CFR28 4th of 4 on Campaign Finance Reform: Closing Loopholes

Last of four explanations about a proposed constitutional amendment called CFR28. This video describes how CFR28 prevents getting around this reform

This is the last four videos describing a proposed constitutional amendment on campaign finance reform called cfr 28 in the prior videos i described our cfr 28 with set a limit on citizen contributions to candidates and apply that limit to independent campaign advertising in this video i’ll describe cfr 28 provisions that prevent big donors from getting around

The law as i mentioned in the first video cfr 28 s contribution limit restricts in-kind contributions so for example the dollar value of printing brochures for a campaign or providing hotel rooms for campaign staff must fall within the contribution limit which today would be about four hundred and forty dollars but to enforce the law we have to be able to review

Campaign accounting records so subsection three point one of cfr 28 requires that both campaigns and citizens report contributions so we can make sure they match however because these small contributions carry no special influence there’s no point making them public under cfr 28 contributions are small and anonymous just like a vote another way big donors might

Try to get around the limit is to give money to others like through bonuses that were given on the condition that a portion go to candidates subsection 3.2 would make that illegal it also makes it illegal for anyone to require people to give to a candidate as a condition for employment union membership winning a contract or anything of value media production is

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Expensive and even though in-kind contributions are prohibited by section 2 candidates might try asking supporters to create independent media favoring the candidate and then use it in their ads by claiming it’s just news clips but subsection 3 point 3 prohibits candidates from asking and supporters from making media for that purpose and if a candidate uses clips

From news commentary or inner payment those original sources have to follow the requirements of subsection 3.4 by warning viewers that the media is about candidates and publish their sponsor lists finally section 4 closes all other loopholes so cfr 28 specifies all of the money candidates can use and eliminates everything else thus ending mega donor schemes like

Use of shell companies dark money foreign contributors and fake news the american people will be back in control of the money that candidates get and candidates will be free of the obligation to serve big moneyed interests cfr 28 adds over just one page to the constitution but it does a lot to end the complex corruption problem that americans have been unable to

Solve for over a hundred years and while it’s my hope that this 20 minute video series gave you a solid understanding of cfr 28 there’s clearly more debate to be had so let’s get started come visit us at cfr 28 org for more details i’m mike deevak thanks for listening

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CFR28 4th of 4 on Campaign Finance Reform: Closing Loopholes By Mike Kyvik