Desert Financial Fiesta Bowl Parade presented by Lerner & Rowe

On the eve of the Desert Financial Fiest Bowl Parade presented by Lerner & Rowe, Javier Soto took us to the Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum and shared some things the Fiesta Bowl organization does for the community off the field.

Just a couple of weeks notre dame and oklahoma state are going to be here in the valley for the fiesta bowl and to kick off the festivities before christmas the fiesta bowl parade is back here’s video from 2019 because it was cancelled last year so organizers of course are going all out this year and javier he drew the long straw so he’s out there checking out all

The preps that are underway and all the floats javi how’s it going this is exciting scott we’ve been involved in the fiesta bowl parade for a long time so this year and tomorrow the desert financial fiesta bowl parade is sponsored and presented by lerner and row it is going to be bigger and better than ever you mentioned it last year due to covid they had to cancel

This whole thing all together but plus this year they’re celebrating 50 years now you know about the parade that’s taking place tomorrow you know about the big football game that’s taking place on january 1st but there’s so much more to the fiesta bowl when you talk about the charities and all the events they help and make happen across the valley so we’re speaking

With jose mourinho uh you’re with the fiesta bowl and really it is so much bigger than what we generally see it is yeah we we say it is we’re more than just a game everything that we do culminates into our bowl games our playstation fiestable and our guaranteed great bowl but it’s about what we can do off the field being able to give back through youth sports and

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Education and right here you’ve got an example of this this is the omnipro robot making its world debut this is the only one in the world right now this is going to provide kids that are in pch that are stuck in the hospital beds to come out to an experience they’re going to be able to experience the bowl games they’re going to be able to experience events from

The comfort of their own room or their home and they’re going to be able to see and live it through this right here and we’ve got isaiah who’s a pch ambassador here with us and uh you guys have donated 12 of these to pch they’re the only hospital in the world that has this uh you know this man right here you recognize that face isaiah acosta he was born without a

Jaw he can’t talk however later in his teenage years he became the ambassador for children’s miracle network hospitals the parent company of pch and then they were able to make his dream come true of becoming a rapper he released his first sing single oxygen to fly with the help of local rapper trap uh good morning to you isaiah how has the fiesta bowl charities

Helped you specifically with this robot i’m so grateful donated these robots to phoenix to help patients like myself when i’m impatient i’m always isolated to a room like many others to get part of events activities or just to be social virtually it really helps the healing process the robot also helped me be here today safely thank you fiesta bowl for all you

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Do for phoenix children’s hospital and specifically when you talk about uh covet because we know uh someone like yourself is immunocompromised so how did this this help during covet the robots came at the time we needed them the most coveted and being high risk is hard on many families like mine i’m limited on what i can do the robots really help us be safe and

Still participate virtually it’s a game changer it’s awesome i’m here with you now thanks to this amazing technology isaiah we’re so proud of you if you’re not following this kid on social media man he is tearing it up he is such an inspiration to us here in the valley and across the world so we thank you guys very much for what you do again more than a game more

Than a parade of course the parade is tomorrow uh starting at 10 o’clock in the morning join us because it is always so much fun and one of the biggest parades in the entire country there’s all the information right there on your screen guys please join us and of course we’ll air it live on three tv we’ll send it back to you that’s so great puts it into perspective

Bigger than football and bigger than marching bands we’ve got a reason to be there thank you javi

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Desert Financial Fiesta Bowl Parade presented by Lerner & Rowe By AZFamily 3TV and CBS 5 News