Danish financial services support company, BEC protects customer sensitive data with One Identity so

Hear from Bethina Luckow, Identity and Access Manager at BEC as she describes how the company ensures the security and compliance of their customers’ sensitive data with identity access and privileged account management solutions from One Identity by Quest.

And of course, being in finance our top priority identity manager with safeguard is it’s very low maintenance don’t have to on a daily basis go in and add getting from cmdb and being delivered from our identity to add that information manually in ourself well so for us it was a no brainer we need something to integrate, we are not getting the phone calls at night saying, which

Is really important because this is our accesses can access their production environment at all times. but it also we have a more of an integrated team instead of we can have chats with about new development, to document our accesses in bec and we had a secondary solution and so we really needed to raise the level, a main thing for us was to get rid of a lot of our legacy

The less manual steps you have, the less of a risk us address some of these issues about transparency but also making sure that they are able to identify the things when it comes to privacy access management, and password breached and used for something so one part of it is getting those password locked down. have to give a valid and good reason for using this necessary,

Do i need to use my privileged account for this, and then they won’t be using their privileged accesses a pam solution protecting your production environment. we were running identity manager on our active directory had a nice level of control of our access. all that information was available for us, was the next step for raising compliance in our company. looked at

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The different pam solutions available user friendly, fast, so it doesn’t prevent them so we have different proposals and intragen helped us everything was set up and safeguards automatically. it’s integrated with our cmdb and it’s integrated you can get on boarded into the pam solution. on people having to maintain the solution on a day to day basis. adding in the right

Information in one identity manager. and your production environment is closed down. on doing anything every time we get a new solution or anything if you’re doing attestations and you have to have the data, and there’s also the report that we very easily get it delivered automatically in an email once a month. get a system that is very user friendly for the end users.

You have to think about them and what they have to go through. is very important when you’re looking at solutions like this. you have to think about protecting the accesses, which those hold the keys to your most privileged data this is the access that can cause damage to your company. and that’s why i would recommend safeguard. we work together on different projects

Concerning we needed to have a pam solution and intragen and having them to help us with our pam solution, doing something that would be fully automated because they and how that was already set up and running. working with intragen it’s like working in one team. people are invested in the work they’re doing. is this is not a vendor-customer relationship. and because

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Of that, the energy in the team we’re working.

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Danish financial services support company, BEC protects customer sensitive data with One Identity so By One Identity by Quest