Beginners Guide To Finance: The Best Books To Get You Started

Ive read many books on the subject of finance and crypto. Here are some of my best picks to get you started.

For anybody who wants to learn about more about finance i think knowledge is absolutely key and the more you know the better you can manage your money so therefore i wanted to make a short video detailing some of the books that i’ve read that have been most useful to me on my investment journeys just a little bit of a chilled one really so i’ve got them over here i’ve

Got a little pile i think that first and foremost anybody who is brand new to the world of finance or investing should absolutely pick up this book 110 so it’s called how to own the world and it’s by andrew craig and essentially it’s just a no-frills plain english explanation of how much money you lose just by leaving it in the bank and how it’s actually smart

Defensive and clever to at least invest part of your money because you somewhat hedging your risk so this was something that i’d never heard of for i just thought money in the bank is money in the bank as they say but some of the things i learned in this this was what kickstarted i suppose my journey into it and sparked my interest effectively because i realize

Just how important it is and it’s necessary and i think that everybody should do it and yeah i just if you read this book and you still don’t agree with me i’ll be astounded everybody should read this book i think because it’s been absolutely amazing and it’s fostered this whole period of an enlightenment where i’ve completely changed my outlook on life and how

I manage my money and how i look after myself so this is a this is a must this is the first one and i think that everybody should get this then after that i suppose my uh it depends what route you want to go down if you have an interest in anything in particular uh for me personally i have an interest in cryptocurrency so i started reading a little bit about that

Um but before we get on to that actually let me just show you another book which is on the topic of uh well similar to andrew craig’s book that i just showed you is this book so it’s called the gone fishing portfolio so it’s effectively teaches you how to design a portfolio of investments that over time should give you a nice healthy retirement sum so it’s hard

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To diversify it specifically this book just tells you that you should diversify but it doesn’t necessarily explain how this one ties in very nicely with this one two completely separate books completely separate authors but i just find that this was the meat and meat and potatoes to actually what you should do and what stocks and indexes are advisable to buy so

That you can have a nice retirement part so this is for long term i suppose investors effectively so definitely two books that i would recommend anybody who wants to get into trading so specifically like forex or something that they want to do they want to stare at a computer screen you know potentially generate you know big earnings if you know what you’re doing

Also potentially big losses as well a lot of it’s actually psychological you wouldn’t believe what separates people from who are really bad at it from people who are really good at it a lot of its mindset and i think this book was uh something that well that taught me that so effectively it’s just it’s getting the kind of traders mindset and it’s a little road

Map which will tell you how to and when i read this i used to make so many mistakes i used to do things and not really know why and then i realized that lots of the time i was buying and selling based on fear and emotion which is absolutely what you don’t want to do and effectively trading is a duel with your emotions so you’ve got uh how can i say yeah so it’s

Like a jewel with your emotions so you it’s like a constant battle and you have to be wary of them or else they might overcome you and then you just make foolish decisions and i just know because i’ve been there so this book helped me greatly to not do that effectively then after that i talked a little bit about crypto earlier so that’s kind of my niche and what

I’m into and what i enjoy so anybody who wants to get into crypto depends what you want to uh the reason why you want to get into it i mean do you want to get into it just because you’ve got an interest in the technology which is fair enough or do you want to get into it because you want to trade and invest and grow your money so those are the two well you have to

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Decide that first of all really or maybe you like both i don’t know but like i say it’s two distinct books that i would recom i would recommend different books based on what it is that you want or you’re expecting to get out of it if you want to get into trading it now probably rather buy let me see about five books i reckon on trading crypto but this is the best

One this is the best one by an absolute mile an altcoin trader’s handbook by nick patel so it is essentially methods and strategies to trade crypto that this guy has used successfully and now he does it full time and he’s just he’s pretty much a full-time crypto trader uh so this guy is quite a big name in the crypto world nick patel and this was the very first

Book i read on crypto and it was the best book that i’ve ever read on crypto because it just teaches you so much it’s hard to go right from there it’s right there the very basics such as setting up an account on an exchange what coins to look like for how to analyze the coins things like that so yeah definitely the best book that i’ve ever read on crypto if you

Like the technology um then a really nice book that you can pick up for probably pretty cheap if you like the technology this is a very succinct little book that explains it all very nicely so cryptocurrencies by dr julian hosp he actually used to be a doctor but then he decided he didn’t want to be one anymore so he know he runs a cryptocurrency company so if i

Played the guy a complete uh career shift for him but because he was from this background where he did not you know he didn’t necessarily have a technical understanding of it it’s meant that he can explain it in quite simple terms so this is a good entry level one and if you want a little bit more meat on the bones and you want it explained a little bit more in

Detail then i’ve got cryptocurrency the future of money by paul vigner and this is like a comprehensive uh guide or account of history of cryptocurrency’s history and also as well as that it’s well yeah i mean it just goes into so much detail it’s a pretty big book and the letters in it i don’t know you can see they’re pretty small it’s absolutely tiny but yeah

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If you want a real comprehensive understanding of it then i would absolutely recommend that one there’s other books that i’ve read as well but those would probably be some of the best anybody who wants to get into charting to be able to analyze and recognize charts this that we should do the profile because it’s a big old book you could do some damage with this

It’s pretty heavy technical analysis in the financial markets i find it really interesting to look at the charts because you can speculate what will happen next based on the information it gives you so yeah this book it took me a little while i’ll be honest but the stuff that i’ve learned from it i pretty much use every day and it allows me to analyze in so much

More detail what’s happening so if you’ve got a lot of time to kill and you’re interested in learning how to chart then yeah technical analysis of the financial markets this is pretty much the bible when it comes to that i think most people who are top economists or traders have probably read this book or studied it so yeah i would definitely recommend that one

So hope you all enjoyed it was just a quick one just sort of shooting from the hip with this video today there’s not going to be much at it and it’s more of a chat or an informal kind of discussion i hope that people have learned something from it if you’re only going to buy one book i would definitely buy that first one by andrew craig i’ve got no affiliation

With him whatsoever i should mention i just think it’s a really good book and it’s simple terms it’s not too technical and it’ll almost certainly completely change your mindset and how you view the world so that would be my first suggestion anyway thanks for watching hope you all have a good evening bye

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Beginners Guide To Finance: The Best Books To Get You Started By Dentists Who Invest