Civics and Economics #28 – u4-4 – Campaign Finance Reform

Let’s talk about campaign finance reform what does that mean well but first start the timer let’s get rolling campaign finance reform campaign that’s when you’re running for government office you’ve seen people campaigning around shake hands or kissing babies they’re ads on tv you got the signs everywhere a campaign is the process of getting elected finance it’s

Just another word for spending money spending the money to get elected all that money you spend on the flyers and the billboards and the commercials and being able to travel all around the state or all around the country to spread the word that cost money so i’m talking about how you spend money to finance or pay for the campaign when the last reform means change

You can see a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly what we’re talking about today is campaign finance reform we want to change the way we spend money on elections well we do some people don’t but we’re gonna discuss the idea of maybe we should change the way we financed elections this is a big issue for a lot of people they really believe in campaign

Finance reform we gotta get the money out of the elections they’ll say the way it is now you want to get elected it could take a lot of money the republican party spends a bunch of money on tv ads they pay for your your your assistants and the candidates travel all around the state in this example or all around the country they got radio ads they’ve got a bunch

Of stuff they’re spending money on to get too personal like so they get in the office money is a big part of this who wins do you think well the guys that’s got more tv ads the guy that’s all around the state more often the guy that’s on the radio probably the person with the most money that’s probably not the best system is that the system that we want we want to

Elect our officials based on who spent the most money who raised the most money you probably see this on tv you may unfortunate get a bunch of emails like we need five more dollars hey we’re doing great you know i’ll be great if you can just donate ten more dollars to the election then maybe we can win maybe we should get all the money out of these elections maybe

That is the best plan we have this election in 2012 republicans versus democrats there’s a ton of money getting spent on this election are we like picking the best candidate or are we just picking the candidate spends the most money or spends the money the wisest is it all about the money is this all that it ever was well there’s another added layer of difficulty

Here we’ve got interest groups involved interest groups i alluded to interest groups in the last video the nra is an interest group their interest is gun rights they do not want gun restrictions and so the nra this interest group tries to make sure that we have laws that protect gun rights or stop gun regulation the nea national education association educator

Association it’s a bunch of teachers what is their interest they are interested in schools and making schools better and so they come together and they spend a bunch of money to make sure that their laws that promote better schools they are an interest group both these interest groups different interests same thing though so for example the nra will hire a bunch of

Lobbyists one of the lobbyist will talk more about lobbyists in another video the base of you they’re going to be the employees of the interest group and their job is to lobby or persuade government officials to follow the interests of the interest group which in this case is the nra so here’s how it might work this is an example not the example not the way that

It always goes but the nra hires the lobbyists and they give the lobbyists cash the lobbyists then goes to the government politician and tries to do them favors tries to help them out because if the lobbyist helps out the representative then they then might get the representative to help out the lobbyists and the representative by helping us lobbyists will help

Do what the nra wants so for example the lobbyists may take the representative mr. robert hurt to go play golf and the lobbyist will pay for it and they’ll go on this great trip and have a wonderful time and do all kinds of fun stuff and then in return lobbyists will say hey mr. hurt how about you do me a favor now and vote no on the assault rifle ban this is not

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How it always works but this is definitely something that happens in our government we like to believe that i elected a guy and he goes the office and he votes for me the people not really the case a lot of times what happens is the interest group help give money to get this guy elected or the interest group did some favors for this now this guy needs to do some

Favors for the interest group and that is to vote for their interest or what they believe in that often is the case as well it’s not always the case but this is definitely an issue enough of an issue that we need to talk about campaign finance reform maybe get the money out maybe stop having all these golf trips maybe this isn’t the best way to run our government

So the interest group in this example we use the nra the national rifle association they are pro-gun they do not want gun restrictions they will use their money and they will give it to the politician to help the politician get elected and once the politician gets elected they’ll expect the politician to dudes and favors in return and the favor they want is to fight

For their interest what is their interest no government regulation of guns gun freedom they don’t want you to take their guns away they give money to get something in return again an example they’ll give money to mitt romney let’s just let’s look at this bigger picture they give money to mitt romney try get him elected because they want no gun restrictions they want

Gun freedom the voters vote for mitt romney but the voters what gun control they want restrictions they vote for mitt romney mitt romney who do you think he votes for what type of gun policy will he important force will he listen to the voters or will he listen to the people that gave him money you probably already know the answer to this one folks he’s gonna listen

To the money you probably would listen to the money money money money money so the interest group gives he money gets him elected they voted for him that got him elected well he owes them a favor should represent the people but this is not now this isn’t always the way it works but this is a very common practice in our government enough so that we have to have a

Conversation about this money should this even exist even if it only exists a couple times we shouldn’t have him working for the interest group this is a democracy of the people for the people by the people you should represent the people not the interest group again you got to get the people of the state to vote for you if you want to go into the senate you need

To go all around this you want to be in the senate you gotta go over here you gotta go to northern virginia you got to come back over here to norfolk and get on the coast you gotta travel all around you tv ads there i mean how can you be everywhere at once of tv’s a good way to be everywhere at once but yeah you got to travel maybe give your assistance spreading

The word for you you’ve got other people out there telling people canvassing the area spreading the word about why you’re the best person to go to the senate maybe you got a bunch of radio ads what’s radio well maybe it’s like on a podcast or something i don’t know it costs money all this cost money a lot of people that appear on tv a lot of people that appear on

Podcasts they’re there because they’re getting paid to do it money money money the republican party will give some of this money to spread the word but also the interest groups get involved the interest groups will give the candidate the money to pay for tv ads the interest group will give money to pay for the cars they’re putting miles and miles and miles on pay

For all the assistance pay for all the hotel rooms pay for all of the parades pay for all the bumper stickers pay for all the pens pay for all of the billboards and they’re gonna want something in return they give the money to the candidate the candidate then votes for what the interest group wants but it gets worse it always gets worse this is substudy let’s take

This problem instead of solving the problem you know we all do let’s put it on steroids and make it worse let’s juice it up and that’s what we did unbelievable we had a problem all right well let’s fix no no let’s make the problem worse so worse than just an interest group giving money what if we take multiple interest groups well if we take rich people what if

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We take which corporations and instead of just giving some money to a politician what we’ll do is we’ll take all of our money combined and we will funnel it into what we call a political action committee this is the legal way this is basically a legal loophole for them to juice the system up they couldn’t do it and legally so what they did was they created a group

And then through this group they can all secretly funnel all their money into this group of core well this thing’s gonna restore our future will restore our future sounds really good they’re probably not up to anything bad so they take all their money funnel it in and then that group gives a ton of money and i mean really what is it he’s a puppet he’s a puppet for

The political action committee was the political action committee it’s basically a way to cover up all the people underneath that are giving them money very secretive this probably shouldn’t work at least here we know the nra is giving money to him they control him here we trace it in like once we get here that’s a wall we can’t see this stuff in a lot of cases

We don’t really know where the money is coming from we just know restore our futures giving a bunch of money well who is restore our future well restore our future is the nra the nrl seats fox news it’s donald trump in this example now this is not to pick on the internet’ and republicans because the democratic party does the exact same thing with their interest

Groups this is both parties are involved in this nonsense i know if you look at this like oh man he’s a more the republicans he’s hammering the nra it’s not the case it’s both parties are guilty of this sin and all politicians not just mitt romney i know we’re giving mit romney a hard time here sorry he was the easy guy to point at when i made this powerpoint so

Basically the result of this system the system we had today the system that we want to reform a change is it’s all about money and it simply looks like money is more important than the people money is more importantly that’s why we need to reform that’s why we need campaign finance reform if we get rid of the money we don’t have all this nonsense if we make it

Easier to run for an election we toned down our elections meaning every year we are seeing the campaign costs rise and rise and rise is going up and up and up there’s over spending and spending its funding this guy spends more money he gets elected the next year these guys spend more money they get elected this time they spend more money they get elected it’s just

Going up and up and up instead of removing money from our elections we’re just making it worse and worse and worse this is probably not the best way to run a democracy is the best not the best way to run a society but if we were able to take the money out then you would take out the influence of the interest groups and then we would have an election that’s all about

The people and the representative would represent the people and when he’s in the senate you’d vote for laws based on what the people want not what the interest group wants you gotta get the money out if we could limit the amount of money we might elect the best you know not the richest or not the one who’s serving the interest group that has the most money now

We’ve picked on the nra a lot but what is the nra the nra the national rifle association this interest group is an organization that represents people it is people it is a group of individuals and if we want to look at the constitution and this is what the supreme court ruled that the national rifle association has the right to spend this money we can spend money

On whatever we want is our first amendment freedom it protects our freedom of speech they argue and they argued successfully in the supreme court that by giving money to politicians they are exercising their freedom of speech they are exercising their freedom to tell the politicians what they believe in when they give money to mitt romney and they give money and

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Say don’t take away our guns that is their freedom of speech they are allowed to give money and tell the politicians don’t take away our gun rights they are exercising their first amendment right to protect their second men right and the supreme court agreed with some people completely disagree they say no you are stretching the first amendment the first amendment

Freedom of speech freedom of expression does not mean giving politicians money the nra says no we are expressing our beliefs now we can express our beliefs by saying what we believe but also by giving money to politicians stretch but supreme court agreed with it and so the money is here to stay and the problem is the end of the day we find out that the money is

So vital you need the money if you want to get elected if you refuse the money if you refuse to listen to the nra you won’t have any money if you don’t have any money you will not get elected that’s just the way it is we see a lot of politicians today trying to only take money from individuals they only take small donations very hard to get elected that way now

What happens what do you think of congressman does more if the money is so important what do you think this guy does all day huh but mustache on e-meeting spends his time does he spend his time making laws and talking to his constituents talking to the american people researching what’s going on in america doing the day-to-day work of a legitimate representative

Or if money is so important does he spend all day raising money if you don’t have the money you’re not gonna be a representative for very long that’s what he does that’s what they do here’s an example there it is this is an example of what a representative will do a daily log of oh your congressman or your senator and you’re gonna pass laws and not so much here’s

What i need you to do for hours you just spend on the phone calling asking for money two hours you might meet with some of your constituents over issues but you also might meet with the people have given you money you got two hours on the committee floor then you’ve got strategic outreach this is a fancy way of meeting raise money strategic outreach you want is

Go to breakfast with people ask them for money meet and greet and ask them for money go on tv and radio and ask for money then you get recharge time i guess you get to sleep for a little bit then it’s the next day back on the phone calling people asking for money you may have received some of these now you meet with your constituents hopefully your meeting with

The people and passing laws that they want but a lot of people that you’re meeting with your again asking for money or these are the people that gave you money and now you have to meet with them because they gave you money committee floor this is where you actually get to do your job well two hours in your new job now another hour all right go get some more money

Breakfast meet with people get money meet and greet get some money do press which means talk to the news and basically you’re asking for money you may not you may just have regular press recharge all right more phone calls ask for money oh now i gotta meet with the people that gave me money and do what they tells me to do money is probably a big problem we should

Get rid of it but it’s not gonna go anywhere we’re stuck with the folks what if they can’t raise enough money where do they turn you know what the answer is here if you can’t get enough money from the people like you’re seeing you know where they’re gonna go their start took me a second look they got turned to the interest groups they got a turn to the lobbyists

If you don’t have money you’re not gonna get elected just the way it is if you can’t raise enough money you got to go to these groups and then you got to vote for these groups and then you’re back to being a puppet i need to clear this off clear all this how do i clear it there it is beautiful turn into a puppet we gotta get the money out of our elections or maybe we don’t

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