh what what degree you know it’s always better to me to go to the actual

Establishment and ask them what the what are the requirements what do people have that work in here right because imagine here i am thinking you might need a finance degree to get into some i mean of course you can get one with an accounting degree but i just wanted to see were most of the people here finance majors um like the the bank manager what what kind of

Degree did he have what if he just had an mba he had a bachelor’s in psychology and uh associates in health or i.t or something like what if this whole system is different from what i expected right so i like a very much more practical way of finding out what is required by actually going in and seeing what the people who work in the establishment actually have

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And so i asked us the bank manager and i said uh so what degrees do you guys have to have in order to say be a teller right i don’t know just just curious like is there a degree required for to be a teller you know i know that’s not typically i guess considered a high up position so you know so i’m like so what what are the tellers have to have you know and he

Said oh the tellers don’t you know there’s no degree requirement for tellers you know high school diploma or whatever i said okay okay so not even an associate’s degree nothing not bad okay what kind of that’s cool you know i don’t know how much they make right um but that’s that’s cool i could i can understand that and so he said yes there’s no actual degree

Requirement for a teller i said well what about the the people in the offices right like the people who when you come in and you don’t need a teller maybe you need to open an account right uh those people who you know who may be opening accounts and setting up business accounts and things like that for you guys and uh so i said what about those people and he

Said well why do you ask and i said well i have an accounting degree i’m not trying to go into banking i’m just curious because i help accounting students on my channel people who just interested in careers and things like that and so he said oh you’re an accountant like you have an accounting degree like a bachelor’s in accounting and i said yeah and he said

Oh okay okay well those people in those offices actually don’t have a degree so there’s no real degree requirement for those people in either like so you know like you’ll have the bank tellers and then they’ll have these little side offices where you’ll sit with somebody and kind of go over things so those people also had no degree requirements so then i look

Down and i see his name and i say uh so do well what okay okay so the tellers the people in the side offices all right cool well you’re the bank manager right so what like what education requirement do you have to have because okay you know i’m thinking like the tellers yeah i get it they they counting money and they doing transactions maybe i don’t know

What they make right so maybe it’s not you know a very difficult job maybe it is i don’t know but okay no degree requirement cool but then the people on the side who are like meeting with people and trying to figure out like how you should be best served and set up maybe okay no degree requirement for them right because they are essentially just i maybe it’s on

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The job kind of training i don’t know maybe they have some kind of training they send them to but maybe they don’t need a degree to enter that position so now the bank manager right so i asked him so what well what do you have to have and he actually uh he actually said that you know um well he kind of laughed you know when i said so what what what do you

Have to have you know maybe an nba maybe he’s the accountant maybe he has the finance degree or something and he said well honestly uh you you’re the only one in here right now who has a degree it was no other customers in the in the in the bank at the time um most people going through the drive through so there’s no other customers in the bank so he said

Nobody else has a degree including him he said i’ve taken some classes he said i almost finished my associates but i don’t have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance or economics or anything like that so i’m technically like i’m not an accountant not not even technically i’m not an accountant and so i was like wait so you’re the s you’re the bank manager

And you don’t even have a degree requirement he said no because you know i used to be a teller and then i used to do that job and then you know through experience and training i was able to get here to the actual bank manager like a real bank you know what i’m saying like a real bank uh not like a credit union not like a little small mom and pops like kind of

Situation like this guy’s a bank manager like a real bank manager so i was like wow that’s that is amazing like like i’m sure people don’t know this right like you wouldn’t think that you would i don’t know like you most most people would probably think that the bank manager has some kind of accounting background as far as like degree you know maybe not a cpa but

Maybe a cma certification like i don’t know like anything like nope none of that is required okay so he said uh you have an accounting degree you wouldn’t actually work here at the bank you would work the accountants are somewhere else you know they’re doing underwriting and other things but they wouldn’t be here well that makes me wonder are the underwriters even

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Required to have a degree like or is this all just in internal training that banks do the investment bankers i’m assuming may be accountants but i honestly have no idea if the bank manager does not have to have a degree requirement i don’t know if there are any positions in the banking side that require a certain degree i have no idea this is a very interesting

Thing to me okay i am uh i am curious as to looking deeper into this nobody in that bank had a degree what is the purpose of finance majors at this point like i don’t know okay i have no idea all right what do you guys do if you are a finance major and you work in the industry get in the comment section and let me know because now this is this is interesting i

Don’t know i have no idea you know maybe you guys still just do the investment banking side because that’s different from traditional banking right but i am very curious like are you guys doing the wealth management in the banking section i don’t know um but anyway like share comment and subscribe if you like any of this content make sure you hit the bell icon

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