Business Finance Major

Hi i’m dr snavely from the department of finance here at western kentucky university and i want to tell you a little bit about the business finance major business finance is the management of money within a company it’s how to raise money and effectively invest money in order to best benefit the owners of the company the mission of the finance department is

Teaching and instruction and to provide a high quality education hands-on real world assignments and projects so that you’re not only mastering the academic foundation of finance but also prepared to adapt as environment changes so for me i just really want to find something that was broad and business finance is definitely that you can work anywhere as small

As your hometown working as a mortgage lender or if you want to even work on wall street so really your options are limited i became interested in business finance when i realized that all the business courses i’ve been taking came together cohesively through business finance because of that if you have a degree in business finance you’re able to find a job in

Pretty much any area that you would like so what kind of jobs can you get with a business finance degree well you’re managing money and there are some segments of the economy that that’s the business they’re in think of a bank a bank is managing money think of an insurance company they’re managing money think of a brokerage firm where you buy and sell stocks

They’re managing money so there are certain segments that that’s what they do in a banking situation you may be a credit analyst who’s looking at the credit worthiness of a borrower you may be a bank manager you may be the president of the bank you may be the ceo of the entire network of banks so there you’re managing money and you’re making the decisions that

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Are best for the owners of the company one of the main decisions that the financial manager has to make is what type of assets do we have to buy or what type of projects should we invest in okay the common sense tells us that we have to invest in the assets that create cash flows create value for the shareholders i think what really makes wku’s business finance

Program so great are the professors and the staff that are always there for you to help or guidance anything that you need and they push you to be your best in whatever you’re doing and then another project would be the financial management association currently i’m the vice president of fma and being in that role i was able to attend the national leadership

Conference in 2019 which was in new york city and i was one of the eight of like 250 people picked to go visit the new york stock exchange so i got to be there for the opening bill and it was a really neat opportunity that i wouldn’t have had otherwise i’m so proud of our students and our world-class faculty do such a phenomenal job both in the classroom as

Well as outside the classroom in helping the students succeed

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Business Finance Major By Rickey Williams