BrightPool Finance – What is That? Project Review

– Today I am happy to present you review of upcoming project with a name – BrightPool. What is about? How to use it? All of that and more in this special video…

Foreign welcome back everybody to my youtube channel max mv and we continue to do videos about crypto trading analytics what’s going on in the world today let’s talk about the new project with the name is brightpool what is about you just going to learn in couple seconds meanwhile i want to encourage everybody don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel

During the four years last one i am providing free trade analytics for free guys and we have close to 100 percentage accuracy rate on those trading signals and before i just started this video just wanted to say that hey i am not financial advisor due diligence by yourself before any investment so right now as you can see crypto market is still like i don’t know

Where to go will it go up or down i’m still like uh very uh pessimistic about the market and i think it will go down but hey uh we will talk about that in the next video today let’s talk about bright pool and what is this company is all about as you can see this is a new type of trading uh every time when you beat something you are going to earn and here let’s talk

About different features and key points so first one first is limit orders when you place orders with one to 28 days maternity for every all replaces receive instant reward in the native tokyo right b or i speaking about staking become a beneficiary of the bright polica system was taken by or any other token you will get usdt usdc or other token and about protocol

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New desk protocol with redefine the defeat 2 concept standalone platform with its own liquidity and market impact so uh orders on brightpool are placed it with maturity time between as i said 1 and 28 days they are similar to options but much easier secondly what i would say is sharing profit with users you will get stable coins with uh w ethereum token was taken

And uh bri i already said this is native token deployed on layer 0. that’s mean there’s going to be zero trading fees uh also it will have native liquidity pool and as i said when you will take bri you will receive they are talking you will receive uh ethereum are in rewards proof of it for innovative mechanism of releasing bri token into the market which create a

Fundamental value for the token right i also love this couple more features to hear key points to say that unique price engine is based on crypto adjusted number winning black skulls model zero sun game for derivative prices and in the near futures users will be able to earn additional profits from yield mechanism and liquidity mining so uh also as i say you will

Be able about a liquidity about you can own liquidity pool and unique feature the better cups the project and makes it stand out among other uh daffy uh platforms so you will own that and the most professional ear drop in the space the best race traders will win really high prices that is why i am want to encourage everybody to follow them at the social networks

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Right at twitter telegram and discord so in such case you will be one of the first one to jump and to get those ear drop uh from this project which is looking pretty cool but again this is like my own opinion dual general instance by yourself before any investment so uh let’s summarize uh interesting uh project is coming to the market right they are still in early

Stage but a good great potential in the future uh don’t forget to follow them and to get ear drop and as speaking about my channel don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and i’m looking forward for creating a new video for you guys too again thanks for watching this video and see you in the next one bye for now foreign

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BrightPool Finance – What is That? Project Review By Maksym V