CapricornLifes About To Get Read l GoodMoney, Finance & CareerAug 22-29

♑ Capricornđź’°Life’s About To Get Read l Good🎶💵Money, Finance & Careerđź’°Aug 22-29

Um hello my capricorn friends guiding halo here hope all’s going well let’s see what’s coming in for you guys week of the oh sorry week of the 22nd to 29th of august money finance and career what’s happening for you guys money finance and career week of the 22nd to 29th of august beautiful contentment peace and abundance a happy home life the successful completion

Of a project i believe a new portal of energy is open for you to step through someone could be moving someone could be getting married whoa well married it is all right marrying yourself with a new purpose or a person perhaps someone could be dealing with troubles surrounding a marriage but there is joy contentment and gratitude here a happy home life this is

A successful completion of a project wow victory look at that passion fire victory real estate property and a victory all within i wonder if someone went to school become a real estate victory good news is on its way public recognition or awards and then at the bottom we have page of swords this is aquarius libra gemini energy challenging information delays or

Changes to plans the truth delivered without tact so someone’s got something to say that may very well be it’s logical it’s honest but it’s also very impulsive and it has to do with someone’s curiosity so i almost feel like as this is all happening there’s this little thought in your mind that goes hmm what’s next what am i missing here you know i’m saying there’s

Something about that it’s beautiful this is beautiful energy but you’re kind of like it’s like a new thought process or a new way of thinking about things uh lack of trust that’s for sure ending someone could be having the ending of a marriage or an ending of a home situation you’ve lived for a long time could be moving away after graduation because there’s a

Portal of energy stepping in this is ending an ending to an old mental process you’ve been very heavy in the mind possibly about a marriage family situation or a project you’ve been dealing with having to do with land real estate what you’re starting there good news coming from a distance you could have a child that’s a libra good news coming from a distance that

Makes things move forward very very quickly so it’s like a a message many messages the thing is whatever it is the passionate message is coming your way it moves things forward quickly and ends this mental heavier in the problem with it is is because you use your mind so much to define and determine what’s happening then you start a new cycle with your mind and

You’re like um well maybe it’s this you see what i’m saying so you need to let your mind rest your your mind needs some rest we have some sort of celebration coming home to what it is the divine wants you to do in your life we have children look at that imagine that romanticizing the past communication coming in that makes you feel happy things move forward in

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A fast way but you’re romanticizing the past looking back on childhood uh fantasy or dreams or whatever that were supposed to come around and didn’t this could be communication coming to you also from somebody that you knew as a child there’s some sort of something though about a shadow energy here and someone walking away from this shadow of the past i think

There’s some sort of concern about your children here as well good news coming in towards your child perhaps about their movement forward brings about a situation or a commitment which helps you celebrate this is movement forward in a very fast way um it’s also awards acclimation there could you could find out that one of your children is up for an award you

Could also find out good news about a vehicle perhaps that you’ve wanted a loan for or been saving money for getting a loan receiving a loan paying off debts and it helps you move forward in a quick way because you end up starting to feel like you’re more balanced perhaps this is good news coming in towards the soul mate which helps you feel that way victory

Good news is on its way public recognition or rewards wow new job opportunity coming someone’s way out of gloomy times you’re starting to awaken to how to manifest this this thing or the energy energy that you’ve put to it up till now could be for years six years or more seven eight years it could be that long that you’ve been manifesting whatever this is and

Then that passionate opportunity comes in holy crap two aces no wonder we have the victory so we have something you can do that you’re incredibly passionate about you don’t have to learn how to do it you already know how to do it we have all this growth on it already so you’ve started to manifest this for years and this passionate opportunity it’s like taking

The baton i wonder if someone’s going to get a promotion or something that comes in and asks them to take the baton of a place of work or a situation then we have the ace of pentacles this is a huge opportunity moving forward for money finance career stability this is base these things don’t come to you easily aces to me come after the king and they are there

For you because you have mastered a whole cycle and this is the reward of that whole cycle you’ve mastered and manifested for yourself brand new beginning with passion brand new beginning in financial stability and security you could find out that one of your children their significant other is pregnant so now they want to end up getting married and this makes you

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Incredibly happy perhaps this situation that comes in also helps you be able to stand on your own financially could be looking into being an entrepreneur starting your own business whatever this is it’s very successful very successful self-employment someone enjoying the little things in life spending money not having an issue someone very well could win some money

Here i feel too it’s like you’re gonna feel if you haven’t won the lottery you may feel as though you have things finally start to move forward the end of the heavy mental mind things move forward in a fast way has to do with entrepreneurship for sure this here is the entrepreneur this is successful self-employment this is an opportunity coming to you to build all

Of this with your passion with your creativity to build something that stands the test of time the movement forward is going to be beautiful cancer energy it’s all about taking that wand of passion this king of wands here he’s taking this wand of passion and ready to create what he wants the salamander here in the picture states that you will not burn during these

Challenges you will thrive you will build what it is you desire something coming in communication coming and really read really fast really fast and then it’s gone it’s all of a sudden it’s like this is gonna happen so quickly like you don’t see it coming you do not see this coming we have the knight of wands coming in here grounding the reading this is very fast

Communication that comes into change everything changes everything how beautiful is this what’s crowning this reading for my capricorn friends please looking at your options trying to decide if it’s factual or illusional moving forward okay when you have the seven of cups and you’re trying to decide what to do we have 10 cups on the bottom so very happy family

Life happy home happy husband happy what family happy life sort of thing so we have when you’re looking at the seven of cups it’s to me it reminds me of making a list of all the pros and cons of each situation or opportunities that you’re offered now you may look at them and say this is better because it has more prose and i’m going to stay away from this because

It has more cons the question is though how do you get to the eight of cups and walk away from the illusion and the confusion around what it is you’re doing and what it is you want to move forward with by realizing you’ve got to insert yourself in the list okay so write your list pros and cons and then see if i was to insert myself in this situation how could i

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Change those pros make them even better or how could i change those cons to pros my energy has to be added to the situation in order for you to see the way forward that makes any sense to you also because it makes a whole lot of sense to me and every time i think about the seven of cups the reason the person can’t is illusional and can’t find the the ability to

Walk away from things that don’t serve them is because they don’t realize they are the eighth cup makes sense okay oh the cards just want to pop out everywhere energy’s intense today tell me about this four of wands tell me about this four of wands for my capricorn friends i’m the angel of marriage and i’m assisting you right now being this is a marriage card

Someone very well could get proposed to so anyways they’re coming in to assist you to help you move forward upwards and onwards from whatever it is take it as it resonates leave in the comments what it is because this one’s i’m curious about tell me about this beautiful victory that we have coming in here tell me about this beautiful victory that we have coming

In here for my capricorn friends you have a gift for working with young people and your divine purpose involves helping teaching or parenting children i feel as though you’re gonna if you’re older you’re gonna find out that one of your children is going to have a baby and you’re gonna start to realize a life purpose out of this i feel as though someone’s getting

A new opportunity to work on a life purpose where children are concerned i feel as though you have innate ability to show love in ways to children that make sense to them maybe not sense to everybody else but makes sense to them beautiful new beginnings nonetheless the divine want you to get centered because this is all going to happen quickly and you need to

Get centered and do yoga to balance your energy yoga and exercise are essential to your well-being peace of mind is spiritual growth right now there’s an ending to the way you’ve been doing things so far and the seven of cups states there’s a need to change how you move forward i love you guys blessings to you

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♑ Capricorn💰Life's About To Get Read l Good🎶💵Money, Finance & Career💰Aug 22-29 By Guiding Halo