Corporate Finance Model

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Okay this next video hopefully will not be too long again this is let’s go to corporate models this is at bognor calm if you want to find these and we’re going to look at the corporate model first solar listen in this model it’s a little bit some excuse perhaps the hospital that the this model has a little more details on developing the assumptions so we can in

The real world you can’t just develop the assumptions on the simply on history i think you need to get some i mean from the financial statements you really need to have some sort of outlook on what’s happening the industry now in the solar business here’s our kind of base case which i think this is about what the evaluations as of end of 2014 downside case we

Have a lot lower valuations upside case higher valuations but it’s really i hope oh no is this this should have been changing well okay that’s the idea is that these are the key real drivers of the home almost anything else doesn’t matter people call supplies and then i’m going to probably going to come on skype not needlessly and then on i’m gonna be so here’s

What we put in in master scenario looks a little more complicated because we can start with the industry demand and then go from industry demand to the capacity and try to evaluate what’s the effect of surplus capacity or more important to simply competition industry what’s which is really happened what’s happened is the price of equipment once so down so again we

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Have the timelines i even showed you this on the last one we gettin we start with some historic data but really the time series assumption we need to be a whole lot more careful with what could happen to the price is what happens and how if you make some capital expenditures you’re going to increase the capacity of the company and if you increase the capacity of

The company you can see what your capitalization your utilization is and we really have to have some kind of outlook on the operation and maintenance expense so i got another call and i’m not stopping this one and because and then we put put some more on should allow clause when making a video that’s crazy okay and then this but there’s a whole lot of backup on

What’s happening to the industry how you’ve developed all of these i think it’s a good idea just to throw these kind of things into the model okay how much you produced what other companies are doing and get some kind of industry outlet so that wasn’t very good but it shows you it’s just taking that last model and then being a whole lot more careful with a few of

The with a few of the operating assumptions and stop the video right now okay

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Corporate Finance Model By Edward Bodmer