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Hi guys i’m sam i’m the product manager education so guys i think a couple of weeks ago get made a video which is can we have a career the acca if they’re not from the commerce background correct today we’re going to shoot a similar video which is that can we pursue cfa if you’re not from a commons background couple of people reached out to us uh they’re like

You know completed my engineering can i probably go ahead and do cfa correct so let’s break it down guys i understand that a lot of us i might say engineering i’m not sticking to i.t engineering or civil engineering it refers to all engineering backgrounds and i’m sure that everyone’s interested about allocation of funds and sourcing of funds right everyone’s

Interested about the stock market as well people want to know you know when we read the news we read about mergers and acquisitions and that’s what brought in a lot of interest not really a commerce background but even to the engineering backgrounds that we need to know at least the basics of finance and accounting so even if it’s probably flipkart amazon correct

Whenever they can go into a merger and acquisition so the guys from the engineering background probably understand the business what they exactly do but they don’t understand the finance and accounts behind it right so yeah the the question comes down to is if it’s not really an inching background right there people from law and from arts who want to pursue cfa

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Are they eligible for it they are eligible for it and they want to change in their career they probably want a job related to finance and accounting so i’ll give i’ll give the exact same advice obviously you can start off by doing cfa level one we have created something called pre-learning and their education pre-learning just gets you up to speed so if you from the

Arts background or if you’re completed log it’s very difficult for you to start with cfa level one so we started pre-learning so that just teach you the basics which probably a b com graduate or graduate has already learned and we don’t teach you the entire syllabus we’ll just issue the basics which are related to cfa because there’s no point of teaching you stuff

Which is not related to cfa and once you’re done with your pre-learning you’re good to go for slavery level one once you’re done with that so guys if you guys are from engineering background there’s something called cons in cfa you all will love that subject it’s it’s a it’s a piece of cake for you guys and so you guys can solve those answers all those questions

Without using a calculator as well but yeah there are a lot of synergies i think a little bit of corporate law also does come in the picture and you’ll notice a lot of if you have seen suits a lot of cases are related to finance right and since you are from the law background you can do much you can do wonders when you connect law and finance together correct so

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Yeah and as far as opportunities are concerned they do not actually discriminate on the base of what your graduation certificate is you might be an engineer you might have completed law you might have completed commerce as long as you have cfa level one level two on your cv then it doesn’t matter uh which sort of degree you are pursuing they want obviously they do

Want a degree plus a cfa level one level two so yeah that’s about it guys you want to pursue your career in cfa you can go ahead you can know if you want to employees want to know the basics of stock market how marginal acquisitions work what exactly is the derivative market you guys can go ahead there are some people who just do cfa because they want to gain more

Knowledge in finance correct they’re probably done engineering they’re good at it they’ve got a great job but they just want to know how to diversify their phones how to lock in their funds and that’s why they purchase cfm so yeah thanks a lot guys please like share subscribe and we do keep creating such videos so if you guys have any other ideas please feel free

To reach out to us in the comments or you can reach out to us in the number mentioned below thank you guys

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