Best Financial Independence Books Ive Read

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So as most of you guys know i am a huge reader the the impact that reading is had in my life he’s just been exponential and over the summer being a teacher i have a ton of time to read and i knocked out a ton of books this summer some are good some are bad but i want to give you the top four books that i read this summer for financial independence and before you

Like all right this isn’t personal finance another book review you really need to just take a second and listen to me i was never a big reader i’m a math and science guy reading was never my forte but ever since i did i k it’s helped me in so many ways when i read books it’s pretty much for four reasons one information another would be for education and the third

Is if there’s somebody that i just really like and pretty much anything they say i’ll read kind of like that favorite comedian you’ll watch whatever special they have regardless of what they’re talking about so that’s kind of a book that i like to read as well i’ve also been asked a few times to like go through all the books that i’ve read this year and kind of

Like an order if you are starting from zero so at the end of this video i’ll also go through some of the past books i’ve read – kind of like create the ultimate fi course because that’s where i’m getting a lot of this information i’m gonna give away one of these books one of the books that probably most of you never heard of one that just came out that i really

Really loved and i think that you should get your hands on if you are new to the channel my name is brad i make videos with tips and motivation i got a debt save money invest for retirement all the hopes that we can reach financial independence and better our future because like i said i wasn’t much of a reader i always went towards audiobooks first so the first

Book i want to talk about was actually an audiobook and if you want a little bit of an audiobook hack audible always gives two free books every single time you sign up for a free trial it’s really as simple as pick one of your hundred emails that you have sign up for the free trial pick two books that you really want to read and then while you’re still there right

After the books upload just cancel that subscription right there and then and they want you so bad that in a month or so they’re probably gonna send you a link for another free book just in case you want to try them again and come back i’ve read so many books through audible on these free trials i’ll leave a link for that free trial right below check it out get two

Free books the first book was i will teach you to be rich and this is the second edition of that book i did not read the first mostly because it came out like 10 years ago way before my personal finance journey but i wanted to get my hands on the book i’d seen her meet on a couple podcast and i have to say and this is talking to other people he kind of like rubs

People the wrong way he’s a little bit in-your-face not like gary vee but if gary vee rubs you the wrong way roomie might rub you the way he likes to be very very loud he’s in your face he’s very do what you want but if you settle down and get past that like shield or that mask that he puts on he knows his stuff and he’s very very good at allowing you the person

To choose your own personal journey he’s a big advocate of you know drink as many lattes as you want as long as they bring you extreme value it was an awesome book and i heard it was better than the first one he’s made some updates it’s a little more modern but i think this would be the type of book for somebody that was like entering the personal finance space

Or coming off of like dave ramsey’s program where they’re feeling a little deprived or they’re feeling like they’re you know losing their relationship with money remit kind of gives you a way to get through that journey and allow you to make the decisions that you want to make and kind of get you back on track creating your own personal journey the second book i

Actually got my hands on it was able to read was quit like a millionaire now this is also a book that has just recently come out i’m pretty sure it came out in the spring and i wanted it so badly and i had heard christy and bryce on podcast before as well and i will give you a caveat if you are looking to read this book try and avoid their podcast they pretty much

Give you a full explanation of the book and that kind of was a little bit of a downer for me i listened to them they gave a thorough interview on tuesday 5 podcast and there was a lot of similarities which kind of ruin the suspense factor for me so if you haven’t listened to that and you plan on reading the book like don’t do that but this was a true inspiration

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Story this was a story that allowed you to believe in yourself and what you could do she did not play a pity party she didn’t say like oh i was so poor my life was the worst what she did was say hey here’s who i am here’s what i’ve been through and here’s how i persevered she’s known as being the youngest retiree in canada it’s it’s kind of a funny story she has

An amazing personality she popped up on movies like playing with fire i just can’t say enough and the book you know just matched her personality just perfectly i i really really enjoyed it so much the book is a long one it’s 305 pages but it’s also one of those books as i’ve said in the past that you might not want an audiobook there’s um some amazing charts and

Graphs in here that you’re really gonna want to look at and i even took a lot of notes in the book it’s broken into three parts that poverty part where she talks about i don’t want to give too much away but she pretty much came from nothing where a can of coke to her was the biggest luxury item she could ever possibly imagine her life and then she talked about how

She moved from poverty up to the middle class and then all the way up to becoming wealthy so if you’re looking for like a story of somebody like us somebody that puts their pants on the same way as us somebody that you could dm on twitter and she’s gonna get back to you and you want that story and you want that journey of financial dependence if you need that push

I just can’t say it enough get ahold of this book please read it if you are an fi person hopefully you’ve already read it it popped up big but like i said over and over again get this one the next book that i want to recommend was my fanboy book like these guys could have made any book and i would have read it so i went in already like super stoked to get my hands

On it and then i did and i was so fortunate enough to bump into these guys after playing with fire premiere down in richmond i talked to brad bear and i said hey you know i would love to read the book when it comes out and he said let me do you one step better i’ll send you a print you can give me a little review on it let me know these this book is not out yet

But it is up for pre-order and before i even get into it pre-order this book i’m gonna leave it in the description below i think it comes out he said october 1st or the first week in october so not that far but this i will say this when i got the book i thought it was by jonathan and brad i thought it was their book and i know a lot of people out there think the

Same that’s not exactly the case the author is actually chris mamula i hope i’m saying that name right and he i’ve read his blog he has an outstanding blog to begin with essentially what he did is he went through all of the choose fi podcasts and he picked the highlights the things that really needed to be said the things that were being said over and over again

By all of the guests that brad and jonathan had had on their show he pretty much found all the common trends and put these into one book for you if you are a listener to the choose fi podcast i’m sure you’ve caught yourself where i have were you like who said that or what did that guy say or oh what i heard on that last podcast what was that episode number it’s

All right here he goes through the journey of fi but then pulls all these tidbits from all these incredible hosts that brad and jonathan i have a hot on there and then on top of chris’s awesome interpretation brad and jonathan throw their interpretations in throughout the book so it is kind of like a three author kind of deal but it’s in the perspective of the main

Author chris brad and jonathan are kind in the background and pretty much their contribution was all these incredible interviews that they’ve had with people this book is also broken up into groups it’s getting started spend less earn more invest better and then what’s next broken into fifteen chapters throughout those parts and like i said you pretty much get all

These quotes from all of these different interviews and then brad jonathan and chris’s perspective at the end so it’s not exactly an informational book what it is is it’s more of an inspirational book it’s more of like i said you’re listening to the podcast and in the car and you wish you could write down what you just heard he wrote all the things that you want

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To hear and all the things that you need to remember from all those interviews right here in this book comes out october preorder it telling you’d be one of the first people to get this book you will not be disappointed it’s one that’s gonna be on my shelf and i know that i’m gonna reference back to when i have one of those moments like oh what are the mad fine

To say yeah like i just want to go back so i’m glad that this is now a part of my arsenal the last book i want to recommend is kind of from my entertainment i wanted something outside of the fi community per se there’s only so many financial books you can read and this one was hot off the presses somebody recommended to me and said brad hey get your hands on this

Book it’ll be awesome it’ll give you a refire you up not only in youtube and life in personal finance and they were right i kind of like wish that i hadn’t stopped reading this book in the middle of night because when i was done i was just so motivated to go out there and succeed now the book is called unqualified success by rachel stewart and it’s like like i said

Hot off the presses this year and one of the cool things i love about it and like these are like little quirks that i really love the pages are white like jet white it’s like so pro i kind of like like that in a book so that kind of like initially when i got my hands on those stark white pages we’re just so incredible to read and in a second i’m gonna tell you how

You can have this very copy i’m gonna mail it out to one of you guys in just a second i’ll tell you exactly how that’s gonna happen at first when i started this book she kind of starts off telling me how unqualified i am for everything at first i was taken back like why is she telling me i’m so unqualified for everything she’s pretty much knocking me down and it’s

Not the cliche and knocked me down and pick me back up but what she was doing was she was putting some things into perspective she was saying that so many times we can have these mental blocks where we had this imposter syndrome like we feel like we don’t belong and it took me a little bit to get a couple pages in and realized that’s what she was saying the book is

Very good at helping us and me included get through that feeling of imposter syndrome that we have she pretty much talks about everything in our life that we’ve ever done that we’ve ever started we were technically unqualified for and it was the times that we battled through that unqualified and and we learned and we listened to others that we were able to succeed

And kind of like how when we get older sometimes we’ll lose that fire and she she really put back into my head like keep going keep fighting you know you’re maybe unqualified but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn and become qualified i mean my very first job ever in a pizzeria i wasn’t qualified to work there but i turned out to be a really really good employee my

First day teaching i was super unqualified to be a teacher now one of the best teachers around my small business i don’t have an mba i didn’t know quickbooks was she had a similar story she kind of just got thrown into this job after being a stay-at-home mom she had a great opportunity to get a good job something that she was passionate about went in knew that

She was totally unqualified but knew that she had the fire inside her to learn it and become a successful person and i really feel like i can attribute this not owning to like just getting a job or a career but in my financial journey as well if you look at some of the chapters you know mindset the phinn mindset you know how that important that is to me you know

Belief in action your vision grit fear failure hunger for growth perseverance vulnerability showing up and the ripple effect it ended with that ripple effect and it’s so true how when you do these things it’s gonna ripple out around you and you are gonna bring other people in that are just as like mine is you and together you’re gonna form teams that really are

Unstoppable and the author rachel i did some research on she seems like a freakin badass she’s a mom of a few she’s ultrarunners that alone like i said i’m an ultimate fan now and i’m so glad that this book came recommended to me and if you need a book outside the personal finance space or you just need little bit of fire in your side hustle your entrepreneurial

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Spirit i am gonna give this to you and here’s all you have to do shoot down right now and hit the thumbs up button give this video a like then head into the comments tell me what number thumbs up you were and the last book you read i’ll let that go till about friday friday we’ll put it in a random generator i’ll pick one person please make sure you’re willing to

Give me your address so that i can mail to you or a p.o box but i will get it out to you and this can be in your hands next week all you have to do give the video a thumbs up and in the comment section tell me what number of thumbs up you were and the last book you read okay so now the ultimate f i experience in books and what i would recommend first and foremost

We’ll start at the top if you have debt read the total money makeover by dave ramsey like them hate them whatever it’ll least gets you started exactly the way you need to get started and then over time you could learn ways to hate him but if you have any debt start right there here’s the first start place to start i don’t have that book because it was paid forward

To me and i’ve given it to somebody else i have it on audiobook through the free trial with audible thank you audible but if you have debt that’s a book number one the total money makeover once you’re getting towards the end of your debt free journey and you’re kind of like i need a little bit more out of dave here it is this is the next book after the total money

Makeover that i think that would be great for you is the ultimate guide to like financial freedom and financial independence as a one-on-one i did a complete review of just this book so i won’t talk too much about it i’ll leave that link down below but as you’re approaching debt freedom and you’re about to start your personal finance journey read this book after

You read that book and you’re thinking yourself there’s no way i could possibly do that read this book playing with fire yes a proclaimed fan boy i love the movie i love the book i love scott and taylor even more just they have just enriched my life like i can’t even talk about it it’s ridiculous but the real world example of how a simple regular old middle-class

Family can make financial independence happen this chronicles their journey to that and deciding that that’s the path they want to take you’ve heard about it by now you’ve probably seen the documentary i did a review of this book as well as well as the movie i’ll leave those down below but if you’re thinking yourself that this can’t be you financial independence

Camp you get your hands on playing with fire so you read the total money makeover you got yourself out of debt then you read finance for freedom by grants body a you didn’t think you could possibly do it then you read fire and you’re like oh my god i can actually do that here’s where we’re gonna go right after we read playing with fire the buck stops here this

Book is so good i didn’t even do a book review on it i i can’t even do the book justice jail collins is a legend in the financial independence space i cannot do this book justice i won’t even try and talk about it i will just tell you that if you want to do any sort of investing any sort and you don’t need to be a sexy stock picker with the greatest portfolio ever

And brag to your friends about what stock you had and who’s doing good and you just you just want to invest in retirement and become wealthy this is it this is the book right here this is a book i would never give away i’ve read this book like five times now and i reference it on a regular basis please please if you are thinking about investing come here then you

Can start to pick which ones you want to entertain yourself with have you listened to choose fi you like those guys you like where they’re going go for it if you want to hear from a strong powerful woman that’s dominating in this space right now get this one and if you don’t win the giveaway and you need a little bit of boost not only in personal finance but the

Entrepreneurial spirit and just your overall mindset grab this one until i see on the next one guys stay positive work really really hard always be kind to others today is officially my last day as a parent of only one child we’re going to the hospital right now i’m gonna edit this while they’re sleeping and get it out to you so the next time you see me i will be

A new dad and hopefully nothing much will change have a good one guys

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