Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 8 | International Financing – Sources of Business Finance

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Hello everyone my name is cs pile and i welcome you to magna trains channel in sweida member annajura he also skip rma a core source of finance kibarim a lake inle india sarah late nikita yi courtesy foreign nations i relate mclubbe give all day hey aku come next light without a penny in coquina sí aquí de here 1991 tato yati globalization mahiti hum hum asia me

Chart garima he covered red today to me finance koreans might be a chart america under he karna / tata alaikum q key of globalization logic i had 1991 k reforms chabad to whose kid salt away herick allah country my board sorry i say logo – hello interested hooting hey aki country my pestle organic ania yeah up capacity raki live for investment purpose though you

See gali in honourable ahead key articles also finance if nationally he restricted many reggae hey well internationally with watch her head – octopus sav optional just say abdul three nations basically cursive they have our investment goal basically is to mall collecting hai aur aapke be honest same benefits here any pending a job indians could they paint hair

Kappa raha may kick globalization aia 1991 kid reforms i they reforms yada narco economics paper day upon may lpg liberalization privatization and globalization its globalization gets all takeaway india k ba hurricane nations be indium a pestle organic le allowed who came at labahn cop emission milray though albums up si category at home with in indiana he got a

Home india k under say he pass a katana he got a bulky hammy bihari nations heavy pestle a chaotic or india may investment purpose kelly is the mall curtain or yahiko lotta hamara what international financing que vota ai pas de parte de volta with the opening up the of the economy the operations of the business organization becoming global indian companies have

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Access to funds and global capital market jessie amari economy casa cooley globalization get celtic wake holy whose kick will safr kya kiya hamari hockey businesses first of all the global one girl she came enough american hockey companies bihar b operation casa camba hardware products made sake as well as bihar allah say finance be lacus the molecules of p2 is

Nakia kia indian companies killick order vasek whole diya aur vah vah vah vah hamara global capital market cup so as a result of which nasa from arepas are chiquitita may internal to sources over here available well keep bihar cv boots are a source of a mil gaya jaha same pace early sucked a hell of a sources cat anca it doe has other hand kissing hey hey boo / –

Here able to enter for international financing teen teresa who tm frost is commercial banks jessie hamari a happy india my commercial bank super vas a deuce reduce cremation maybe commercial wine suthep sm & eg us a liquid commercial banks on gay uk kiku’s home game for say european nation calico you kiss a hearty country’s kiku hungry to vasari have a better

Day nicoletta yarn here to go home erica international commercial banks receive our international henny wiki see a particular country was situated in but for us it is a foreign commercial bank da mousa foreign commercial bank airfare international commercial bank b bulls are taking second it says international agencies and development bank’s jessie a happy india

Mayhem lacunae financial institutions key concept leaky i think keyboard sorry financial institution development purpose say i am where they say he internationally people hot sorry as institutions abroad surya see organizations and do finance provide korean leukemic motive kiss hug that is development motive to own banks own agency severe impassive layers of the

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Hair whose caliber they say intern national capital market they say indian capital market ajapa shares the benzos years of carita mh there where sahih international be capital markets a waha pay my luck trading opium habitual securities with iva have to be up indian securities co endless curiosity as a result of a tough mojave pass a race curse of the high ticket of

International capital market may we will study gdr that is global depository recipt whose caliber will study a micro repository recept whose caliber will study indian depository recept and lastly will study foreign currency convertible bonds yes re terms of yacouba hog body her laude me but putin ez ez has a much naming to her me sorry terms keep re-recording it

Detail my putting a lake in amari next videos may obvious video message from overview lena milan he k international finance cut mclubbe quijote internationally on finance case a race car septic con concept tarik americas available or 1 sorry 3 kuku individually haven’t detailed the women a valley hey to him at service jakey commercial banks women into aku pattaya

That was it nahi is kelly hum individual video bernanke e score details so much nikhil em individually deepening it says mohammed examples we doing it like asian development bank’s calcutta hey cassie karthikeya roll hey boo sorry tsuki ba rememberthe korean gay who scale our international capital markets may 3 update terms buddy and cdr ad our idea of fcc be

Gay abby acaba bihari burcham you’ll agree on gillikin bhavati me about it shorty shorty terms johan bother detailed remy some zingy qk at kalki most talked about securities and german but cappella ham usually but curtis a trading my securities like shares the benzos like in article oh muchas austrian but also trait about cdr ad escobar mso train to other up kobe

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Cultural there is my investment granny otaku bisca concept pata who not sure he so for that you will have to stay tuned for the videos that i will be uploading after this and with that note shiet magnet rings to out-compete sake of notes lisa pen that’s our official website disk our link you’ll get in the description box excalibur i got a polka weed out here coy

He can only question after the magma your suggestion hammer away the comment section well except they will be happy to address that that’s it thank you so much

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