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Bitcoin Dead since 2011? People thought Bitcoin was dead before the warm-up even begins. Those Tweets are from 2011 after a +90% decrease in price. The Bitcoin Baby Steps. Bitcoin’s 7 Baby Steps will show you how to buy bitcoin, build wealth and take control of your money for good. Link Below. What Will Happen In The 2020s. MOST POPULAR CRYPTOCURRENCY ARTICLE OF 2019

Hey everybody maddy here with altcoin buzz happy thursday and today it’s all about perspectives and our outlook on the 2020s we’re looking at this post by bobby orr who’s talking about how people gave up on bitcoin in 2011 just before a major 90% decline in prices we all know what happened in the years following however we’ll also cover this tweet by a series

Of tweets i should say by american hodel who’s talking about the seven bitcoin baby steps that will show you how to buy bitcoin build wealth and take control of your money for good we’re also going to be discussing these predictions for what will happen in the 2020s a couple of those seven bitcoin baby steps in particular will come into play we’ll take a look

At all those and one extra article but first let’s look at coin market capcom today for a snapshot of the market we are at a hundred and ninety billion total market cap today bitcoin sits at seven thousand one hundred seventy dollars at the time of this recording down just a little bit in fact down 0.72% in these last 24 hours dominance however still kinda high

68.2% bobby orr here on twitter people thought bitcoin was dead before the warm up even begins those tweets are from 2011 after a 90% plus decrease in price and this is great nostalgia right here take a look at these tweets from 2011 hey turns out that bitcoin is a complete bust yeah i’m stunned not too bad bitcoin didn’t work out etc etc did anyone really think

Bitcoin would work really ever for those viewers that may be new to the space or for those members of the altcoin buzz army that may be new to block chain or bitcoin or crypto in general it’s important to remember that these things are cyclical so going back to the markets that we just took a look at even if things are kinda ho-hum right now i mean there’s not

Really much volatility to the upside or the downside things are kind of lukewarm let’s be honest and maybe not too exciting but it’s important to realize that whether you experienced a great fortuitous surge in price that benefits your portfolio or if you get wrecked during a given day or a given week or a given month just make sure you keep sight of the long term

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Because these things keep changing they’ve been changing for the ten plus years that bitcoin has been in existence and personally speaking not financial advice but my expectation is that the patterns will continue as the space grows moving forward with that in mind we’re looking at this suite here by american hodel the bitcoin baby steps bitcoins seven baby steps

We’ll show you how to buy bitcoin build wealth and take control of your money for good we recommend having a household budget and emergency fund before embarking on the bitcoin baby steps these are pretty basic and we’re gonna go through them fairly rapid style here but we’ll come back to a couple in particular as we examine the next article baby step number

One by a small amount of bitcoin maybe about a hundred dollars or so that’s just to make sure you’re familiar with the mechanisms and the functionality and you know how to transfer and whatnot baby step number two buy more bitcoins self-evident right number three purchase a hard ware wallet make sure you have something that is off line that is not vulnerable or

Susceptible i should say to hackers a hardware wallet is very very important if you’re playing around with $100 or so in a test profile maybe you don’t necessarily need an expensive hardware wallet but once your investments start to grow once you pour more and more money into it you gotta ask yourself would i be comfortable if all these funds got wiped out and

If the answer is no if you would take a big hit if that were to happen then i think it makes sense to mitigate your risks and to invest in a hardware wallet very very important suggestion right there baby step number four take control of your sats your satoshi’s up until now you’ve only had an iou time to get your bitcoins off the app and send to your hardware

Wallet make sure you set a small transaction ten dollars or so in order to get comfortable making those transactions and then send the rest of your satoshis baby step number five learn more about bitcoin number six multi-sig as in multi signature service bitcoin can rise pretty fast you may find yourself in a position where suddenly you’re $1,000 is worth a

Hundred thousand dollars isn’t that the dream multi signature provides an extra level of security by splitting access to your bitcoin amongst multiple hardware wallets and american hodel suggests casa hodel and finally baby step number seven run a full node once you’re comfortable and up to speed with the ecosystem full nodes sounds scary and confusing but not

Really they’re just a copy of the bitcoin blockchain that you will use to receive and send transactions finally for today we have this piece which is a prognostication of what will happen in the 2020 musings of a vc of venture capitalists in new york city fred wilson this brought to us yesterday on the 1st of january 2020 now fred goes into great detail about

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All kinds of things that he foresees in the next decade that are relevant not only to i guess his reality as a venture capitalist but really to mankind and society as a whole so some of these certainly are not particularly currency but they do kind of overlap in terms of technology number one for example fred talks about the looming climate crisis so although

That’s off topic we can make sure that if you’re interested in it we’ll link to this in the description below you can read more about it at number two fred discusses automation at number three how china will emerge as the world’s dominant global superpower but here we’re getting into the meat and potatoes of it as far as we’re concerned at number four countries

Will create and promote digital crypto versions of their fiat currencies led by china who moves first and benefits the most from this move the us will be hamstrung by regulatory restraints and will be slow to move allowing other countries and regions to lead the crypto sector asian crypto exchanges unchecked by cumbersome regulatory restraints in europe and the

Us and leveraging decentralized finance technologies will become the dominant capital markets for all types of financial instruments it’s an astute prediction in my opinion just yesterday in fact we were talking about how nation-states are wanting to build up their own crypto support systems really as a hedge against other economic variables and other economic

Threats we’re talking about china we’re talking about russia venezuela iran and others certainly they’re very much interested in this and more importantly and this speaks to the nuance of this prediction i agree with him about how the the us would perhaps want to leverage that kind of advantage but they would indeed i totally agree they would be hamstrung by

Their own internal regulatory processes number five also relates to this space a decentralized internet will emerge led initially by decentralized infrastructure services like storage bandwidth computers etc the emergence of decentralized consumer applications will be slow to take hold and a killer decentralized consumer app will not emerge until the latter

Part of the decade possibly check out the rest of these top 20 predictions for the 2020s we’re talking about plant-based diets space exploration mass surveillance which will most certainly continue and baby boomers dominating the conversation in the us and around the world and millennials and gen z how they’re going to be running many institutions by the end

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Of the decade continued advancements in genetics as well as some other political opinions peppered in really is a good piece and we encourage you to read it all and absorb the entirety of it we’ll link to it in the description below finally and we’re not going to get into this but if you’ve not caught this piece just yet by the mit tech review it is the most

Popular piece of cryptocurrency coverage for the entire year of 2019 discussing how nearly all bitcoin trades are fake apparently so if you’re already feeling nostalgic about the year 2019 go back and check this one out i think in my opinion this is largely what extended the bear market and pushed down exuberance for the space led by major publications like

The mit tech review and others obviously that picked it up so it would still be filed under the fund category in my opinion take it with a grain of salt for that reason but there you have it we’ll link to that below if you’re interested in learning more that about wraps it up for today everybody by the way we got your message loud and clear yesterday’s january

First video with a little bit experimental we threw in some music we threw in some different effects and i think some people were ok with it others vehemently came out and told us that they were not digging it so as you noticed today we kind of cut those effects we cut some of those music sequences above all we want to be responsive to what it is you’re looking

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