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Welcome nice training bros and ladies welcome back here on my channel and welcome back to another cryptocurrency video in this video we want to talk about the biggest gainer here on crypto bubbles better finance so this one is trading right now at 0.171 and it’s up 41 just today it’s at the top 400 coins tokens and actually just 27 000 have this token on the

Watch list here on coin market cap so actually pretty pretty low but let’s check out the training view chart we start here on the hourly and it’s quite interesting quite funny that most of the altcoins has the uh the or the chart looks like the same on the hourly they had a huge pump over the last two days and since a couple of hours today it goes down so

If you look from this breakout it’s 100 up but to the point of trading right now it’s actually just 44. so this is a no let’s say 30 down but on the hourly maybe it looks like better is just re-testing the email ribbons if we look at the four only chart well the email ribbons will come in at 14 cents here so that could be a downside of 16 17 or more

Downside let’s look at the but oh here look how over bought this one was it was here 91 nearly 92. so actually at 70 it’s already overbought so if you look at the daily chart this could look like a w ball a pattern a double bottom so but let’s take out the fibonacci retracement level and okay you see here this perfect support from the launch and you found

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Again support that is actually the last hope here right now for better so this support definitely must hold so let’s do a fibonacci retracement level from like this and zoom in again i mean also here was way overbought oversold but unfortunately no bullish divergence here right now the daily chart is looking for the daily candle it’s actually a long look to

The upside so that is more bearish than bullish it would be pretty good if the daily can can close above the 2 36 fibonacci level so but we have to wait nearly 10 more hours to the daily candle close so i would right now say first it must break the daily emf ribbons also this moving average here and the 382 fibonacci level if this happens then i’m on better

And think a retest from the golden pocket or maybe the 786 is possible as long as this doesn’t happen i’m careful and very cautious here on better finance so castle written in comments what you think about this one also if you’re new on this channel subscribe right now activate the notification bell and leave a like on this video if you want to follow me on

My social media accounts click just on the icon if you want to support me click here and buy me a coffee i would really appreciate that thank you very much and we see us in the next video of nice trading bro as always this is no financial advice i know financial advisor always do your research and never ever trust anybody except yourself because it’s your a wonderful day peace out bye

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BETA FINANCE PUMP LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE…!?! Price Prediction Analysis #betafinance #crypto #betausd By Nice Trading Bro